Rojica to Rakkasei Volume 1

Volume 1 of 3 (continuing with chapter 3)

Ch 1 and 2 >Synopsis
Living on a planet, Rojica and Rakka. They dig a hole to kill time and throw a "mysterious disk" or find a "secret dungeon" in the forest and have fun every day. There are still a lot of things these two do not know about the planet ….

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Shame about that first thread.
Thanks for continuing.

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No biggie, good manga deserve to be shared.

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great page, simple and effective

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The duality of man

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The japanese Morse Code seems to say "ko ni shi te", which I guess means 'bad boy'?

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I guess the online translator I used was wrong then.

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At least she's caring.

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Rakka is a good girl

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Pretty fella

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