Ojamajo Doremi

What style of fafhion is this meant to be?

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90s oshare kei maybe

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Hazuki best girl


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Was gonna say 90s Eurodance, but sees to be more on spot.

They're all very good, but Momo-chan is best girl.

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Kiss Ikemoto

Is this canon?

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No, it’s not.

Should be, though.

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Where can I read the novels?

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Very cute! Never saw this art before. Is it new?

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I'm not sure

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Why is there so much slapping?

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'Cause drama.

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Where is Aiko's?

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Hey, no Tamaki? What the fuck?

I posted Tamaki you gunkbrained dipshit.

You’re waifu is a slut

Oh, shit. Sorry, I said Takmaki, I meant the other one.

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Misora elementary has some fine girls

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I can be an imouto.

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Take that back now!

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She wouldn't...

Hazuki's a fucking whore

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stop, Hazuki is the purest Ojamajo!

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Sex with Ojamajos.

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Momoko is built for it.

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God I love this image. How can something look so pure yet so lewd at the same time?

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Why didn't Goku/Gogeta Hakai Broly?

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I need the cards. All of them.
Anyone has them?

I don't know if they have the complete collection or if some are missing though.

If I become a millionaire the first thing I'll do will be going to Japan and buy every single Card, and also the novels and all the episodes on DVD or BluRay. And the manga.
No toys, though.


I would worship you like a God.

I believe you. And since I like making friends, I'd invite you.

Doremi = Real Mahou Shoujo
Other series such as Precure = Super Mahou Shoujo
Any questions?

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Yes me. I don't get it.