Ilulu is sleeping

Ilulu is sleeping

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>belly button

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Just leave her be, perverts!

What happens if I wake her up?

"Tickle the dragon" -Oppenheimer

> That small section on her panties that may be interpreted as a clitoris bulge

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I work midnights. This is a pleasant thread to peek at before I sleep. Thanks anons.

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new irurus

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If dragons are born from eggs how come they have bellybuttons?

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Well, dragons aren't known for having boobs either.

Dragon Half asked the same question two decades ago. The answer w

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was this

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Their human form is an illusion created by magic, so the bellybutton is just a conjuration.

>Questions the belly button
>Doesn't question the boobs that make up 35% of her body weight

Flame sacs, the canonical answer.

Since when do women have flame sacks?

Forever, but in human women they're vestigial. Human women lost the ability to breath fire many eons ago.

yeah, havent seen a women spittin fire since like 2014

Look up yolk sac scars, user.

Me on the left.

I'd ejaculate on her sleeping body then go do something else until she wakes up.

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Cute face

wobbly mouth

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I want to watch you dump a fat, ropey nut right into that belly button and then watch it pool and wiggle around subtly as she breathes.

>Christmas hat
It's probably cold. Guess I have to snuggle

He fucked up the paizuri animation with her so badly.
Why the fuck would you ever put that retarded blurry eyes effect during the cumshot?

You're so fucked up.

Well she's about to be violently raped

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I am sleeping too, and she is my pillows

it would be extremely painful

the only downside is that your pillows would always be warm

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Just put the fan on. EZ

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She speen.

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expert roller

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How do the bobs not get in the way when she rolls?

she's an expert.

she's just that good

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Why is so full of oppai lolicons now?

She's not a loli.


You accidentally a word there

This is peak animation

Would she wake up if I rested my head on her tummy?

i'm gonna slap her tits to wake her up

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Canon oppai loli

the show calls her a kid one second and then specifically states that shes "as old as Tohru" and "ready to start a family".
Ultimate verdict: Not Loli, just short and immature.

Loli is a bodytype and the mangaka tag her as big tits loli.

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a worthy way to go

>Loli is a bodytype

Fucking hate you zoomer cunts who come in here and don't know what words actually mean and fuck up tags on everything else for the rest of us.

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I wanna pee in her mouth

Your definition is wrong mine is right

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I want her to pee in my mouth

Ilulu is precious and must be protected.

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Most ironic post I've seen in a while.

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Oppai lolis, lolibabas, ossan lolis and ossan oppai loli lolibabas all count as lolis you autistic sperg.

He is right you literal retard. That's how the Japanese and anime use the word in general. Anyone with a small body and fla chest is called regardless of the age, fuck off with your memes.
Even outside the context of anime, what you're saying still doesn't make sense, since lolita complex has more to do with appearance than age. Kill yourself.


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