Dragon Ball Super

How do you feel about Toyotaro's masterpiece.

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Toyotaro? More like toyotardo. LOL

A once in a lifetime experience

I feel like it's not canon.

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I'm mindbroken by it.


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>Promotional material for the non canon SHITvie

Still can't believe it's named dragon ball super super hero.

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FUCK Fuckofucko. Not canon btw.

This, should've been names Dragonball Super Duper Hero.


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The GODvies are CANON to the TRACEnga, little BITCH.

He is posting Chi-Chi, JOBhan porn in the other thread

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None of the movies are canon to either the manga or anime.

Gents, I am feeling gay. VERY gay.

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Goku wouldn't last one hour in Florida.

Based Gokubro.

We can smell, ratkubitch

But CHADgeta can.

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Floridiabros....????? Are we THAT weak?

Cute and canon

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Still can't believe mods let these threads stay up.

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Toyobros, what do we have to say about this?

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>I'm working hard to make this manga one that everyone wants to read
Really? I didn't notice.

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>nobody cares about Zeno
as it should be

>big, cartoonish eyes

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Fuck you child rapist moeshitter.

>pedophilia out of nowhere

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Oh god

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Cirno broke him

I will fucking kill you, moephiliac piece of shit.

Chino warped him.

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>SHITren lost to this

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Of course he fucked Chi-Chi, goku was dead. She had no one but gohan and a baby. You know how frustrating that would have been for her??

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What's funny is Piccolo is only about 4 years older than Gohan

>She had no one
She had Piccolo, Yamcha, Bejita, Tien, Roshi, Oolong, Puar, Chaozu, Bulma, 17 and 18 on speed dial.
Take your filthy incest fantasies elsewhere.

>incest bad but cuckshit is ok

Who hired you?

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What the hell is he wearing?

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Cuckshit is FUNNY, incest is CREEPY and NOT FUNNY.

The official 2023 ILGA officer's uniform. As expected, the Saiyan Prince quickly rises the ranks.

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Post bejita can't stop thinking about goku

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Chi-Chi? I kiss that.
Goten's birth? I miss that.
Bejita's psyche? I twist that.
Bulma's anus? I fist that.

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Riddle me this.
What is Black and Red, but purple all over?


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GoD Toppo?

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Riddle me this.
I have many eyes, but cannot see you coming. What am I?

It's time.

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Riddle me this.
I have been beaten, black and blue. Who am I?
I was thinking of Jiren, but that works.

>Bejitabro has a diaper fetish
Like clockwork.

Did you just... make fun of Jiren? Did you just FUCKING make fun of JIREN?!

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Riddle me this.
I am green with envy, and grow full of rage.
Like a torn book's forgotten page.
As large as a mountain, but cool like a waterfall.
Destined to climb to the heavens, and watch over all.
Who am I?