Kunoichi Tsubaki

Who else has this as their AOTS so far?

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Armpits of the season.

it's fairly shit and boring. aots my ass.

Which kunoichi has the stinkiest feet?

Meh. Benis is definitely my favorite girl this season, but I don't care about the rest of her show that much. Except Sazanka, she's pure sex too.

Care to elaborate fag

My thoughts on the girls are that I like Mokuren, Tsubaki and Benisumomo. I would say I like Beni the most, next comes Tsubaki and then Mokuren.

There is something about her that intrigues me, perhaps her it's because of her character design or mischievous sweet tsundere personality. Not to mention her smug expressions, strongly emphasizing the strong confidence in her eyes.

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Me. My taste is better than yours btw

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>is a beautiful smug aloof "bitch"
>but is also secretly a hard working nerd
She's great.

>entertaining characters
>enteratining story
>entertaining development
>top tier OP and ED
>great character design
>good animation
So why nobody like this show?

Too many normalfags unable to appreciate loli anime in this place nowadays

moralfags gonna moralfag
>NOO you cant watch shows with cute girls thats ILLEGAL
you'll probably see some of them the longer this thread is up

why is Rindou inviting me to bed?

How's Twitter reacting to this show?

why was this allowed?

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She is sleepy.

Those people are under the impression that only pedophile liking this show because of the huge focus on young Kunoichis and their daily lives, not to mention Tsubaki's interest in men which most people also mistakenly think is the primary focus.

If those moralfags bothered to watch past EP1 or actually read the manga they would have noticed that the true reason why people like this Manga/Anime isn't because of "Hurr horny reason", but it's extremely enjoyable character cast, comfy OSTs & EDs, nicely animated fighting sequences and interesting character interactions.

I keep rewatching the episodes released so far and I'm the kind of guy who never rewatches anything.
It's funny, laid back, the background visuals are very pleasing to the eyes and it's also chock full of eye candy. It's like a prefect show, at least in regards to what I expect out of a piece of entertainment media.

The respective Kunoichi squads ending song is one of my favorite things in this Anime.

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I'm so glad the olympics are over

So far is outperforms the others. I think someone in the last thread said it best: cute girl zoo.

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Would you?

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This. Also designs are shit

Trannies seethe at the thought of people liking cute, young girls since they will never be one.

Busy circlejerking over Reddit x Family and Kaguya.

Having never used twitter, I can confidently say that they are either outraged or ignorant about it.


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>scat loli

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I want to lick that back.

I demand Mokuren sideboob

It's really mediocre, especially narratively. It's okay if you like the lolis, but don't delude yourself into thinking otherwise.

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I just want to see more of Boar Team, why do they look so serious?

Because they're trying not to look stupi

nobody asked your shit opinion

look at asagao swallowing it down

me. I want to go to the past just to be bullied by loli ninjas.

Does this cute and funny show really need 24/7 threads, you sick fucks?

Of course!

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She killed millions again

Tomorrow will be fun.


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25/7 isn’t a thing so yeah

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31 hours a day, 8 days a week

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May I please watch this?

Nope sorry, not until you've completed everything you said you would do today.

This, aharen and deaimon

for me it's Fuki

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who the fuck name main character BENIS ??? what are they thinking ?

This and Healer Girls are my AOTS

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sell me healer girl, is it similar to brat ninjas?

damn quality

Planet Kani, a dream made true, by Kusakabe Sakura.

At youe own peril.

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it's easily the second best show about healers airing this season

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Are those thick eyebrows painted on? They look painted on.

user, it's anime. everything is painted on.

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It's nothing like it sadly, youtube.com/watch?v=49UDf5sTfMU. It's practically a Disney musical in anime form about "healers", a legitimate way to heal people like medicine.


Bratty brown elf needs correction asap

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I dislike it because the OP shows the girls barefoot but in the episodes they're always wearing shoes

Not me, I haven't even finished episode 1 yet.


Based. But also cringe because your a footfriend.

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oh nonono

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Cunny of the season, COTS.

It's a traditional Japanese make-up style called hikimayu, where you shave off your eyebrows and paint those thick smudge ones on, often much higher than your actual brows. Looks much better in 2d than in 3d, like all things. It used to be aristocratic but these days more associated with geisha and the like, and you get it stylized on characters like Shuten Douji from Fate, etc., either to evoke an image of Heian-era aristocracy or high class courtesan sexual energy.

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It's not healthy for a little girl to crave cock this much.