Schrödinger's cat

>Schrödinger's cat

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I don't get why you guys have such a huge problem with anime referencing Schrödinger's car. It's fun and interesting.

It's a ridiculously long infodump that culminates in "WE DUNNO LOL could be dead could be alive LMAO"

>Laplace's demon

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was there ever anime that showed how this Schrödinger looks like

I have 2,876 recorded episodes as viewed plus there are a handful more that I did not chart and I still have never seen Schrodinger's cat mentioned in a single anime. I think you're all making this meme up.

>Schwarzschild radius

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because it's meant to be a criticism of quantum mechanics of the time and how impossible the popular theory actually was, but they just simplify it to "lmao cat is alive and dead!!!".

Didnt they mention it in that Bunny girl anime?

>Faraday constant

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Chemistry is chuuni now?

why does yuuta not react at all when she says his first name with no honorific in the nurse's office? it's literally the first time he's ever met her

Is it dead or alive?

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Not anime, but

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>Dirac Equation

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>Van Allen belt

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>loops your anime

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Something along the lines of
>this bitch rude, no cap

Rikka had been stalking yuuta for a long time

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>Wave–particle duality

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>Coolidge effect

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Rikka needs rape correction, She cant be a Chuuni forever

>devil's proof

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I watched this only recently and liked it, but it was weird when he was beating her to the point of crying within 5 minutes

Well they gotta find a way to fit those fan-service fetishes in somehow.

>Maxwell's Demon

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>Heisenberg cut

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>Twin paradox

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> Euler's equation

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>Schrödinger's cat

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because most references to the damn cat are by people who completely missed the point

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>Lovecraft's Cat

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>Columbus' egg

all those terms do sound very chuuni, must be the German

Did she have tits that big in the anime?

>Mjölnir Hammer

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>Electric flux

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>Lorentz Force

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it's the Coolidge Effect

>rules of nature

>Laplace's Demon

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>Kerr black holes
>Higgs boson

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This manga is absolutely retarded. Both and in the general sense and for throwing away some of the more hype historic figures just for the sake of establishing "le bad guys strong". And right after that le bad guys die, what was even the point?

There was no point. It's shit.

>Tachyonic particle

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>Descartes' Demon

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>Poisson's Equation

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Rikka ass

I thought we were just shouting random words that sound cool

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>Vaccum Permiability

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What anime is this?
Any other anime with cute chuunis? The only anime Ive only watched with chuunis are gab dropout and konosuba and though satania won a place in my heart for being cute

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