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I swear if it's by Queen Bee

didnt know the hentai is coming, fuck yes


demand your money back if it is

God-tier taste, user.
The doujins are truly great.

The daddy issues blonde is the best, sad fakku stole this franchise/artist from us.

What is this tanned QT going to do with the camera?

>ugly bastard
die in a fire

I'm glad I found a place to replace hentainexus and tsumino

Hey, the old man is not THAT ugly!

wait, do we have a new one now or just nyaa?

Yeah that's cool but when is Alola 3 getting colored?

Fucking July and August fuck that's a long wait


>Girls are the only ones that remember Oji-san's birthday
I love this series.

His daughter leaves him a gift, so she remembered.
His wife sucks, though.

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it doesn't have everything, it's just a chunk of stuff

>Bob brother got a l,ive action JAV

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>NTR gets "good" animation
>Most vanilla ones are just made in slide show tier

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it's not NTR, well, not female NTR at least.

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chaika has everything up for grabs as usual

I want the artist making more Pokemilfs porn

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hot, raw baby making sex with a tanned tomboy

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his recent work with the cheating wife getting ghosted by the playboy was nice

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There other one doujin got a JAV version too
Just no black guys

dex-chan is pretty cute too

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>tfw still no good taimanin Asagi H-anime adptation

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I hope the principal getting a scene too

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>Can't handle his daughter calling him daddy afterwards.
My favorite part


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>Tanned Chad, NEET, Rich oldmen, Deliquent and old crazy oldman
Still lacking the shota and the black guy

>That smile

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>haven't checked baal's twitter in a while
>see this

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>slutty tanned tomboy hentai

But Mesugaki h-anime WHEN?

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Sae was past year tanned tomboy

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Are deep Valley works really popular?

I thought I needed more visual stimulation to fap and feel good than just single character drawings, but this artist decisively proved me wrong

there's telegram but the last time i recommended that to people here they disliked that


What was that from? I'm in the mood for some tanned tomboys.

yeah, but the bitch is fucking ugly

Can anyone recommend me non gay hentai with rugged buff men?

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>never under stood the fat bastard fetish
>got to 320 pounds at 6 foot 2 then back to 292 pounds

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>Still no Japshad h-anime of his works
Even Shindol got one

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>I'm putting together a team
those will be their antagonists


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Wouldn't it be exciting if the H industry had character voting polls, TOC rankings, axes, stream rankings, oricon rankings, etc.

World most dangerous group

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Just give a MSGK

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No, it looks to be a Bunny Walker production with T-Rex as the studio.

Most works of these studios are NTR

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nigger i'm 200 pounds at 6'2" and i already have a slight belly
you're a fat fuck, no if or buts

kino imcoming

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At least Bob-san will be animated because theres no big thicc gyaru.

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The hell is wrong with the second guy from the left? These neck muscles and thighs look really fucking weird.

No one can hate Bob-san. As far as NTR antagonists go, he's pretty cool and her bf deserved it. It's not like he was a caring loving bf that provided for her. He was a sack of shit.


Take that back. Oji-san is neither ugly nor a bastard.