Machikado Mazoku

When will Momo and Shamiko get married?

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Monmo's body is unfit for floatation

In the manga volume 10, Shamiko is giving birth to Momo's baby.

Fixed subs for ep 4


That's not Shamiko though


It's like you have no idea of how tenacious the shamicultists can be.

>not a Anri birthday thread
don't forget about the most important character in Machikado!

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Most likely never.

Where do you think we are going next chapter?
A little cooldown before the volume finale?

That's because it's fit for my hand

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Does RLyiczso really have to be Kansai-ben?

Everyone knows the best slutty courtesans and seductress are from Kyoto. So of course the fox demons have to be from there.


I have been thinking, I only find Momo attractive when she is transformed
Not sure why, I don't like her much in her civilian form
This series is not yuri, just shitty bait

please never post ever again

Anri is irrelevant

shit taste
bad fashion momo is peak moe

soulful typesetting

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Isn't it just the accent? Like, no offense, but give anything that accent and I want to put my dick in it.

Watched the new episode. Fox girl was very cute, as expected, but honestly I liked Tapir guy more.

I just watched the episode, all that stuff they did to get in seems a bit pointless when they could have just had Lilith walk through the door

Yeah. But they don't exactly trust or like Lilith. Plus, they assumed something sinister was going on.

No, the peach is a bottom

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Why didn't they just level that gay maid cafe? Shoot first, ask questions later.

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>gay maid cafe
But it's not a maid cafe

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This is why they put you on the Nuremberg trial you dumb tank autist.

Sure, but Shamiko is a Succubus. Stealing seed is what they do.

Sure. Send the weak underling who's scheming against you to sound out the hostage's captors. Perfectly good strategy.

They thought an evil mazoku was brainwashing Shamiko inside. Lilith in that body has no offensive or defensive capability (she's just a doll made of horse poop). So they had her rip off the seal so the people who could actually do something could arrive.

Maybe she took after her father and is more of an incubus

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In the old tales, succubi and incubi were the same thing. A demon that took female form to steal men's seed, and then took male form to ravish and impregnate women with the stolen seed, which makes half-demon babies because ???

They do it like that because the devil is incapable of making life himself, so he has to steal seed and wombs instead. Is this how Lilith's familiars procreated?

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See, before falling for Shamiko's manga my idea of succubi was mostly /d/-oriented. Which means that succubus more or less just meant a bottom, hence the origin of succubus (male) meme. I personally prefer incubus (female), but that's just me

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>succubus more or less just meant a bottom
why are /d/ succubi so different from /h/ succubi?

Well, etymologically, succubus means something like 'lies below' while incubus means 'lies on top'(compare how bird 'incubate' their eggs by lying on top of them). So it's not exactly incorrect to state that succubi take it and incubi give it, regardless of their gender.


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Because /d/ is a futa board, so the presence of a dick has long since been detached from supposed sex of any given character. They're also more used to men getting dicked as a result, but that's not unique to /d/ nowadays

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It's a dialect. They have vocabulary that's different from kanto/standard tokyo.

How many shots of confused looking anime girls with question marks next to their head did we get this episode?

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I saved 5.
>1. picrelated
>2. confused fox, see
>3. Monmo and Mikan learning that they will have to provide their own food for once, because Shamiko worked at cafe all day
>4. Mini-Lilith right before learning what plan Monmo came up with exactly
>5. Small floating confused fox head in the corner of a screen

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I missed #5. Cheers bud.

>When will Momo and Shamiko get married?
Realistically soon, but in Japan it's very possible. It's gonna be very interesting to where Shamiko and Momo have children all over the place.

Sorry, I'm not a satanist.

I'm a fox collector, so that was one of the first things I saved

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Those damn demon girls next door

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Is Shamiko a lewd demon?

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She's a thoughtful demon who trims her nails and brushes her teeth before going to be with her nemesis.

fuck mikan

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>before going to be with her nemesis
I know you probably meant to type "going to bed", but somehow the implications here feel even more lewd

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No episode this week right? Or is the one after?

Is this LoopSubs? I need to rewatch episode 4

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they already did

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Why is this teenage girl (mother) drunk?

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They would have, if only Momo stopped being a coward just for a moment

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Is Mikan a yaya?

Both subs aren't very good this time so I'm making a new sub based on lines from the better of the two and have to edit some lines when both suck.

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