Jujutsu Kaisen

Where the FUCK are the spoilers?

I want mangaka vs Hakari to end soon , I'm not invested in either of them.

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Break this week retard.

>Golden FUCKING week.

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Then how come warm pissers still got their spoilers? They have a FUCKING thread up right now, faggots

Oda is a HACK. You're clearly NEW here.

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oda himself puts out one piece spoilers

I know nothing about this show except that I'd breed Megumi

We know, Sukuna.

Reminder Yuta's mommy gf can beat Jogo by throwing the meteor right back st him.

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Shut the FUCK up GojoBITCH. I am DONE with your inane, vexatious palavering—taint this thread with your fatuity you SHAN'T. Perdure puerile thine UNPROPITIOUSNESS and fecklessly hazard thine FRAGMENTATION, capiche?

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EXIT, FAGkuna. Trying to get my attention this early? You WANT me. Admit it now.

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>golden week
No spoilers, characterfaggots and discussion of shipping only.

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>schizophrenic HOMOSEXUAL delusions
Done and DONE, necessitious canine. Thine commiserable barking is inutile.

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Micropenis canon

Reminder that you came to me FIRST. Are thou GAY? Questioning? I'll hold your hand, but I won't suck your dick, quivering RAT.

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GODkuna the WELL ENDOWED? TWO penises, 9 inches soft.

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>DELUSIONAL about not one, but TWO penises.
Sniff, DOG.

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>nettling vacuous homoerotic BUZZING
You are OBSESSED with CHADkuna's TONED, TOWERING physique. The absurd length of VIRILEkuna's twin shafts has WARPED your mind.



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GODkuna? You mean BITCHkuna, trembling IGNORAMUS. Let me remind you that BITCHkuna cannot lay a FINGER on GODjo. BITCHkuna will inevitably be JOBBLY JOBBED and you will piss, SHIT, and CRY in your diaper. You are NOTHING but a JESTER, now do your little JIG, monkey.

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why is he trying to tempt me? What's his endgame? How quickly can I mindbreak him into a housewife. So many questions.

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>incongruous mindbroken babbling
I GRACEFULLY accept your concession.

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Gracefully ACCEPT that BITCHkuna will get MOGGED by GODjo.

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>why is he trying to tempt me?
He’s innocent, don’t molest him.
>What's his endgame?
To save his oneesan, he’s pure.
>How quickly can I mindbreak him into a housewife
Mid tier difficulty. Be gentle and patient. And really hammer his asshole with your jock meat.

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You guys are fucking faggots.

SUPERIOR Domain Expansion.

SUPERIOR experience.


Simple FUCKING as. Do you SEE?

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thanks for the valuable info

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Why does One Piece get spoilers but not us?

I miss Nobara

TRY again, MUTT.

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>So guess from now on every volume will have a depressing "reminder this is ending" extra.

>Hori said the goal is finally in sight and he wonders how many more times he can draw the characters he so casually draws on a regular basis. He worries about change as he grows older.

Gege better be ready for that extra work load.

>ending already
I hope not, that’d end up in a huge rush job. Gege spams so many long ass fights as it is.

The chainsaw chads are making fun of us again sisters...

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So? They’re right, the audience is fujos.

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>ChainSOYS will be WAITING until Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 airs to even get another trailer.

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>GojoMUTT getting cocky a few months before GODsaw Man's inevitable industry-wide takeover

Chainsaw Chads will have the last laugh, our time is nigh, we will rise soon

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Quiet down, PUP. Mappa is BUSY animating Season 2. You will get your crumbs AFTER JJK's success.

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A monkey kicked his shit in. Sukuna is going to rape him. The difference in experience will cost the manchild the win. It's of no fault of his own, for once, but the modern world simply lacked foes to propel him to heights of Sukuna.

Reminder that Gojo is 100% heterosexual.

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>sunglasses for women
>blindfolds when he's with men


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Enter, TENTbara.
We had a thread made by THE Jujutsu Kaisen and we fucking missed it.

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>vanilla with grills
>bdsm with men

Maybe the Jujutsu Kaisen was the friends we made along the way

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The fellow JujutsuCHADS that frequent the threads are the one piece..

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Factually correct, as confirmed by Naobito.

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I must admit seeing the Sukuna micropenis debate here on my work lunch break did give me a smile.
We truly have the best lore discussions

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BITCHkuna truly believes he will not be jobbed when the REAL villain is Kenjaku.

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I can't knock on Sukunny too hard, his mind break antics with Yuji are some of my favourites. "It's all your fault" had me laughing for an hour straight

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>Yuji gets his ass grabbed on the train
>Sukuna pops out
>"It's your fault"
>"You were asking for it with those skinny jeans"

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I want Sukuna to separate from Yuji though.

So that he can of course get JOBBED by The Honored One.

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Sukuna within Yuji is top tier shitposting though

>Yuji walks by a bakery
>Sukuna eats one of the breads on display
>Yuji gets arrested for theft

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What does Sukuna say when Yuji is showering or pissing?

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>Japan has hate speech laws

Oh God Oh Fuck, Yuji cover the mouth

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I like to imagine that Sukuna has knowledge of history and other cultures akin to a master level professor just so he knows what offensive remarks to make with whom

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yuta has never lost in any way shape or form

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Back to dragon ball shitper, fags

I restored the Dragon Ball and JJK alliance. Silence, DOG.

Finally saw JJK 0 after having not been paying attention to it so I was not prepared for Yuta literally being Shinji.

>tfw no Kowaru

This manga became instantly better when moved on from Yuji and Maki to Yuta, Megumi and Hakari.

What would people call Ogata's most feral role? I would pay so much to see her voice a character you think is gonna be another Ikari but is in fact a super pernicious bastard.

I'm just glad they probably banked her for Yuta's reintroduction post Shibuya aswell. So we'll see her in S3

How long until sukuna gets fully resurrected?

>not shoving your dick directly into the hand mouth
Yuji, you need to start thinking more tactically. That’s a pocket onahole!

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>Sukuna drives Yuji to starvation by consuming any food he ever gets his hands on

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They hate you over there