What's the first anime you watch?

What's the first anime you watch?

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Why does psychedelic Konata have a nigger hand? I'd watch Bible Black.

Ghost slide

It's an offshoot of the "your going to brazil" meme.


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Unknowingly? The Wonderful Adventures of Nils.
Knowingly? Excel Saga.

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Girls Bravo, but really it was Pokémon.

Bleach. Good times.

I think my brother showed me Chobits when I was 8 or 9. We also watched a bit of Clannad when I was 10-11. I do not remember much from them.

Yeah most likely this for me too

either the adventures of hutch the honeybee or astroboy i dont remeber which one i saw first


Am I getting sent to the start of 2009 or the end of April?

First ever? Either Mitsubachi Māya no bōken) or Arupusu no shōjo Haiji before I knew what anime was. After that Neon Genesis Evangelion.

And a ching Chong nip nong to you too young lady

Probably Pokémon or Shaman King
First one I watched in full was Soul Eater

Pokémon, sailor moon and one of the gundams.

DBZ probably.

Shit, it could've been Maya for me too instead of Nils. I'll never know.

all the usual things people called cartoons then. it was moomins probably now that I think about it. ranma was probably the first that wasn't just a "cartoon" but the concept of japanese animation was still a completely foreign concept to my 10 year old brain then so it might as well have been.

probably maya the honey bee
first anime i watched knowing it was anime was plastic neesan

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Last Exile. Still one of my favs

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one of those

First anime I've watched was Inuyasha, first anime I searched on my own was something from To Heart I think.

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Should I watch To Heart

probably mew mew power

Seto no Hanayome. Still love it

Anime adaptations for To Heart 1 and 2 are definitely worth watching for sure.

Remember My Memories is an anime-only scenario so that's up to you if you care for alternate storylines or not.

Other than Pokemon or Naruto? Mayo Chiki.

Maria Holic.


Moomins or Ginga Nagareboshi Gin most likely

Bros.... Why aren't we allowed to go back?

Inuyasha, it gave me an irreparable miko fetish

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Probably Cory in the House.

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A chinese dub of Doraemon on VHS


Prison School, objectively best way to start watching anime

I rented Fist of the North Star from the video shop when I was like 7. I just thought it was a cartoon, they used to let me borrow whatever I wanted because my parents said it was fine.

2009 anime? Maria Holic

>entire thread is ESLs who don't understand tenses

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I would catch the end of Clannad AS. Or if that's already over I'd get on the Haruhi s2 hype train

Actually, I just ignored the reddit image and assumed OP was the ESL.

Lucky Star, and of course I didn't get most of the references.

Probably Pokemon or Sonic X? I think a family friend showed me a bit of Dragonball Z. The first anime I knowingly watched was Ponyo on a middle school movie night

kill la kill

Geass of course.

I know the first anime I watched subbed was One Piece back when kaizoku fansubs was releasing it. Before that, probably the usual stuff everyone saw on Toonami.

I didn't miss a single episode.

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I answered this on another thread a few years ago and I can't be bothered to write again, so I'll literally copy-paste it from there as is.

When it comes to stuff like that I have a good memory, so lets go.
My earliest memories are from DBZ. I was like 5. A funny anecdote is that me and the other kids in kindergarten used to play around being the Z fighters. Regular stuff. The funny part is that we were all scared of trying to 'become' super saiyans, because we all collectively thought that the force and screaming would inevitably end making us shit our pants during transformation, which is oddly logical for 5 year olds I guess?

However, I have suspicions that my actual first interaction with anime was Saint Seiya. The reason for that is because when I was like 8, I was talking with my cousins about how stupid some of the Silver Knights were. Then I said something about the Crow Silver Knight being the most stupid and pathetic. Nothing weird there. The weird thing is that after the talk ended, I realized that even though I knew some stuff, I had never watched it. And no one until that point in my life mentioned the Crow Knight. That realization burned itself in my mind.
My guess is that I probably watched quite a bit when I was like 3 or 4 and the knowledge of it was left in my subconscious, even if I remembered nothing then and now. That's my only logical explanation for this bizarre event in my life.

Watching (or rewatching if I am correct in my theory) Saint Seiya in my late teens I confirmed that the Crow Knight was, indeed, stupid and pathetic.

Good thread. Always wanted to tell/write about this bizzare little thing in my life. Thanks user.

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Kino childhood.

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oh wow, I see it now
wonder how OP feels

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From what I can remember, either Pokemon, Hamtaro, or some Hello Kitty anime. First anime film I saw was Kiki’s Delivery Service.
First show I fully watched was Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
I don’t watch much anime anyway.

Hell Girl

quick, what was the name of the guy that will burn down Kyonai, i have to convince him to commit suddokku or something

unknowingly? like hamtaro or someshit
knowingly? soul eater

Hamtaro (not watched actively, just thought it was cute whenever it was on TV)
First anime I deliberately seeked out and watched: probably Cowboy Bebop

>man, I really liked this season of haruhi, can't wait for season 3 to come out

my first was naruto and my second was highschool DXD.

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Break Blade

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