Love After World Domination

Why do the generic grunts have the same sounds as Shocker's troops from Kamen Rider?

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Am I the only one who watches this show?

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The only one trying to talk about it the day after it airs instead of when everybody else was talking about it.

Are you me? If so, no then.

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I was busy yesterday ;-;

I didn't know what day this anime aired so I only watched it now.

Is it truely okay to fall in love with a hero? Asking for a friend.

Go nuts.

Fuck it, picked up. Could be turn-off-your-brain-and-eat-captain-crunch good


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it seems source is manga instead of shitty LN
is it any worth watching/reading?


It’s worth reading for the great chapter “I Created the Monster Known as Magahara Desumi”. The rest is so-so, but that chapter stands out above the crowd.

Why didn't he just rape her?


Is this related to the comment about "blue" from the last thread?

does the manga has any nudity or comfirmed sexual intercourse?

The first episode had lewd stuff like hand-holding with Desumi

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protect Pink Gelato at all costs

Rape is wrong and not justice.

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I watched this on a whim, loved the first episode, caught up now

Why do they sound like the characters they're parodying?

I'm watching because tits

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Another great week.

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this and bisque doll will make for an amazing comiket

Desumi has way more appeal points than just her tits, but it's understandable nonetheless.

>tfw no kasumi gf

Pink gelato should be raped.

I know, right?

I don't blame Fudo for falling for her.

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Desumi nails

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The manga's good, but the anime polished up the story a ton.

I just started it and caught up tonight. Didn't know it existed until this afternoon. I've always wanted a hero/villain romance like this with toku flavoring, although my ideal would have the genders reversed (because I self-insert as villains and am fatally charmed by heroic women). Nonetheless, it's a lovely watch. I haven't gone for a casual, lighthearted series in a very long time.

I do think the adaptation should have actually been tokusatsu instead of anime, though. I mean, come on.

>talking about tits while posting an image with all that succulent thigh meat prominently on display
I hope there's a fix for you.

There are some pretty substantial tits in that pic though

I love it, a shame it seems it's not popular

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Blame reddit x family and kagushit fags

She should take them out and slap those skeleton hands from her shoulders on them.

Damn, a shame if so, since it's my favorite comedy of the season. It seems to have a lot of effort into making a good and improved adaptation, unlike Spy x Family which is kinda bland compared to the manga so far, and this point in the story for Kaguya is where it starts to go downhill.

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I think it's just that a light romantic comedy tokusatsu anime doesn't have as much of an audience as pretty much any other genre. There's no serious fights, no power level bullshit, no self-insert MC wank, and no full ecchi.

Do you remember this other manga from a while back about a villainess who was stalking an uninterested superhero? It was by that elf x orc guy and the characters are basically those two transplanted into a toku setting. I can't remember the title or a single character's name. Whatever happened to that?

It would have fared so much better on any other season that wasn't full of reddit romcoms.

Got an anime. But it was a 3 minute short for some weird app nobody used. The manga was licensed years ago, I own a few volumes of it myself. You are thinking of general tits and it is more superhero than toku.

That's unfortunate. I don't really follow anime much anymore. It really feels like everything's circling the drain now. When was the last time anything that all of Yea Forums got together to watch aired? I feel like it was KLK almost a decade ago.

I didn't, but thanks for letting me know

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Yeah, the adaptation is great and I think it has the potential to reach the normalfag audience, but going against Spy X Family and Kaguya seems way too fucking hard.

How many dates before Desumi takes it in the ass?

Haha, wow. It wasn't nearly as good as this, anyway. I did get a few good faps out of it. It's coming back to me a little bit. I loved the scientist girl, I think? And the roach girl she made.
That's the one. Anytime.

>Why do the generic grunts have the same sounds as Shocker's troops from Kamen Rider?

>What are Japanese tropes for 100 Alex?

You are not alone

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god, she's such a fucking fox

when will she get a bf?

god, she's such a fucking roastie

I want to hang myself.

>green rejects this every day

>why do the foot soldiers of the organization themed after showa era Nazi-esque evil organizations use the same sound effect as said grunts
You couldn't have just made an OP talking about why you like the reference?

is green a fag?

Green should fuck Blue's ass


on my list. looks good