Yamada's tae tae!

Yamada's tae tae!

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you wouldn't suck on rotten boobies, would you?


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What kind of faggot wouldn't?

What would a crossover between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Zombieland Saga look like

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The best part of ZLS is the wholesome fanart and comics

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I thought the best part was the big fat zombie titties but each his own I guess.

That's the second best part

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What are they doing up there

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Definitely not holding hands

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2046 I am forgotten

Stop being an idiot

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excellent opinion

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>even better than Google camp delta symbol
Yes. Eat SHIT, pinkfags!

Meaningless numbers

>Yamada's tae tae!
where is it?

where the manga link? it just started to get good when somehow the reddit link stopped working

Sakura's sakuras!

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And also Maimai's maimais!

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If she grunted incomprehensibly at Shinji and kept grabbing him by the scruff of the neck to take him back home, probably they'd have the exact same dynamic by like the seventh episode.

so why did kotaro choose a hag thats pushing 30 for his idol band thats almost entirely comrprised of teenagers and children

>ywn maimai Maimai's maimais!

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Gotta cover larger target audience

Gotta maimai those maimai's with my oh mymy


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Wait, what numbers are these?

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Are they bigger than Sakura's and Yugiri's?

In my language, "Tae" means poop.


Their neighbor

I think it goes
Maimais > Yamadas > Yuugiris > Sakuras > rest

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Or is it Yuugiris over Yamadas?

Doesn't matter. Sakuras are perfect size and shape.

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>Or is it Yuugiris over Yamadas?
Yuugiri is bigger. Yamada has a larger bust size than Sakura, but the same cup size.

I like this artist's art style.

>did better than Yuru Camp S2
No way

>Yamada has a larger bust size than Sakura, but the same cup size.
How does that even work?

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She's taller?

I hate eggs.

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I love them

Cute boy

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why is junko sad

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>mid 2022
>still no hint of s3/movie/etc

Why must we suffer zombiebros?

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Misses Ai

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More like she realizes that she has to share Ai with Sakura and Saki in the barrel

to adequately convey the feeling of needing to hold fast even as fate itself is trying to crush you
truly an artistic experiment of the highest order

Didn't it just get announced in October?

What the fuck were they thinking with this crossover

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Why are you so tsun Kotaro

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Would you call Ai tsundere or not

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I want a Sakura gf!

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At this point, I'm willing to turn dreams into reality and be content with her nibbling on my neck.

All zombies are good zombies, but I know where my loyalties lie.

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Even Ai?

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Did I stutter?

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What is this face supposed to convey?

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This episode was so on the fucking nose about the Junko/Ai ship that I can't see how anyone believes that people are delusional for thinking it was gay as fuck

Forgot the pic I meant to include

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