Dragon Ball Super

Any other instances of the main character never getting a win against his rival?

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Goku? He won

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I'm so fucking tired. I'm EXHAUSTED. I can't take this shit no more, someone PLEASE convince Toyotaro to make Vegeta STOP JOBBING.

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Kulilin? He won.

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Gohan el caballero de Leo

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bejitabro btw

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But Gohan has no rivals and he is the main character before Super.

People are still mad about this one.

That looks exactly like me.

Kek pathetic. Goku knocked that jobber the fuck out.

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Piccolo is his uncle

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That looks exactly like me.

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Why doesn't he use the magic he used against Vegito?

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I am Trunks.

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Cause in his fight against Daimao, he said he's trying to have a challenge.

Because it was bullshit plot magic.

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>Piccolo and Bejita as the jobber saints

So he's like Goku? Trying to have fun while fighting?

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Pretty much. He's the strongest in his universe, so he craves a challenge. More like Cell, in this case.

Go ahead and post it 9,000x. We don't care.

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Why this one doesn't have the default filename like the others?

Got it. Thank you very much for the explanation!

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I just wanna post my art. That's all. I don't care about this Goku vs Vegeta thing going on. In fact, I offered last night to make the reverse if someone provided a picture reference.

The Jobgeta slayers

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Stop samefagging and spaming SHITverse, Salagir.
You don't belong here.

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Is that even Ultra Ego’s hair color? It looks more like Copy Vegeta.

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They both also spared his life.

Because I screenshotted it instead of saving the webp file. With this one I just converted it.

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You cared enough to reply.
You can use that scene where SS Goku fights Super Android 13.

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I always thought the Universe 3 Saiyan armor looked cool.


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I got the colors from this illustration from Toyo.
Oh man, that's true! Don't know why I didn't think of it. Good stuff.

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heeeheehe, Fureeza that tickles

Which goldies are left? There's Pisces, but I don't think he drew a DB character as a Pisces saint. Who would be Pisces?

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Please will someone replace him and remake DBS from the beginning, I cant tolerate this timeline if he is just allowed to continue being a stain on the Dragon Ball name.

What if.

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Reminder to ignore the samefags spaming their fanfic

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SLAVEgeta lost to his emperor.

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>Yep, that's me. You are probably how I got into this situation

Oh my fucking god, I literally said last thread I have no connections to Salagir or any mod team. I'm dumping this stuff because I think it would offer some stuff to talk about jesus christ.

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