He lost

He lost.

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If only he wore a mask...

>why don't people turn in immortal beings like us they're so retarded

Also onis
>aieeeee sunlight is comiiingggg gotta ruuunnnn

This is something women and fags will never understand. He won because his ideals lived on past his death, he was immortalized in his techniques and lessons which were passed down and improved upon. The example of his noble sacrifice inspired Tanjiro to eventually defeat Akaza and Muzan

>didn't take the vax
he won

Sure but "set your heart ablaze" is kinda cringe to say and inherit.

>H-He won morally!
Still lost the battle. COPE.

>H-he won because

He is a winner in my heart.

if only the MC wasnt a bitch and would have chased after his killer instead of crying about it

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Good thing he didn't say that and said "KOKORO WO MOYASE" instead

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>Chase him into the trees
>Die instantly

Roastie hands made these posts

but who won?

Demon exterminator sword is a good series and I'm tired of pretending it's not

>Akaza's goal: turning Rengoku into a demon and killing everyone on the scene
>Rengoku's goal: saving everyone in the train
He won.

Muzan is a literal manbaby at the end and even the clean up ninja jannies dabbed on him.

Could Muzan survive hiroshima and nagasaki?

Depends on how close the explosions are to the power of the sun.

COPE. Rengokuchads shall inherit the earth.

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>Died a virgin
>Only pillar to not get reincarnated or have descendants in the epilogue
>Achieved nothing
>Akaza just played with him the entire time
>Biggest feat was holding a manlet in place for a few seconds, something any male pillar could have done
>Responsible for the first upper moon death in 100 years
>3 ridiculously hot wives
>Literal gigachad that canonically makes beta males seethe simply by existing
>Confirmed to have been able to solo Gyuutaro even with only 1 arm if it wasn't for the poison

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Muzan literally won though


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This. There are those who live on after death, and there are those live as though they were dead. Rengoku was the former, Akaza the latter.

>quick my wives, pretend you're whores and let dozens of men penetrate you so we can gather intel

Good job exposing yourself Jimbo

>Enter the true chad

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kyojuro = poland
akaza = germany

Did he really?
I mean, if Muzan knew about this fight, he'd have moved heaven and earth to kill Tanjirou instead.

Him and kinemi were based as fuck. Secondaries have no idea yet.

Peak STRfag and DEXfag

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>cry like a bitch about morals because thatll stop him
>hes clearly running away cause hes weak

he made a promise to Rengoku not to die.

He did what he needed to do, but he still lost

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Was the manga rushed to end?
Snake guy's backstory was interesting but who cared at that point, literally a few chapters away from ending?


>shinobu's master plan literally involves jobbing and dying

It's all she could do since she's a weak woman

Saying he won is ignoring his sacrifice and his death.

I think we can all agree on who the most useless pillar is

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Isn't the sun basically fusion/fission at huge scales? depending how close muzan is he should be dust.

A nuke would kill Muzan but nothing less than that would do it. The explosion from Ubuyashiki blowing himself up was pretty massive and it barely did anything to him

"Newborn babies are weaker than anyone else. They need someone else to aid them to be able to live. You're the same Akaza. You may not remember, but when you were a baby someone aided and protected you. That's why you're alive now.
The strong should aid and protect the weak. Then, the weak will become strong and they, in turn, will aid and protect those weaker than them. That is the law of nature."

I don't recall ever being a baby, you're full of shit

Thats not Shitnobu

She was still a key factor in the 2nd strongest UMs death. All Love did was run away from UM4 and do literally nothing against Muzan

No no no, you're supposed to call that user Giyuu and say he's both ugly and gay, try again.

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Didn’t a woman write this tripe?

It's good, so yes, it's a female mangaka

Giyuu is still my favorite, he's literally me, I too get bullied by women and hate myself

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I can never watch an anime with lower quality sword sheathing than demon slayer

This, But I'm not surprised Yea Forums is a low test board

I wanna see them animated already

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>G-Godjima.. Sanemi.. someone help me please

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>rengoku was enough to give akaza a boner
imagine him meeting godjima. even koku got so turned on.

>spends an entire night pummeling a demon so hard the regen can't keep up, until morning comes and the sun finishes it off
Yeah, I think he's s god

Realistically, Akaza must have eaten 100s of dicks. Think about that

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thank you for your input jerry

Who are you referring to?

>literally all he eats is pussy

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He's confirmed bi, so in other words a faggot

nta but Godjima