How do you go from this

How do you go from this...

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Sex and love are inseparably intertwined.

why are men so weak lmao

>2 chapters
>3 years ago since the last
It's all so tiresome

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When a man is content about his sexual urges and desires, he often seeks the next best thing, companionship. Sometimes that's all there is to it.

It's fucking fictional. A romcom even. Only men wishes something as this.

People who go for FWB situations typically don't stop to consider the emotional side of it nor do they have the maturity to prevent developing feelings.

>fuck buddies
>one person catches feelings
many such cases

Source please


>6 volumes
someone need to pick this back up

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Anybody interested in the drama?

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Time to learn Japanese! It's fun!

>jewish film producers
Just say women. The only reason they weren't fucking around in the past was because of the fact that they weren't in power and controlled. Now the dams have been opened and the result is plain for all to see.

>Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis start off as friends
>Both decide it will stay completely romanticless and only involve sex
>Both make movies about how a FWB relationship ends up turning into love
>They end up getting married

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This is like a super common result of casual fuckbuddies. Turns out spending a lot of time with someone, especially private, intimate time where you expose your vulnerability to each other, is a really basic way to cultivate romantic feelings

It's going to end up like 90% of all Hollywood marriages with them getting divorced anyways

they got married in 2015 tho

When I have sex with a person I don't want them to see me ever again. What's my condition?

7 years is not a long time for marriage

chaotic neutral

I think I worded that wrong. I don't want to "disappear" from them as in ghost them, I just don't want them to have to go through the trouble of dealing with me ever again, specially after seeing me in such a pathetic state of weakness.

doctor here it seems you have a severe case of being a fag

Few or no emotional reactions permitted, extended periods of solitude, no emotional support system

FWB is hard to do. If not this, it'll at least lead to jealousy.

It's another thread about anonymous crying about 3DPD
Very original.

You gay, user. Gay as fuck, period.

>pathetic state of weakness
you cried when having sex or something nigga

Speaking of sex friends and YK, anybody read this?

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That's No Strings Attached, one of my favorite romcom movie, and it's not Mila, it's Natalie Portman you fag.

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Mila Kunis made her own movie with Justin Timberlake called Friends with Benefits you goddamn retard.

>Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake romcom movie
>it's a real thing
Jesus Christ, this is like a Family Guy episode.

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not really
hate fucking is a thing
not to mention rape

>those shoulders
dudes with tits are a mistake

You're a manwhore, user.

it is legit impossible to be fucking somebody for a long time and not one or both of you catching feelings for each other.

I only remember it because someone laced that movie's sex scene with actual sex and it felt alot hotter.

Tell me where to read it and I will.

Premature ejaculation

Some places where you can get all other manga.

is it a rule of nature that at least one of the two is pictured smoking after sex?

You're not a man if you need external emotional support, that is called a boy.

more often than not FWB is the "friend" who likes the other one less pressuring them into accepting sub-relationship status. it's a cruel way to treat someone who loves you. same with open relationship arrangements, in no possible world are they equitable

Humans develop romantic feeling for the people they have sex with, usually femoids develop those feeling within the first time they have sex and men take more time.
This may be a way to make men not impregnate a womxn and then run away.

Kinda wanna see this edit.

the two places i'm at my weakest are when i shit and when i cum
of course i'm embarrassed for dropping my guard just because i felt like it

ONS are shit, user. Change your ways

How is it cruel if the FWB friend is the one being in love with the other?

I know a case of 2 people who were on FWB, she developed feelings and he did not, it was a catastrophe big enough to scare the rest of the group to not try to get a relationship like that.

Proving his point

Same as fucking your roommate. Fails miserably 9 out 10 times
Sadly I was not the lucky 1

Chris rock's wife waited patiently for 10 years for their prenup to expire.

based and true

>women say men fall in love after having sex
>men say women fall in love after having sex
what's going on behind this dynamic?

Everyone falls in love after having sex and nobody wants to admit it

Silly user, hate is love. The opposite of that is called apathy.

why are they fully dressed


Because the strongest foundation for love is friendship, and it answers the question of sexual compatibility beforehand.

Some people remain unattached romantically, or realise their idea of romance is literally just best friends who have sex.

She's lost her shorts and he pulled his pants down.