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The last Friday of April is a fine day for a mom thread, isn't it? Who are your favorites?

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Mother's Day soon, too

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Ah, I guess not today.

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Apparently. The Mother's Day thread will probably be better.

Mamako in "battle ready" bra and panties.

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No ANM this month ?

Apparently not. I assume we will have a chapter next month since Pochi has been overworking herself again.

Glad that she is finally animated and for some reason the anime makes her looking more like a Mom when she is in her casual clothes at home[/spoiler[

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It's pretty great, isn't it? I hope that she's not just thrown away when the anime is finished like most FotM girls.

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ooooooooooo aifure sucks

Underrated mama

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The manga is doing good at least, hopefully it would eventually end with a Biological child on the way

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Wat would happen if Mamako meets Yor ?

You know the best part about her ?, She is really close to you now

Could Loid even survive?
I'm glad both Spy x Family and Skeleton Knight are doing well. I've been enjoying them a lot.
They'd probably get excited while talking about how cute their children are. Mamako would also teach Yor some tips on being a mom, too.

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She also had her birthday just now

I hope she gets better soon. She's 34 or so years old at this point.
Anyways, let's return our focus to anime and manga.

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The twist is that this woman is infertile

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love the white one

MILFs and beaches, name a better combo

MILF and me in the bedroom


Of course. MILF breasts make great pillows.

>MILF breasts make great pillows.

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Night for now, anons.

Thank you for the reminder, I need to prepare flowers and dinner.

Talking about anime mothers my pick is Miyuki Aizawa, maried magical girlfriend who actually helped her daughter deal with becomming the supernatural horror as it happens with girls in her bloodline. Pictured - Miyuki and her auxilary body Michiro taking care of their grand daughter.

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MILF in bath. Trust me, it's so goddamn erotic.

My nigga.
Are you talking about public baths or private bathrooms though?

My experiences have all been private.

Lucky bastard, I've only had one friend walking in on my mum once while she was in the bathroom

Hag Alice Love!

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When is season 2?

On what?

I have intimate relations with my gf's mom. It's ero, but also wholesome.



>Mamako teaches Yor how to cook

I wonder what would Anya sees if she tries to read Mamako's mind

On your mom and your friend.

I can't wait for Haru and Ryou novel, hopefully we get some good concept arts from that novel

>start reading the LN about the Incest writing author who writes under her sons name
>all the scenes with the mother are great
>the scenes with all the other hentai LN authors are mediocre and seem to make up the majority of the books


There's only so many times you can joke about an author who uses the pen name "doggy style whilst standing"

The Pink haired one ?


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How are the Mom antics in this LN ?

Chapter 6

The mum's great. Whereas Mamako basically saw almost everything involving mother and child as wholesome and non-sexual, in this series it's the opposite. She sees innuendo in everything and it constantly making sexually charged comments to her son (she doesn't actively come onto him but it's also hinted she wouldn't say no if asked).

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Very interesting, can you elaborate more on it perhaps?


why do you keep making these threads?

he doesn't fuck his mom, so nobody cares about this shit anymore

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Has she consummated with her son yet?