ITT: Post cool anime swords

ITT: Post cool anime swords

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Although it may be too big to be called a sword, more like a raw heap of iron.

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>Inverted Spear of Heaven MOGS every sword that will be posted.

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JJK has some really cool sword designs. The cleaver ones like Nanami and Bugman's are my personal favorites

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Props to EMIYA, they really are cool swords, even if they're more like a bigger Kukri

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technically counts

I really like the odm design and the blades
even though I dont understand why the look like snap off knives

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Outclassed by a rapier (and by most other demon swords for that matter).

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what the fuck even is this?

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This fucking shit. I don't even know what the fuck this is, but goddamnit does it look fucking cool

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stick painted silver > any sword

>does it look fucking cool
no, not really

My vote goes to Teacher

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why did you post a blank image

I know you don't really get a good look at it. But I like pirates and I like Katanas so Roger's sword really shivers me timbers.

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Funny cuz japs had inferior steel

Yuuto basically does the same thing as Fate/Stay Night Archer, right?

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Oops. I must be blind.

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too soon user

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This shit gave me a chuuni boner back in 2013

It's like a rock with a flint deposit in it that some 3 meter tall motherfucker found and chipped into a a saw edge. It's cool except that Hercules isn't a caveman legend.

those are scisters

>It's just a black katana
It's simple and I think it looks cool.

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>Buys a souvenir boken from a gift shop
>Is strong enough to take out skilled samurai

Just shows how skilled Gintoki is, except when he jobs and gets his ass handed to him by Doromizu.

Play Monster Hunter, there's a metric fuckton of swords like that.

Already do my guy, been a fan since Tri

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one piece did it first and better

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Good anime. Wish they finished it.

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Anime(adj): that which has the properties of anime. That which could fit in anime without, or with slight modification.

this sword is anime.

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>*wood knock*

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You know what they say: Can't fret over every egg.

Such beautiful craftsmanship. I'm getting an uncontrollable urge to hold it.


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>a sword with mounted pistol
what's next? big scissors?

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Swords don't work like that...

>shortens the blade because he's too dumb to wear it the right way

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I remember it from Dawn of Sorrow as a big big knife with jewels in the blade

That bit made me fucking seethe. Why do the characters wear their fucking swords like that?!

had a great balance of simplicity and just a hint of decoration.

Magic ones do.

That isn't even the coolest sword he uses in his own series

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