You now remember Eureka Seven

You now remember Eureka Seven.

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I never forgot it.

One of my first and favourite anime. Shame it never had a sequel, but why risk tarnishing the greatness of the original?

>he doesn't know

I'm so old I remember Eureka Six.

no you don't know, you must be mistaken about something. Eureka never had any sequel series or movies that tried to fuck with the lore and legacy of the original, and thank god for that

>he thinks he knows

>filtered by AO

Bones won't let me forget.

It was shit.

>using the 2009 movie as OP image
That movie was the beginning of the cancer.

>Generic mecha shonen show #894

I can only hear the Aniki version

>Robots surf on alien brainwaves
>Main girl is made out of coral
It was a little more than generic

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Reminder that the tv series, movie, the manga, and AO were just the delusions of a depressed Eureka after she killed Renton.

In an alternate reality this is a beloved mainstream classic

She is literally the only reason to watch the show. Anemone is best girl in the entirety of the series and the only reason to watch the anime. Highly underused and still carried the show. Praise best girl

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Eureka Seven never had a sequel. Go away.

Shut the fuck up Kyoda.

Greatest love story in mecha anime.

I can't believe I checked out this anime because of the gachi version of the OP I discovered one day by accident. I don't regret anything

Praise your lord and savior Aniki.

shippers destroyed what could've been a cool show

I still don't know what the heck a seven swell is

never forgot

Never got around to finishing it. Couldn't stand that degenerate Holand.

Anemone can bully me as much as she wants.

Eureka Seven: Ao is a sequel, all the other files are 'same characters parallel world / different story' or 'before or during' the original. Little homework before posting will help next time.

Doesn't ring a bell.

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She ugly right?

Even AO has to be some kind of parallel world. In both the original series and the 2009 movie the Nirvash was a unique machine that evolved; in AO each stage of it exists separately. Eureka travelled to the alt-21st century in the Spec II, which eventually ends up being piloted by Naru. Later on in the show Renton shows up in a Nirvash that combines traits of the TV series Spec III and the 2009 movie Spec V. I can't even remember where Ao's Nirvash came from--whether it was a *third* Nirvash from the far future or a replica built in the alt-21st century (there was definitely *something* special about it, it was somehow much more capable than any of the girl pilots' machines).

untreated mental illness is a major problem user you should see a psychiatrist

>great original anime
>sequel is shit
>make a compilation movie of part of the original series
>sequel movie is shit and off the wall insanity
>leaks of third movie's plot sound similarly retarded
Christ guys, just let it rest

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The director hates Eureka 7 because he wanted the original to have a bittersweet ending and the entire staff told him to fuck off

Charles and Ray arc was amazing, but unfortunately the rest of the anime was pretty fucking bad. Anemone and Dominic are just better duo than autistic Eureka and that annoying retard.

At least ost slaps.

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Retarded zoomer newfags don't know what sarcasm and in-jokes are. Embarrassing.

Fair enough, I guess I'll fap to some roropull.

Second ending and op also slapped.

Honestly the Anemone film wasn't as bad as I expected, though the shitty CGI bits at the start and end(?) would have been better not as CGI.

It was exactly that.

Yeah in what world is E7 not a beloved classic?
50 eps, mechs with a spin, banging OST and seasoned VAs. Fujiwara (RIP) and Koyama together is a gem, and funny given their roles in Uta.

Sometimes I forget.

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don't forget that almost everyone saw it because it aired on Adult Swim back when it was still popular

>Fujiwara (RIP)
It still hurts. We lost him far too soon.

Amazing series marred by lackluster movies and a pretty bad "sequel". Honestly, they just keep killing it more each and every time.

I can still hear the slaps.

Absolute legend. I was playing through Uta3 when I read the news and damn near couldn't read through the tears half the time.

How does the "lol just a dream thing" even get approved by the editors/committee?

he's fucking a fish, right? she's a fish.

post the 1/2/3/4 openings compilation, youtube won't let me find it

I honestly think this was the series that really put Bones on the map
Without it they never would have gotten as successful and respected as they are now

What could you possibly mean by this?

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won't be the same without him.

someone spoil me on why the AO sequel series and the reboot/alt timeline movies are so bad? I watched most of AO if not all of it, but only the one time many anime series ago and never bothered with the movies

Eureka had a stillbirth (human/humanoid coralian hybrids turn to stone when exposed to trapar, which doesn't make sense), making seem as if Ray got her revenge on Eureka from beyond the grave, and coralians actually can't coexist with humanity after all or any other intelligent life for that matter, making Dewey correct the entire time.

I read it backtracked on a lot of what was developed with the coral lifeforms throughout the first series. It had enough universal dislike I never bothered watching AO.
Alt timeline movies are just an excuse to revisit an IP with a movie budget anyway, don't put much stock into them.

One of the few shows where I liked every OP and ED. Maybe not ED4 as much because it was just a slideshow.

people seethe about AO because it kinda ruined all the good moment that was in place by the time E7 ended, especially how it hurt both renton and eureka with that stillbirth moment.
i personally like it though, it would've been much better without Truth being a literal dipshits who just shit on the story randomly, and that laughable retcon gun. i just think of it as a pessimistic take that can happen after the events in E7.

For me it was the retcon gun. I assume it was meant to provoke horror, but it completely failed at that and instead just made the story disjointed and meaningless.

The main antagonist for most of the show being Coldsteel the Hedgeheg didn't help either.

all in all, it suffered from the same bullshit that affected star driver and captain fucking earth where they kept having this MOTW moment while delaying the inevitability which is answering the main plot they set up from the start, so a lot of shit got rushed out in breakneck speed like last 1/4 of the anime.
No wonder bones didn't want to make another mecha anime after those, it's like they entered 2010s and forgot how to make mecha with compelling plot likable characters, and sane pacing.

must admit the additional ending really won me over, which was kinda confusing why bones had to wait for 5 (five) years to drop this episode in youtube of all place.
do you have that kind of anime where it's meh at best but the ending somehow made it kinda better? this one and juuni taisen were like that for me.

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Does this show have any romance in it, and if so is it good?


Did fags really unironically like this show?

>World building is awful barely information on the setting or smaller clusters of civilization
>Non-sensical plot, brings up experimental coralian human hybrids but does fucking nothing with it
>Coralians are painted as this super intelligent unknowable alien force that just wants peace and to co-existence but are literally fucking retarded and the main aggressors of the series.
>The entirety of holland