Daily Gunslinger Girl Chapter

Vendetta (5)

Chapter 62

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I love the sound effects

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Oh god, not the red shirts!

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n-not Henreitta...

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Wait I'm confused, what happened on the bottom right three panels?


Damn she didn't make it

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Gosh, little girls are so fucking stupid

Henrietta shot someone out of a window while the other 2 were climbing up the wall then got hit by ptsd.

Thank you, the panel with the shoes was confusing me


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Twintail magic.

Better than Batman

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She was too cute.

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Petra wants to have a word with you

>I fight to LIVE
Here it comes...

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Ole ole ole

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Holy shit. She even left an afterimage.

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Dead eyes. She's like, I'm not impressed. She rocks.

And that’s it for today
Absolutely insane pure action volume full of cliffhangers. Sweet

This whole operation rests on good coordination and team work; are you better at working alone, or are you better working in teams?
This is starting to sound like a job interview
I’m good at working in teams, but still prefer working alone

Thank you for reading
Previous thread:

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These girls are cool as fuck.
I'm usually better on my own, but maybe I've just had bad luck with shit teammates.
Thanks OP

Thanks, OP.
I don't work well with others so I try to do everything by myself

Dumbeatrice, how did you not notice the giant missile
>are you better at working alone, or are you better working in teams?
Generally I prefer working alone. It's easier
>This is starting to sound like a job interview
Is it not? I've been expecting wages for a while now

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OP is actually a recruiter for section2

Thanks once again for the dump
>are you better at working alone, or are you better working in teams?
I feel I'm better working on my own, but it is more fun when with others

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Thanks for the dump. Happy Friday.
I work better on my own. I find that teamwork slows me down.

His next questions will be "are you a little girl?" and "how many limbs are you missing?"

Beace is so fucking COOL.
>are you better at working alone, or are you better working in teams?
I like working alone and helping others work, I don't like giving orders

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Hillshire at least is doing something

Thanks OP, I like to work alone, but if the team can pull their weight and not expect me to do everything, that works too


My Triel's so fucking cool holy shit

I don't understand, why didn't the undines prevent this?

God I wish

Undines are all dead at this point, Dante doesn't fuck around.

Gun wiz list
MP5A4 held by Hilshire
H&K HK69A1 grenade launcher

M1897 trench shotgun

Beretta SCP-70/90. Used by most Padania in the fight

Benelli M4


Beneli M1 entry shotgun on the back of a GIS operative

FN P90 used by Henrietta

FN Five-Seven in the hands of Jose

Micro uzi used by Beatrice
M72 LAW (Light anti-tank weapon). One shot disposable unguided launcher for infantry. US origin and used by the militaries of many Western aligned nations

Triela puts her M1917 bayonet to work
Padania has a meager dagger

Triela's kick

Hilshire's MP5A4 turns into an MP5SD. An internally suppressed version of the MP5.

Thanks OP!
My answer depends on what job you're interviewing me for.

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Why isn't it all underwater? I thought that was central to the plan

You're working overtime for this arc. Thanks gun wiz.

no one is that powerful

I'm pretty sure he'll at least be able to nail that stupid fucking mascot if nothing else.

As long as you don't give a shit about what's being made, delegating work is super easy and I know the managers are bullshitting me when they say their job is harder