One Piece

Chapter 1048

In the cover the intruders were Ichiji and Reiju.

Small flashback.

Momonosuke trying to create the fire clouds.

Orochi got his head chopped off by Denjiro

The entire chapter is a build up to the final page:

The last page contains 3 fronts: the beheading of Orochi by Denjiro, Kaido and Luffy's clash after Momonosuke has moved Onigashima, and Wano's citizens release their lanterns to the night sky.

No break next week

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Can’t believe we’re getting ANOTHER orochi death fake out

Is oroshit finally dead?, what an absolute cockroach

This, so damn irritating

He won't be dead. This will be his 3rd or 4th death. Still another 4 or 5 to go, followed by odadrones gasping in astonishment and praising oda for giving Orochi 8 lives.
>He was a hydra with 8 heads, having 8 lives was foreshadowed. What a genius writer

It is not the characters fault when the author is shit

That’s why he’ll die for real this time

Wow, I sure am invested in Orochi getting btfo again! Said no one ever

This is why this fucking arc took 5 years and one piece is on its 25th year.
Because oda doing shit like resurrecting and killing the same uninteresting lame villian over and over during one single fucking arc.

Who's flashback is that


It's amazing someone could be worse than Rebecca.


just ....

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Where.. is.. CHAPTER

Holy fuck who cares about the fucking Germas


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Are you retarded?
Spoilers are out already

We are getting early spoilers this week.
The chapter will come out next week at the usual time.

It must be nice to be this retarded

Nothing happened the chapter

It's not Oda's fault Orochi-sama is surrounden by retards

>shit taste in manga
Like clockwork

>>Kaido and Luffy clash

Well I'm sorry to say I am interested in Orochi. He was old school One Piece, Wapol level villian. Hiyori's speech was good, and I'm exctied to see how Oda wraps this up.

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Name 2(two) more instances of such.

>orochis family and children were chased down and murdered by the samurai
>we’re meant to cheer and shit ourselves every time the vastly stronger samurai try to kill orochi
It feels like oda has no idea what he wrote for this character

Orochi is ugly so he must be hated not pitied

So is Jinbe but nobody hates him for that

Orochi enslaved an entire country for going on 20 years now, brainlet-kun

orochi is a metaphor for the...
you know never mind

Bon Clay is my favorite character

That was Kaido and they deserved it.

Orochi poisoned hundreds of his impoverished citizens, then was going to murder a child for the crime of suffering side effects from that poisoning.

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>Orochi died like Oda Nobunaga
>betrayed by one of his men in a burning castle
Like pottery.

If zoro isn't dead yet he'll die after seeing shiryu's new sword

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Does this mean the fight is over?

It's happening boyos.

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The samurai were right. Just one of those gene pool poisoned fucks sold out and destroyed Wano. Oda says genocide is justifiable.

Remember when people insisted big mom will go down in elbaf?


If Wano is this dragged out in the manga, I feel for anime-onlies.

Oda, try and be subtle next time.


Is Kaido the first villain that is going to die? How you write him off after his eventual defeat?

Film: Red.
August 6th.

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I think he's going to be thrown into the volcanic mountain on Wano. He can be a cool guy if you're fighting him but other than that he's irredeemable and WANTS to die so. Seems like it?

>orochi what a fine ability
>infinite heads infinite lives
>looks like the fruit factory is open
vegapunk is going to farm orochi for artificial devil fruits

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We don’t know the reason why he’s suicidal.

Just let Orochi die, goddamn this plotline is so annoying

Kanjuuro in the same fucking arc.
Ulti in the same fucking arc.
Not to mention examples from previous arcs.

He respects Luffy after losing and accepts him as Joyboy, seeing himself as a friendly rival to Luffy more than anything else. He fucks off from Wano, graceful in defeat, to prepare for a rematch during the final war.

>Come on, Bonney~ Just a little peck~~

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He's just trying to connect with his son


If spandam is not dead, hell he got upgraded to cp0, Orochi will not die, not even a single antagonist has ever died in one piece

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Vergo and Monet, ostensibly

not using the other thread

Are Ichiji and Reiju really enough to be going back alone

c;mon, pleeease?


It has the exact same topic that we've been arguing about for months

a cp0 member just died though

Big Mom isn't on WCI. They ironically have the best chance they could get to rescue their brothers right now

As it a thread with a different OP wouldn’t derail into the same arguments.

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