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What do you retards, not understand... she's not joining the crew, Jimbei just joined why another crew member in the same arc??

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I never why do people paint like this

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Yea lmao she looks like a vampire

Jinbe has broken all the rules. After him, anybody can join. Goomba power!

>We are getting extended Chopper vs Queen fight till Sanji arrives

Im just gonna say. BASED.

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Why do spics double the punctuation in front of the sentence?


Jinbe has been a main character in the story for over a decade now, the formality of his joining doesn't mean much when he's been in a recruiting process since the Summit War.
Brook was also invited to join almost instantly after Franky was at the start of Thriller Bark.

carrot will join in the elbaf arc

and yamato will join in the mariejois final arc

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Because the crew is a sausage fest.

What-the FUCK-ever, I just wanna lick those pits.

I tolerated Jimbei joining because it was already confirmed in FI. I won't stand if Yamato joins out of nowhere like this. I will kill myself if she does join.

I feel ya, and I just feel like someone else joining is better how is Oda gonna write in her interactions with the crew episode after episode unlike Jimbei who was in the pre time skip and has pre mediated interactions and meaning

>joins out of nowhere like this
her joining would be more natural than literally every single strawhat before what the fuck are you saying

Well no, read this part ya sperg if she joins it just doesn't sit with the story properly Wano is gonna need a leader to help them recover and fix the clusterfuck economy and corruption

Wano has been over twice the length of most other arcs, it's getting two crew members.

Yea but we really get crew members after every arc because the difficult writing to write their interactions with crewmate or give them some use in the next arc

> no Tashigi this week

Wano was a mistake

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Forgive me and my ESL

>best side booba
>best overall

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Yamato has done nothing since 20 chapters ago. What a waste

I want Katakuri to sit on Reiju's lips

Carrot in Wano
>Needed to jump the fucking candyman with wanda because she’s so fixated on avenging Pedro, who actually offed himself

Yamato in Wano (thus far)
>Stopped Ulti and Page One from getting in Luffy’s way
>Protected Momonosuke and Shinobu the Beast Pirate’s assaults
>Helped Franky out by taking care of Hatcha with a single blow
>Went in and fended off an Emperor by herself until Luffy had an opportunity to recuperate
>By fighting Kaido, she kept him away from those down below
>Tried tirelessly to motivate a doubting Momonosuke

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>Oda offscreening almost all Big Hag fight
>Oda avoiding Luffy to ever ounch a woman
>Oda ignoring Yamato since she is too strong

Carrot after Wano
>Joining the strawhats
Yamato after Wano
>becoming Momo's retainer

Carrot arc ended with Pedro suicide
Yamato arc will end with defeating Koido

Simple as
Caribou will join

my favorite straw hat is sanji

Only one of those will win the luffybowl.

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Carrots arc only just started with Pedro's suicide.

Hiyori's character:


Wow what a "great" character

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Luffy is cemented to never have sexual interest into anyone

That's right, she is next

Franky and Ussop both joined in the same arc


Last thread was a good thread
Yamatofags were revealed as intellectually dishonest fags who will forever be known as the single worst set of shitposters in Yea Forums's history

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Ace's character:


Wow what a great character

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Carrot will went full Sasuke mode and will seek a schizo emo revenge for Pedro death, and strawhats will chase after her for the rest of the story

It's so baffling how Oda chose to have this "important" moment of hers in the same chapter as the Nika reveal. Literally no one cared about it.

>Wano is gonna need a leader to help them recover and fix the clusterfuck economy and corruption

he's asexual
adventure sexual

More importantly didn't Luffy state he was only going to have a crew of ten

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Sad but true Yamatosisters
Kuso usagi.

>best Pussy
Bonney because she can turn younger and give you tight cunny
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Bonney for same reason
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Robin, her mouth was strong enough to hold onto the concrete while someone pulled on her, also multiple tongues
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Robin, multiple boobs
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Robin, multiple hands. And you know from Frankie she's not afraid to grab it
>best snuggles
Robin, can cuddle with two of her at once
>best fertility
Carrot, you know how many babies rabbits can produce?
>best Dominating
Robin, did you see what she did to Franky's balls? Also the black leather outfit she seems to enjoy
>best fetish
Nami, exposing herself
>best femdom
>best loli
Bonney of course
>best overall
Robin. Waifu material, cute, and a kinky power

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>will went

Yamato's character:


Wow, what a great character.

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Not really, he stated he wanted to have at LEAST 10 crewmates. So 10 besides himself.

Which also doesn't really matter, seeing as how he isn't opposed to having more

I mean she basically already did that by pinning Pedro’s death on Perospero for no reason.

I hate the eclebfags that post here so much.

Jewelry Bonney is literally a fucking void century character

>Wow what a great character
He was gigagay to left this behind. Now belongs to Luffy.

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I try but I only see a revenge garuchu

Remember to report spoilers, they got their own thread. Same with character spam fags.
Anyways will sanji ever go full RoboCop mode?

ace dying because he couldn't handle the banter was so stupid
marineford would have been all the more tragic if he died while trying his best to escape with luffy but just couldn't because the admirals are too powerful to simply run away from

Imagine if kushimoto was writing one piece, holy kek

He had a cute redhead marine

Yamato would be a better character if she doesn't join, because then she would need to become something other than an Oden fangirl

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>People thinking Orochi will die without seeing Momo FORMA ADULTO

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I can't imagine Nami eve more useless.

Cope seethe raid will fail yamato won't join cope seethe

and the most important one

Doesn't help Sabo appeared immediately after

Momo looks like Oden, so Horny Nami will stay to protect his prostate with her cub

But him failing for trashtalk about Whitebeard is consistent with his character at least. In his cover story, we saw him blowing haw whole cover of a marine all because someone talked badly about Whitebeard

Hi, Tekking here *Girly noise* What a chapter!

To this date there hasn’t been a single intellectually honest opinion as to why Yamato won’t join

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>why Yamato won’t join
Because Luffy don't like her


White Brard stache Momo
Because you refuse to read those?

What a supreme faggot good thing he is a donut now
The mera mera no mi is going to the BB crew


>Yamato would be a better character if she becomes a Momo fangirl
Huh yeah... the copes are getting better and better... I smell the desperation in the air...

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>Every Strawhat would be used as a plot device to hype Luffy/Zoro
>Luffy's goal would change from wanting to be the Pirate King to wanting to save Zoro
>Luffy's and Zoro's relationship would be the driving force for the entire manga
>Nami's entire character would be wanting to marry either Luffy or Zoro (Whichever one she ends up with, Robin will end up with the other)
>Fights would have good choreography

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Imagine spending 5 years on shitposting just for your character to be turned down by Luffy, wish Yamato appeared 5 years ago


>Imagine spending 5 years on shitposting just for your character to be turned down by Luffy
I don't think Carrot asked to join ever.

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Ment for

Yamato is a completely inoffensive character, yet I am excited for the chapter she doesn't join just to shitpost about it on here

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But loving Wano is just another subset of Oden larping.

>before first thing I would think would be "hey that's a cool figure"
>first think I thought was "I want Katakuri to sit on my face"
I hate you

Reminder that everyone expects Yamato to join

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>Yamatofags think that she will get a Robin-tier character arc and that's why she hasn't talked to a single Strawhat outside of Luffy
Coping so hard it's not even funny

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>Because you refuse to read those?
>intellectually honest opinions

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>Luffy: I don't like you
>Yamato: kys, then I will join
>Luffy for another time: fuck off
>Yamato: not today

Oda is fucking with you, she will never join

I'm personally a fan of the theory that Yamato becomes a captain
Maybe Momo could be her first mate

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Would it be a good opportunity for character development if Chopper lost a patient no matter how hard he tries?

She's plenty offensive what are you smoking?

>proving his point
Copium everywhere

Most readers do, yes

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That was basically Mocha but then Law stepped in and demolished him medically.

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I want Katakuri to sit on my face

>I'm personally a fan of the theory that Yamato becomes a captain
There is 0 build up for that though
>Maybe Momo could be her first mate
Momo will be shogun.

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reminder the new yonkos after wano will be luffy,buggy,shanks and blackbeard.

Oda himself confirmed that nobody will join after Wano

The duality of Yea Forums

Momo is quite literally the Vivi on Wano. His heart is first and foremost for his country and its people as the rightful heir of shogun. He has time and time again declared that he would be the next shogun once Kaido and Orochi were gotten rid of. Those have been his intentions as foggy as they might’ve been out of fear and hopelessness since Oden Castle was burned down and Toki sent him into the future. His resolve has only gotten stronger since then having met and been inspired by Luffy and company. He won’t be leaving Wano behind no matter the cost. Even if he in the slightest chance wanted to venture out to sea, which again the text contradicts, he’d have moral and political obligations tying him down much like Vivi did.

People who say there’s evidence that supports him joining the Straw Hat have not read the manga.

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The Yonko saga is over. Yonkos will no longer matter after Wano.

How could we haven't ever seen Chopper be sad/jealous of how much better at curing people Law is than him?

Haha… yeah…

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I thought this was obvious


Because Chopper is now just a merch character not a real character

He did?