New Jump Series

Will it exceed people's expectations?

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>Caring about Shonen Jump.


Peoples expectations seem pretty low so maybe
also reminder that although there's no jump today we do still get an ayatri chapter at the regular time

Premise sounds extremely stupid and limited on what kind of story it can tell, but we'll see where it goes.

My only expectation is that it will be better than Earthchild, which is almost impossible not to be.

It really depends how it goes. If it's a comedy, I think it would be okay? If they try make it a mystery/detective one then it's just gonna be frustrating.
If it ends up being something akin to SZS or even GTO with him just going around school helping each of his classmates with their problem with the phone, I think it could be fun.

Name? Synopsis?

dont care

>Amazing smartphone
>Super authentic modern suspense of high school students who picked up a smartphone that can search anything
Its shitty death note

Shueshia owns this board and don't you ever forget it

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I will check this out if only because MC looks super handsome.

I have no expectations so it would exceed them by being any good or really really bad.

I think they could make it a decent mystery where the mc already knows the answer but needs to collect evidence to prove it to other people, or at least handle the situation so that the mystery actually unfold well.
Or he could go on a treasure hunt, or he could use the phone to find the soul mate girlfriend but she's in Europe or an alien or something.
I mean the potential is endless but knowing the Japs it would play out in the most boring way possible.

Jump is really going down the toilet.

Man those all sound like really interesting ideas and now i'm gonna be upset if the manga ends up not being at all as interesting as these

It's dying for sure. But as long as OP is still there people will still read it.


Funnily enough I just realized there has been an ayatri thread up for over a day but they didn't put the name in the thread
and I suppose it's fine this time since there's no jump but the ayatri threads have a bad problem with being made before the chapter drops making them harder to find as you check for new weekly jump threads

>tfw woke up early to dump jump chapters
>forgot jump is on break this week
kill me


>Hajime Komoto has confirmed in MASHLE's Volume 11 Afterword that the series is entering its Final Arc.

Which ends first? BNHA, BC or Mashle?

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>volume 11 afterword for Mashle officially confirming the series is entering its final arc
MHA is fucking ending. BC is starting its final arc. JJK has 2 years at most. UU is approaching its end too. Yozakura just exists. What the FUCK does Jump have for battle shonen other than Sakamoto and OP now?

jump general?

Ddin't get to the new Magu chapter before the other user?

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I don't give a shit about that series. I could have dumped it but didn't

>What the FUCK does Jump have for battle shonen other than Sakamoto and OP now?

Fujimoto leaving was really the final nail in the coffin, huh?

Literally on the verge of being axed.

What happened to Ayashimon?

It'll get axed before 10 chapters. I'm confident about this one.


still running dorontranny

Kubo fucking up his rotator cuff.

I'm guessing that Mashle will get the anime announcement when it ends like Jigokuraku. Or hopefully, it never gets an adaptation.

What manga was axed for this?

Kinoshimon will be Jump's next mega hit.

That Sakamoto Days is the biggest hope in Weekly Jump tell how bad is the magazine nowadays.

Mha probably.
Bc was given 3 months off which means it will lst years for the final arc.
Mashle will end late this year or early next year.
jjk is already 70% done and that was a while ago, should end next year not in 2 or 3 years.

Ayakashi left the magazine and BC went on hiatus, so realistically we should have had another new series along this one.

There was a bonus magu chapter?!
And I missed it?!

>Yaoi hands


Going by the premise, it sounds like it could have some crazy shit in it and be like Death Note, but the art style and name makes me think it will just be some dumb comedy.

Kohei Horikoshi x Akutami Gege Interview in Jump GIGA 2022 SPRING.

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>mogs every other magazine


This one shot will become a series in late 2022/early 2023.

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Another Kimetsu clone?

>Chainsaw Man leaves the magazine
>WSJ starts collapsing
CSM is the kind of manga that can never be replaced. They fucked up by not offering Fujimoto a better salary. He would have stayed.

>Kimetsu but with generic ass anime designs that lack the charm and uniqueness of Kimetsu
Dead on arrival

Man, I remember when I was also 16 years old.


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It's a romcom sword fighting manga about a ninja whose only weakness is that he is bad with girls that gets assigned as the bodyguard of a cheeky princess.

>It's a romcom

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The romcom is the best performing new manga.

that's because WSJ is dead

why do so many nu-shonen revolve around a male-female duo?

Bring HxH back please.

And it was killed by battle shounenshit.

you will never be a woman

Reminds me to Sengoku Youko

Appeal to lonely boys with romance

You don't even know anything about the manga landscape or its history.
Feel free to stop posting, battle retard.

Oh I know a lot about the dwindling magazine print. WSJ keeps selling less and less and it will continue to go down until they continue to serialize peak fiction like Chainsaw Man again.