How do i get shikimori gf

How do i get shikimori gf

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possess desirable traits

Women like that don't want a guy that is thirsty for them, like you

Be an extremely effeminate man.

Be cursed by god

I'd watch this show if the girl was actually a trap.

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You can't : Women hate weak males

there are containment boards for such faggotry

Yeah, Yea Forums

Be a cute transman of course.

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Be good looking.
Basically there exist 2 traits to get pussy, be good looking or having money, if you have both you can basically swim in pussy.

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It would make it more interesting at least. As it is now the show is a snoozefest.

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damn so this is way people think that anime turns people into trannies, how low has Yea Forums fallen?

>im gay so everyone here is also gay

Come out of the closet, dear. It's much more fun out here.
Haven't we always been at rock bottom?

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>tfw this will never be you

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You will only get used, you won't get a GF.


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Those girls irl do not exist
And if there are any they are already kidnapped amd raped by globohomo elites

>Be extremely unlucky to the point it is comical
>Be good looking
>Possess a MILF mom that could turn even the straightest woman gay
>Be attracted and in love with Shikimori
>Call Shikimori cute every five minutes aloud
Any questions?

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Izumi is literally me but im not gay

How do I get an Izumi bf?

I don't know who is worse, people complaining about this not catching on as the FOTM or people desperately spamming threads to pretend otherwise.

M-me...please be my Shikimori...

Why can't she be real?

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She's real, you are just not cute enough to be found by her.

I am cute but have no Shikimori gf. Wat do?

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3 episodes and NOTHING develop ,
she just save protag from injures and they both lovely dovely , even tho the guy is total beta witch seams totaly unrealistic with contrast to her character

can't trust pink-haired bitches
learn this lesson before it's too late

dunno man throw your sister down the stairs
and i still cant believe Sunny and Aubrey's Heart Throbbing Love Life got an anime adaptation

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people just hate this show because of mc?

I love it for Shikimori and think MC is completely fine

Be attractive.

Does that mean Inuzuka is Kel and Neko is Hero?

i suppose

I see way more complaints that the show is boring, and I agree. Shikimori carries it.

I have no idea why it ever got an anime
It is a kind of a "nothing happens really" manga but that is fine for a manga

yeah I want to dislocate his jaw and break his chopstick hands

Girls love cute masc enbies.

within cells

Like this
Had this image for years and now I know where it's from

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Where is Mari then?


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maybe that'll fix his timid shitty personality

So apparently he asked her out. My issue with this anime isn't what's happening now, but the fact that nothing has been revealed about anything leading up to how this relationship even happened.
Suspension of belief can only work if I can be convinced it's OK to do so beforehand