Why can't a snek devil just count her onigiri in peace?

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I can't believe this


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Not enough snekromancy

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This the thred?

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A new snek thread already?

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It's been years

It sure feels like it.

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Pino is maximum. That is all.

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Jashin-chan Dropkick X, Mini Anime.
Ecu: So this is the famous clock tower~!
Atr: It makes us feel we are certainly in Sapporo.
Mik: It's a symbol of Sapporo that has been ticking for over 140 years!
Ecu: 140 years~? Hehe, it's nothing compared to the time I lived~.
Atr: Yes, we've had a long time.
Ecu: Besides that, Atre, it's...smaller than we expected,isn't it...?
Atr: No, that's because princess-sama has grown up.
Ecu: Uhehehe, is that so~? I thought as much~!
Ecu: I will eventually be bigger and dignified...
Atr: I hope for your growth, princess-sama.
Ecu: Uhehehe, I'm going to get bigger...Uhehehehe...
Mik: A-Are you going to grow up so big?
Mt. Moiwa
National designated natural monument. A mountain covered with algae rock virgin forest.
From the observatory, you can get a full view the cityscape of Sapporo and Ishikari Bay.
Sapporo White Illumination
White snow shining brightly in winter in Sapporo and colorful fantastic illuminations.
Sapporo clock tower
A historic building that keeps watching the development of Sapporo,
with the sound of a bell ringing every hour telling the city.
Ja: Jashin-chan Dropkick X, the broadcast starts in July 2022.
This time Hatsune Miku-chan will also appear in the main story.
Please look forward to it, desuno.

why does she do drugs?

>page 9

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touch the cow

Thank you!

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Drugs are fun.

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>Ecute's fantasies
I see she's been browsing fanart herself.

Thanks user!

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It's time for the nightly cloaca inspection

The cloaca cannot be found. That's why Yurine is always so salty.

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Best angel. Poporon is shit.

Fuck Per-chan!

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>Why can't a snek devil just count her onigiri in peace?
That's how snek falls asleep.

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Lord Lierre is so cute...

very noce

why tf you fags let Mei thread die

fuck you, I claim this thread for cop schizo


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what a bitch

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>why tf you fags let Mei thread die
I didn't even know it existed. I do like Mei though.

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I need to sniff Mei's pantsu

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good night

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So are these shorts part of the tourism thing they announced a while back? I assumed they were going to be full episodes like the Chitose one.

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These mini animes are different from the four cities episodes producing by tax donations.

I wonder if Yukiwo doesn't draw traps anymore

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She's cheating and propping her boobs up with her arm. Per-mama, Atre, and Minos don't have to do that.

>She's cheating and propping her boobs up with her arm.
No that's a defensive position. She it trying to make herself look bigger to scare off a flat chested predator named Lierre

Perfectly legal drugs.

She does them because of extreme anxiety based on a mistaken idea, and personality disorders.

I don't know. She acts like a paranoid coke head sometimes. It's hard to tell if the drugs are causing the paranoia or if she is using them to cope. Furthermore, all big titty strippers love coke and she reminds me of one.

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I think I'm gonna jerk it off to Pino again

Pino has so little decent art. She has more than the rest of the cast, but its still slim.

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Any other official snek cultist here?

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The show's been over for years.
Let it go, schizos.

You're fooling nobody.

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