Shokei Shoujo no Virgin Road

Loli Menou a cute

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Angry Momo

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why does momo care about menou when she has princess?

I want to suck Akari's tits.

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Is this who I think it is? She doesn't look Yandere enough

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Oh hey, a rare momo

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Want to cuddle with at night.

This Momo is better

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Post more

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Didn't the hag act way too fast given how little evidence Menou & Chinatsu had? All they had was a claim from the princess that the church and the hag were likely behind it, but no conclusive evidence whatsoever. The hag could have easily played dumb at least until Akari's mind was erased.

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Menou attacked first

Looking at garbage

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Which is also weird. Why would she attack with so little evidence?

Recently Whited

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Why didn't Akari just teleport herself and Menou to the Sword of Salt?

Autist version

Menou attempted to Bell her immediately user.

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She trusts Momo completely, so no confusion or hesitation happened. She immediately accessed the situation correctly and attacked really really fast with her strongest spell, hoping to take baba out

I like that a lot actually

Can she even do that? It's not like she is [Space]

From what I can tell from Akari's route testing, there's a balancing act between Menou trusting Orwell vs Menou trusting Akari. If Menou trusts Akari less, Orwell kills Menou. It's the reason why Akari keeps her memory sealed.

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Akari's tits are too big and she's not as cute as Momo.

Webm of her fingers moving would fit better. Anyone has that btw?

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Does she even know where that is?

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She looks retarded in this screenshot.

She was indeed a retard at that age

English v4 is almost here

>the church is evil

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>A single person in the church is corrupt

>one hag = church
user please

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Just a few days left

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That's always the case with people that make greentext tier complaints, they always assume one case = literally everyone.

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So Akari was save scumming to get an outcome where Menou reacts immediately and survives?

Akari is DUMB

Rate this Orwell

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Best Orwell. Her motives are completely understandable and I would do similar things in her shoes.

good cunny, generic capeshit motivation as a hag
cunny good, hags bad

Menou can't trust Akari too much either, that's also game over because Menou betrays the church and gets hunted down. It's why she made it really obvious time shenanigans probably happened in the train.

That's the thing about becoming a hag. You become rotten both inside and out.

V4 will have some more info about her younger days actually

rape correction is needed

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Post Menou making dumb faces.

She was a good girl back then. It's the hag that needs to be corrected. Are you man enough for the task?

Imagine still watching this garbage

Not even worth a (You)

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Akari's tits and ass are the 6th human error.

How can perfection be an error?

Does she have the pure concept of perfection?


How many times has Akari stuck her fingers up that Menou butt?

It's an error because nobody should be that perfect.