Spy x Family

Why are all getting the same urge to start a family? This has never happened before with anime.

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I fucking love Yor

I love fucking Yor

Kissing Damian passionately!

Abe: my plan is working well

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Abe’s plan to promote family life and raise the birthrate in Japan through anime and manga is seen. Will it work IN Japan? Or will foreign weebs just start fucking while herbivore men at home just…stare at the screen and page

This episode finally had the perfect pacing. Hopefully they can keep it like this

I only scroll through these threads for Yor lewds. Last thread was okay, but I was expecting more. Don't let me down spyfags.

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>Why are all getting
Retake English.

I felt something inside me deflate when Henderson started speaking in a japanese Samurai voice instead of a British Accent

I want his babies so much, it's unreal

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Will Smith should voice Loid in the dub

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Here's an image not safe for non-Americans

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Same here, except I’m a guy.
Vegetabro btw.


Yor is sex
Yor is SEX

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NEED Yor wife

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Very lewd Yor with Anya

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I saw an eagle in the wild once. They're nice looking birds.

propaganda doesn't work on Yea Forumsnons, because we always wanted a family, it's women stopping us from attaining one

We are being robbed of kiss scenes

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Can you elaborate what is specifically wrong with the question: "Why are we all getting the same urge to start a family?"

of course it's not gonna work, cuz it doesn't address the factors that are preventing families from forming

Look at this little shit

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>We want the family guy audience

Truth is you always wanted one. Your desires have simply been activated, like a sleeper cell. Now go, be fruitful and multiply.

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tfw no Loid husband to protect you and your child. Why live?

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the problem is that “we” was dropped. just ignore him esl-kun

Same here. Where do I find a Loid husband? All men I know are lame

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Once I saw an eagle in the zoo but was free to go and enter the country zoo whenever it wanted, then I realize it was a metaphore for American citizens.
btw I'm amazed they have eagles at Eden school lol

based abe getting people get het children through anime. first renge, now anya

It's a shounen manga written by a male, what were you expecting?

now that's what i call a killer body

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>Bond joins the family
>Tags: Bestiality
Boy Anya gonna have it bad

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How many times do we need to teach you this lesson, old man?

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>he isn't watching this with his girlfriend/wife

They had sex in Kaguya

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I seriously hope you nerds aren't actually falling for this. You don't want a daughter in real life.

If this isn't blatant bait just leave this place my man

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We need at least them falling in love and thinking of railing each other while Anya listens.

>want a polite and shy QT3.14 wife
>am not a cold and calculated 6'2'' alphamale.

am i ngmi or is there any hope for me left?

*hits pipe

How about we gatekeep this show from niggers as much as possible? They've done enough harm already, just 2 episodes in.

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I fucking love Yor

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Loid doesn't even look like a good lay

im really enjoying this show so far in what otherwise seems like a weak season... but can we address how bad the OP music is?



this is probably the best season in ages.
First time I watch more than 4 shows while they're airing.

I will now watch this anime instead of just fapping to the seasonal waifu

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*hits pipe*

Kaguya runs in a seinen magazine (surprisingly).

she never had a father so father-daughter relationships are an alien concept to her

Kaguya and what else?

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There is always hope user, as long as you believe

Yeah it's completely wrong for the series. It has to be some Jazz thing like Cowboy Bebop's Tank or something like a Bond movie intro


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What are your predictions for Anya's biological parents?

For me mother is ded, father is alive and evil

He is trained in all the techniques

left one is an obvious satire whole right is made by a minor and you're a complete fucking retard

What's the correct/most effective report category for posting/requesting Discord names? Off-topic? Advertising or begging? Avatar or signature use?

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she's a fucking lab grown clone

thank you user, needed to hear this.

I was thinking that is very unrealistic how someone like Yor isn't trained in seduction techniques

Where my Anya bros at?

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She has a biological mother whom she clearly remembers and is sad about.

I reckon they have other people for those missions. You hire her when you want everything dead or deader in a 5 mile radius.

>Person makes awful take
>I can't believe this entire race just made this awful take
We should gatekeep the race deranged who lack greater thought. Object permanence should be required for internet use.

spy, kaguya, aharen, summertime render, paripi koumei, love after world domination,tomodachi game (guilty pleasure desu).
I'm also watching shikimori-san but I'm seriously considering dropping it, the MC is way too fucking cringe for my taste.

She's a literal brute with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. It's clear the author didn't want to go down that route because muh purityfags. Meanwhile proto-Yor was a literal prostitute.

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God, I wish I was Loid.

is this black people's "it's da feds" comeback?

Damien's dad is her actual dad. He's also a psychic, and knows Loid is a spy the entire time.

This fucking show.

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