How big is anime and manga in Japan really?

How big is anime and manga in Japan really?

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Didn't they used hataraku saibou characters in hospitals?
Well anyway I've been told that they like to use cartoons for many things

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If you go by market size alone about 10 times as big as it is in the us, but considering the lower population about 25 times as big

Thank you for these actually interesting statistics user.

Of the top 10 grossing films in Japan, 4 are Hollywood, 1 is a Japanese live action, and 5 are Anime.
That seems like it should be indicative of *something*

I kind of ballparked it, but it shouldn't be too far off

Big for you

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but Yea Forums told me that all anime stuff is contained in Akihabara

japan's disney

Japanese actually buy manga copies and DVDs unlike you pirating weebs.

Not all of Japan is Akiba. You barely notice it if you aren't into that stuff

And I thank them for that every day

at least 3.

Yea its probably content thats not woke faggot shit and interracial being shoved down their citizens throat. That is why people pirate here in the West. Why pay for propaganda.

>How big is anime and manga in Japan really?
Do you want examples?

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>That is why people pirate here in the West.
no it's not.

>How big is anime and manga in Japan really?
Look at it this way, it is easier to promote a dying town using anime girls, who's actresses don't have to live anywhere near the location, than to find ACTUAL young girls who generally had to have been born and raised there in order to promote the tourisim.

>but Yea Forums told me that all anime stuff is contained in Akihabara
Was this in 2007 or something?

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>25 times as big

Japan is really the superior nation and culture. Peak humanity.

Anime is just a part of the industry, a part that in the west is dis-proportionally represented because in the west we prefer watching to reading
Then there is the "live action adaption of manga" side, which here is basically ignored. You find some discussion in more female heavy sites and social media.

Manga? Big. When I was there, it's accessible everywhere from the big city to the suburb, so it's as common as pizza

I don't recall anime being as prevalent though. I only see its clear presence in the CBD areas.

If I was Japanese I would buy too. But I'm Greek and anime and manga is looked down upon here and if you want to read manga you have to online order English traslated versions.

>not a single black person
In Europe despite the population being predominantly white all the ads have blacks in them. Makes you think.

A culture's merits are not based on how many cartoons they watch.
You sound like me when I was an underage weeb celebrating Japan as an utopian country just because anime and manga excited me like a dog in heat.

I live in England which I don't think is that big of a market and I see plenty of anime related stuff, bus and billboard ads, manga section is bigger than comics, figures that aren't just popular shounen etc and I'm sure their'd be way more if I lived in somewhere like London. Hard to imagine it would be relegated to Akihabara in the mother country.

>a part that in the west is dis-proportionally represented because in the west we prefer watching to reading
>I don't recall anime being as prevalent though.
What part of Japan did you guys even visit?

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This train gives me anxiety

Traveled from Fukuoka to Osaka, and that's clearly a photo of a CBD and not suburbs.

Why not buy the Japanese versions?
And wasn't Igano Kabamaru popular in Greece?

It's big, but the best way to describe it, is akin to marvel.

People enjoy it, people watch the mainstream stuff, but they don't deep dive. If you're going indepth into anime culture you're an otaku and an outcast, kinda like how comic book readers are seen as cringe by marvel watchers. I used to teach business classes when I was studying in Japan. And my students would talk about anime, but only talk about the surface level stuff.

>Have you seen Demon slayer?
>I went to see that with my children the other day, I loved it.
>I watched Gundam as a kid, fond memories.
>I still read Onepiece

Stuff like that, nothing very big.

in other words, as normalfag as it gets

>considering the lower population about 25 times as big
You also need to adjust for purchasing power since OP probably wants to know how impactful it is culturally and societally, not how big it is in terms of dollar value per capita

>And wasn't Igano Kabamaru popular in Greece?
I think so but I was an even bigger autist back then.

Is welcome to nhk considered normal or otaku in Japan?

Of course you wouldn't be seeing advertising in the middle of a goddamn neighborhood.

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there's always online store you know

Oh come on, Oreimo is not that bad

In Abema, one of the most popular streaming sites in Japan, there are 11 anime in the top 20 today.

It was seen as something weird until 10-15 years ago, but nowadays is as normal as it can get.

To be honest I don't remember anyone mentioning it. So from my anecdotal evidence it would be Otaku. But Keep in mind the Japanese word for Otaku can be used to be mean obsession, so when you call someone an Otaku you some times need to specify.
Sports Otaku
Baking Otaku

and more

user that's not a train

Almost all the most popular entertainment franchises in Japan are anime, manga or game related. Gundam, Pokemon, Fate, Genshin, Uma Musume, Kimetsu, JJK...

Pretty big

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>host family
>Has no problem going with to me to watch the new Conan movie
>Makes fun of me because I like K-on!

I just don't get it.

Japanese needs a new Takeshi Kitano/Akira Kurosawa to save their live action.

Therefore not as commonplace as manga

You need to be seriously autistic to not understand why watching Canon is okay but K-ON is weird.

K-ON is purest iyashikei so its totally acceptable by default

Way to draw your own conclusions user.

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dvd/bluray sales are very low
but they are also very expensive

Big enough that they can be promoting a bath house.

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Are bath houses a big deal in Japan?

>Are bath houses a big deal in Japan?
Are they a big deal? Where do we even start?

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if want the unsophisticated opinion of my japanese normie friend then not very many people watch or talk about anime other than children or nerds, but manga is considered a basically normal and widespread passtime well into adulthood

Three big.

quints of elevated tastes

if i had to guess i'd say at this point the japanese government goes out of it's way to promote anime since it's part of their culture.
it's like how the chinese government promotes martial arts because whenever someone hears the word "martial arts" they most likely first think of karate so the chinese makes sure to keep their tradition alive and they are overly protective of their traditional martial arts.
i'd say japan is probably like that with anime. it wouldn't surprise me if the japanese government dedicates a part of their yearly budget to promote anime.

It's basically a part of day-to-day life there. Everyone reads manga to some degree, the only thing that separates normalfags from otaku is the obsessiveness and willingness to stay up late to watch obscure shows.

It's like back in the day when we had stuff like Aeon Flux and shizz on TV. Everyone would watch normal cartoons, but only hardcore nerds would stay up to watch late-night stuff like that.

what does your friend say about the idea that "anime is an advertisement for the manga"?

they're in "decline" as their practical purpose has diminished greatly but they're still everywhere
a bit like pubs in the UK i suppose, every community has them and almost everyone has been to one, though the number of them is shrinking every year

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