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best conan case right here frens

conanchads, will the main story ever continue?
and i dont mean 1 frame per case

I hope not. The overarching story is dumb and retarded. Short mystery stories are fun.

BO cases are literally peak Conan faggot
Haibara introduction, Ep 345, Clash of Red and Black


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dunno man
i like dudes in black cases

Kindaichi has better cases IMO

Already read Kindaichi?

Small correction, Kindaichi had better motives. Conan has upper hand on tricks and investigation/forensic part.

true true, been reading kindaichi since the turn of the millennium and i haven't stopped


It has to end at some point though? Gosho should start thinking about wrapping it up before he dies and he can leave the episodic stuff to TMS.

it's easier to wrap conan up than the likes of berserk, i bet gosho already handed out drafts to his staffs how to finish it just in case he has a sudden death.

Ok, which series you like most?

The case that sticks out in my memory the most for the stupid solution is the one where the culprit turns an onsen into jello so that he can run across the water, and Conan somehow figured that out.

Kamaitachi inn?

i like kindaichi more because i just like my mystery manga to be episodic and only consist of few main and recurring characters

I guess so? I honestly only binge read the series like 2 years ago, so a lot of the specific names escape me.

Am I the only one who prefers QED to Conan and the rest?

I'm not sure if QED is just too high IQ for me or if the cases are written in a way so that the viewer can't realistically solve them
iirc I remember that a lot of them seemed to rely on interpreting psychology to some degree and sifting out a single lie that would unravel the whole truth

I genuinely believe TMS and WSS are trying to pull a Doraemon by working Gosho to death. If the manga never ends they can go on forever.

it is the kamaitachi inn, at least it wasnt a fishing line trick lmao


i prefer detective school Q than the rest desu
lovely characters all around, big bad organization that actually got defeated (except 1 member that ended up doing whatever after that), and it ended without introducing a lot of bullshit.

>working Gosho to death
hasn't gosho been taking a pretty relax approach of the serialization of conan for the last few years? also i don't think he is very involved with the making of the anime and the movie itself

Yeah, love me some Ai bullying Heiji.

>We are still in Rum Namek
This is worse than Akai's Family

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it's Wakita

>rum is finally revealed, the whole point of the entire arc
>nothing changes

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I know, I simply want Gosho to finally write case that ends all plotlines in Rum Arc. Something like Mystery Train , which ended all plotlines in Bourbon Arc

Wait, wouldn't onsen water be too hot?

>that time a baka gaijin accidentally told his waifu to kill herself

fucking robert

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I just watched this particular episode only because it has Gundam Wing's Heero, Berserk(1997) Guts's voice actors.
I'd knew that Amuro character was popular but it looks like now they're covering some past story arc concerning Amuro and his freinds or something.
Um. it gave me a second hand embarrassment. you can tell this show's main demographic is like housewives in their 40s 50s.
it had that Hallmark vibe to it that i just couldn't stand.

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These characters are so ugly.

desu i could read another 1000 chapters of conan

The ending to Conan is already written and lying in some safe in Japan, just in case Gosho dies. I know because Yea Forums told me


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Remember that time Conan immediately identified some kid he just met in London who said something about his sister playing in a match because he knew the drink he had in his hand and the cream he had around his mouth were stuff served at Wimbledon, and he also knew exactly what match was about to be played?

That's why Conan and Holmes are fucking junk. Yeah it's nice to be observant, but 99% of the times the deductions boil down to "oh I just know absolutely everything there is to know in the universe, so I knew exactly the only places in the world where the dirt that stained your pants could have come from and the precise type of profession or activity that would lead to that specific kind of stain".
I don't know whether Conan is better or worse for occasionally showing that at least Conan needs to be fed some knowledge he didn't already have.
>I know this author's entire bibliography by heart and can recognize a single line scribbled on a dirty napkin, bug WHAT? YOU NEED WATER TO COOK RAMEN? WHO KNEW!!!!!!!!

Conan is better because cases can be solved by the viewer before the reveal, it also helps that the tricks in Conan are possible to replicate in real life.

dude the whole appeal of conan is he's got picture perfect memory and deadly intuition, no one wants to read about a stupid detective

Sell the IP to Shogakukan

I dunno if the cases themselves are better, but I do think that Fumiya Sato's art is more pleasing to look at.

Conan got the better anime adaptation though.

There's a huge gap between incompetent and being some weird godmode detective that knows things just for the sake of the story.

Many closed room or simple mysteries are my favorites in the show, because they usually rely on observation and knowing the victim, than randomly knowing some obscure piece of trivia.

I liked the one where the guy dug out the ground and snow near a slope cliff people walked across then put a thin sheet of ice he prepared in a refrigerator.
Laid it over it and t he covered it with a bit of snow.
Boom, the victim stepped on it and it broke as he fell down the cliff.
Ice sheet is still there but covered by snow.

>Fumiya Sato's art is more pleasing to look at.
really? dude's art is even wonkier than gosho's

>Wimbledon is live
Of all the shit you could have picked you went with that.

The thing with Kindaichi is it leans more on wacky J-Drama aesthetic and logic.
Also people in Tantei Gakuen are straight up using magic powers.

Aoyama's art is just too triangular for my tastes.

>straight up using magic powers.
Really? If you refer to the impossible case that happens in their last case before ending (the one that required decades of planning for every victims to be planted the seeds of hatred toward each other, along with that ridiculous murder arrangement of the killer becomes the killed and so on and son that leads to the last victim is murdered by the first victim through sheer luck i mean meticulous failproof planning) i don't see much wrong with DSQ's way of solving cases. Sure some of the Dan Detective School's technology can be kinda wacky at times but i wouldn't say they're magic.

do they know who the guy is yet

I don't know but there is something charming if an anime series or episode involves a western style mamsion especially if it's a horror story or mystery story.

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Black Organization Boss ? Yes, they know

I'm referring to the hypnotism. The story has a lot of holes covered by that shit.

>I happen to know that Wimbledon is live right now and that it couldn't be any other sport and I also correctly identified the food that kid is eating and happen to know it can only be bought/consumed at Wimbledon
Maybe learn how to read

he already knew it was wimbledon, all the other bullshit was pure conjecture to impress the kid

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Anyone here knows the name of the episode where a dude sends a message to his girlfriend and she misinterprets it because she's Japanese and ends up killing herself over it?

Or did I dream about this episode? I think it was the first episode I ever saw of this series.

that's good
maybe it'll end one day

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>are possible to replicate in real life
In a controlled enviorment, but you could never actually pull a lot them off as a murder. Also there are a few I doubt would actually work at all. That and there are a number that while physically possible are extremely unlikely that you would get it on your first try.

Oh. Thanks lol

The recent set of chapters might qualify for WOAT case. It has literally everything going against it.