I love Yurus

especially Ayano

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is there no one else

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yuri is life

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hello my friend of exquisite taste
how are you today?

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Of the many loser side character lesbians she is my favorite.

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I'd her mandibles.


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Was it grape?

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cant grape the wollong

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You wouldn't grape slap a landwhale

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Let's be honest, Yuru Yuri is not a very good show.

let's be honest, blatant bait is not very good

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I'd like to see more interaction between brat and Ayano.

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>Two yuruthreads died early within a week..
Should I just keep bumping them next time? Is there a point to it?

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u got to
it;s our duty

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Making threads for the sake of it is generally a bad thing so probably.

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fuck it
i post for the sake of posting
i live for the sake of living

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Imagine yurus

Why imagine when you can FEEL

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It happens, the first few times I made yryr threads when i was watching it for the first time last year died before 50 posts

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Ayano doesn't seem to get talked about as much
she's always been my favorite

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ayano in street clothes
how can one girl be so /fa/

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Kyouko is sex.

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Not as quirky or lewd as the others. Also could use more screentime.

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I like Murata

It's okay she makes for it in quality screen time
Her screen time with yui is the best imo

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Tasty caramel Ayano.

I thought from the thumbnail she had a dick in each hand.

She does. By me

I complete ignored Ayano in the beginning, and thought of her as unnecessary gimmick character only to give Kyouko more screen time opportunity.
But I've realized Kyouko is trash, and Ayano is the second Nadeshiko in this show, second to Akari, but unlike Akari, she's not being a bullied kid, but pure perfection.

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Has there ever been a Namori's drawing of barefoot Ayano? So far, we've seen Yui's and Kyouko's bare feet in the manga and all the 13-year-olds' bare feet (at least in part) in this calendar picture. But as for Chitose and Ayano, their 足 seem to never get exposed.

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But user, Ayano loves Kyouko.
Or would you say a pure perfection has a taste for trash?

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She's just confused.

how does such a good opinion follow up with such a bad one?

Aren't they too flat?

and that's a good thing

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Hanako-chan CYOA:
you are out on a stroll when you encounter a wild hanako on her way back from the store with a carton of milk in her hands, she notices you and says,
>"have you seen a dumb looking girl with light brown hair running around? she ran off before she had to pay for my replacement milk!"

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They don't need my love, Yurus can love each other.

MoeSHITTER garbage.NEXT.


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Is it Ayano day?

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High impact political yuru energy

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Student gubberments
They belong to the student body if you know what I mean

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Kyoko is wife

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Explain further

What more is there to say?

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Nadeshiko what are you doing she's only 14

For me it's Sakurako

Fine too.

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She's too baka to know about the things you want to do to her.

And that's what makes her the best yryr

It's a fantasy. Probably from the girl who is always fantasizing about her friends fucking each other.

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Ayano is infatuated with Kyoko.
Eventually these two will realize they were made for each other.

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