What's your biggest pet peeve about shonen

What's your biggest pet peeve about shonen

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Chosen one prophecy

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Going on too long

Turning to shit by the end

Repetitive arc structures


Introducing tons of characters who never do anything

95% of it's fanbase are underage third worlders

When a shonen manga becomes a hit, the author barely gets any downtime to plan properly, or absorb new inspiration, so their writing and ideas (occasionally the artwork itself) inevitably deteriorate over time. Happened with DB, YYH, Naruto and Bleach

They are 'written' by artists that have forced themselves to become writers

Where the fuck do I start with Gintama?

Which is why I don't get why they don't hire a dedicated writer, Vigilantes is a duo and its a million times better than the main series

They dont kill their enemies.
Kimetsu and exorcist manga are the exception.
But it makes no sense. If your fighting over lives, the state of the world, or some other critical thing, you cant just imprison your enemy or let them live. MCs not killing their enemies is such a shit thing

Gohan obliterated Cell at least. and Trunks finished off Frieza (no I don't care that he comes back in that DB Super garbage)

Episode 1, where else? Or chapter 1 if manga is more your thing.

People equating shonen to battle Shonen

Wtf are zoro and hitsugaya doing there?

As someone with a webcomic I make alone, 80% of the fun is drawing and telling my own story, if I wanted to illustrate someone else's ideas I would've looked for a job in the industry. At best I'd hire a writing assistant/editor to have someone to bounce ideas off of, but it's still a liability regarding spoilers or getting depending on it, and it also forces you to share credit.

Remove gintoki, deku and volley fag and that image would be great

*becoming dependent on it

>Which is why I don't get why they don't hire a dedicated writer
Probably because it would be a massive money split.
If you draw your own stuff, the 100% of your work is yours.
However a well written story, could attribute a significant split and basically will require the writing to make it sell lot more if you want to cut even.

Retards who think shounen is a genre and not a demographic.

Fights with lots of combatants where everyone is standing around watching people do stuff without doing anything themselves.

Romantic relationship doesn't come until the very end of the series.
Someone clearly should have died, but didn't just because (Pell from OP being a prime example).
Integrated filler. Naruto: start the episode off with non-filler plot, then have the rest of the episode be a flashback/filler. One Piece: OP->Recap->The episode after 5-6minutes of waiting which additionally drags out several scenes making the actual plot given really short->ED->Preview both taking up a good portion of time.
Incompleted/Abandoned (HxH)

The fans and most Yea Forums threads. I usually ignore them and enjoy the manga for what it is much easier

Like almost all of those characters are retards.


No more half measures Nagatoro

When they can't give another character the spotlight when they obviously set it up the story to do just that.

the fans

replace zoro with law,kid or blackbeard and hitsugaya to abarai

Hitsugaya was never Ichigo's rival. That role always switched between Uryu and Renji

Bullshit asspull powerups

This. With two(or more) people working on it the chance to get a clear vision from the author's mind becomes lower as ideas clash against each other and are tempered into mediocrity(this happens with big teams too often). The most batshit insane masterpieces come from one man's brain.

Also Grimmjow

Zoro I can understand even though its wrong but why fucking Hitsugaya?

Why do SEAmonkeys love shonen anime so much?

Token girls cluttering up the scenes.

Chosen one
Wanting to be the best at X
Token character archetypes or roles
Lengthy battles and/or battle arcs where the only plot development is at the end, and only amounts to the death or humiliation of a character

Side characters jobbing.

Even worse
>Side characters can do something to help but don't because the plot dictates to have them stand around and watch the MC fight the villain

going on forever. stuff like dragonball or one piece is just embarrassing at this point

why i'm very happy that fujimoto was like "no, fuck off, i am taking a 2 year break"

Zoro... is perhaps understandable as a rival, but Renji or Byakuya would fit infinitely better than the Hitsugaya. Lol, I don't think he has ever spoken with Ichigo.

Terrible main characters. If you focus so much on the protagonist, at least make him engaging.

What do you count as a good main character and why

Power creep.

That they are either a hit or a miss.
Also it is always more and more difficult to create compelling plots and original setting.

Goku used to kill during early Dragon Ball.

Power Creep is the thing that really kills the typical shonen fighting series. At some point you just can't be impressed by another villain who can totally destroy the universe but isn't going to do it even though he wants to.
Uriyu should replace Toshiro as the "rival guy" of Bleach.
The "no kill rule" seems to apply randomly, where the MC kills most villains except the one who will become a "rival guy" later on.
It's obvious what OP means based on the image.

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The normies that call the most over drawn out, overly long, overly dramatic action sequences "peak animation".
I feel like alot of studios are falling for this kind of hype too, more and more i see the "visual confusion and clutter=good animation" and that shit kinda sucks.

The opposite happens as well, where the obviously good-aligned enemy fights out of a sense of duty or whatever and dies while the actual antagonists all live to fight another day.

That all of them the worst aspects of Dragon Ball without improving on what made it good.

And what do you mean by this?

Dog Nigga is unironically one of the top 3 shounen right now

It started with Naruto and One Piece copying the loud-mouth, dumb, fighting-crazed protagonist without realizing how that kind of MC works in a lighr-hearted martial arts manga with Wuxia inspirations but probably isn't very suited to more serious tales of ninjas and pirates. Then the trope stuck and all subsequent shounen need to have a Goku spin-off of some kind.
The continuous battle escalation and powercreep that led Toriyama to parody himself in the Boo arc due to how ridiculous it got is instead taken seriously by its successors
Not realizing how Goku's story is interesting because he's not a chosen one
Not realizing that the way to turn villains good isn't by talk no jutsu but by indirect influence from the MC and actual character development that spans multiple arcs
Not realizing Dragon Ball didn't need needless, over-the-top, saccharine melodrama to be emotionally profound. You can leave an impact on your viewer with emotional subtlety.
Constant exposition and interruptions instead of letting the battle and story flow and leaving things up to the reader to decipher or interpret.

Toriyama left the perfect formula in Dragon Ball for future artists. All they literally needed to do was tone down the powercreep and that was it. But somehow everyone misinterpreted what was good about Dragon Ball and its sucessors are abominations that try hard to be like it and their own thing at the same time. It's incredible Dragon Ball still gets lumped in with modern shounen as if they were the same thing when everything everyone hates about battle shounen is almost completely absent from the original manga (super or whatever nuDB need not apply).

I have this same complaint but I'm struggling to come up with examples of "clean" impressive animation, do you have recommendations

Sword of the Stranger, FMAB, early Dragon Ball, early Naruto. Well choreographed, visually impressive action. It's preferable to see everything that's going on and appreciate the martial arts in display.

Thanks, I haven't seen them in forever so I basically forgot what they used to be like

Undoubtedly the humor. It's where they think someone having a chibi face is funny, or that someone overacting to something entirely mundane is funny, or the concept of characters having a gag-trait. This is more prevalent in some shonen than others of course. One Piece, KnY, and MHA are the worst offenders of those 10. One Piece in particular is pretty much ruined for me because you have to sit through Oda's pre-school puppet show comedy in-between anything actually good happening.

While I'm at it, I'd like to throw some praise. Dragon Ball isn't perfect, but I think it is understated how funny the series actually is, there are some really good gags (and Toriyama wasn't afraid to make antagonists goofy because he understood that it doesn't take away from their threat.

Naruto had a good use of the type of humor I dislike embodied in Sakura. Instead of her just blowing up and the humor being that she make big funny face, they kept those moments contained to the Sakura inside of her head and made inner Sakura almost a character of it's own, which is actually a pretty neat way to portray her inner passion in contrast with her more demure demeanor.

CSM is a good example of a very natural humor. The character interactions are funny because all of the characters are genuinely weird and that weirdness doesn't end when the mangaka decides it's "action time", they'll be equally funny in a fight because what made them funny in the first place is core to who they are and not a dumb gag-trait that holds no impact on the story.

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You're not the target audience, its time to move on.

I completely understand that. Which is why I don't read 90% of shonen anymore. Last one I liked was CSM, and I manged to stomach JJK because someone really wanted me to get to to a particular section (which was pretty cool to be fair).

It just isn't for me anymore and the humor is the biggest sign of that.

I saw your picture and saw it was a criticism about humor and thought you actually had something potentially novel to say and then you were defending Chainsaw Man. You're retarded.

Mindbroken. CSM was one of 3 shonen I defended, mostly because it is the freshest on my mind and well above most shonen when it comes to humor.

He’s right and makes a good point, you just don’t like it because you don’t like CSM. CSM is always goofy and over the top so when it’s comedy time you don’t feel like you’re looking at a completely different character than when it’s serious action time, or vice versa. Obviously humor is subjective and it’s easy to point at any page/panel, especially devoid of any context, and say “that isn’t funny” but that doesn’t falsify the point being made.