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I knew this chapter wasn't going to answer any questions, but damn, the new ones it raises
It seems that Meifu relevancy could be increasing.

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So, Chapter 194 further solidifies that the God Clan is just a race of monstrous retards.
The Light Clan members were in Zaki's tent in addition to accompanying him earlier, so they must be his attendants. I wonder if they're loyal to him (God worshippers), or if they're just present to tard-wrangle Geslan's war elephant.

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make me think if this guy is blind, anway the next challenge to Bojji, probably the knight have more speed than him

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my guess is that Bojji will lose this battle and Kage will be kidnapped (they will probably try to use him as a portal or take to Geslan for another use)

Why is the gorilla in it?

At least he'll have gotten one really cool panel before losing.
I definitely think the following events would be more interesting if Bojji couldn't get Kage back, and Kage got taken to Geslan. Bojji would then be stuck with Oyab, who he can't really rely on to help him rescue Kage.

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When Zaki realizes that his instant death magic doesn't work on the clown, he starts sweating and has that one-panel thought about Satun. There's no hint at what the connection is.
Maybe Satun was a whistleblower about the Rankingfags being dangerous? Maybe Zaki wonders if the clown is immortal, like Satun was seeking to be?

>racist clown posting

Oyab will lie to Bojji with a promise to rescue Kage and will guide him to another kingdom or location, I wonder where Poise would fit into this arc

Hope we will see the face in a classical final-attack-splitting-helmet-in-two scene

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The fact that this knight has remained throughly helmeted for all this time makes me wonder if his identity is going to be a significant reveal. I don't think he'll be anyone we already know, but he could be revealed to be related to someone in the main cast.

Probably related to immortality. The only way to survive that attack is, imo, being immortal. It doesn't seem to be a curse, it's an instant death attack I think so not even Bojji should survive it.

That of course would imply two huge things. Maybe even three. First it would mean the fucking Clown is immortal. Which would explain a question I am asking since the start: why is some smaller sized guy like him walking around alone without weapons in an as we know pretty dangerous world? And who was the Judge before him and since when does he do it and who will do it when he dies since he seems to be completely alone? All of this would be explained if he was just some immortal dude ranking kings forever.

Secondly, it implies that the other gods know about Satun's attempts to gain immortality. So far I always believed the opposite.
Maybe it even implies that Zaki also associates the Clown with Satun because both seem to be antagonistic towards him (or even the rest of the gods?). I wonder if Zaki knows about the ranking and if he would believe that the ranking judge and Satun would work together to maybe get rid of a common enemy. This is of course very vague speculation. But the timing makes me really wonder if it's about immortality.

>The only way to survive that attack is, imo, being immortal.
Unless it's curse-based magic that doesn't affect anyone who is already "cursed", like Bojji and Kage not being affected by the cursed gas in the Underworld pit. Ouken was also considered "cursed" when he was immortal. Maybe God magic IS ALL curses. The demons (majinn) are also referred to as Gods, and the effects of their magic are curses.
I'm very curious to know if Desha has "cursed" status now, and if Ouken still has it.

Good point.
There aren't many dudes we have seen already that we don't know the whereabouts yet and Gerslan is out of the question.
I can only assume that it is the similarity that would betray him and tell us who he might be. Like when I saw Kingbo I already suspected him to be related to the mad king due to the similarity. Could be another member of his family, or someone with a pointy nose or some shit that would tell us he might be related to Hilling.

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>someone with a pointy nose or some shit that would tell us he might be related to Hilling
This is my best guess at the moment. The fact that Hilling brought up her "teacher" at the end of the Bosse arc felt like a hint that Hilling's past/family will come into play later. There seem to be enough hints that both Hilling and this knight have some connection to the Light Clan, and maybe it's a shared connection.
I feel like I'm sitting with a ton of jigsaw puzzle pieces in front of me that may or may not actually belong to the same puzzle.

>Maybe God magic IS ALL curses
I am not sure. Desha's magic is essentially god magic and Satun might have the same or a similar one but I don't think lightnings are related to curses and I bet there are gods that can cast fire and other things. I think it's genuine magic, though we don't have a very clear definition of what curses even are in this world so it's hard to tell what's magic and what's curse.

Think so too. Pretty hyped if that should happen, but I think it will. Otherwise I see no point in that confrontation right now. It will eventually lead to Gerslan but first they need Kage and need to bring him to his castle and Bojji will then follow.
I just wonder how the fight will end. It's either that Bojji is immune to the magic as well or no idea. Maybe the god will be too busy with the clown.

I didn't really consider Desha. Elemental powers like lightning don't target the intangible parts of a person, like snuffing out someone's life-force or stripping someone of their inherent ability to gain strength. So, Gods (and Houma) seem to have access to non-curse-type magic as well. I'm sure that Hilling's holy spells aren't curse-related either.

What does Tsubukade mean?

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I think it's a character scramble.
>ツブカデ デカブツ ("deka butsu", big thing)
He is a big dude with a big sword.

Can the post-anime chapters be found translated anywhere?

Here's my whole list, in case anyone can help fill in the gaps:

>ボッジ --> ひとりぼっち ("hitoribotchi", lonely)
>カゲ --> 影 ("kage", shadow)
>ボッス --> BOSS
>シーナ --> 優しいな ("yasashiina", gentle)
>ヒリング --> HEALING
>ダイダ --> ダイダラボッチ ("daidarabotchi", a giant youkai)
>origin confirmed by the author
>ミランジョ -->
>鏡(ミラー)の魔女 ( "mira no majo", witch of the mirror)
>鏡(ミラー)の女子 ("mira no joshi", girl in the mirror)
>ドーマス --> ソードマスター (sword master)
>ホクロ --> ほくろ (beauty mark; mole)
>ベビン --> ヘビ (snake)
>ミツマタ --> 三つ叉 ("mittsu mata", three-pronged)
>アピス --> スピア (spear)
>ドルーシ --> シールド (shield)
アン --> Un? (French for "1"?)
>ソリー --> 総理 ("souri", prime minister)
>サンデオ --> おじさん ("ojisan", old man)
>origin confirmed by the author

>デスハー --> ハーデス ("hadesu", Hades)
>デスパー --> ハーデス+一般的 ("hadesu" + "ippanteki", Hades + common/unremarkable/etc.)
>オウケン -->
>王 + 剣 ("ou", king + "ken", sword)
>王の剣 ("ou no ken", sword of the king)
>王の権威の具現 ("ou no ken'i no gugen", embodiment of the king's authority)
>サトゥン --> SATURN or SATAN
>ツブカデ --> デカブツ ("deka butsu", big thing)

>ポイーズ --> POISON
>ボー --> 没 ("botsu", fallen)
>キングボ --> KING + 没 ("botsu", fallen)
>ゲスラン --> ?

>チャビ --> ?
>ホウマ-->魔法 ("mahou", magic)
>ギャクザ --> 逆 ("gyaku", reverse)
>ゾック --> 賊 ("zoku", theif)
>ブラック --> BLACK
>レッド --> RED
>ギガン --> ギガンテス ("gigantesu", gigantes)
>ヨワン --> 弱い ("yowai", weak)

>big thing
Probably a very huge dick

Mangadex. It starts with 156.

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Thank you very much, friend.
>>デスパー --> ハーデス+一般的 ("hadesu" + "ippanteki", Hades + common/unremarkable/etc.)
That one's pretty funny

I have a theory that’s a little crazy but what if in the past, Zaki tried to kill baby Ouken but failed? That’s why when he sees the clown he think of Satun because he was reminded of Satun’s experiments

In case that some might not know the RAW webcomic place yet

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Seems like a crazy theory. Ouken wasn't funtionally immortal until he turned 25, and if Zaki tried to kill him, he should have been thinking about Ouken, rather than Satun.

It's a bit far-fetched but it would be an explanation. But we still don't know if his immortality was fully effective as a kid. Satun called his body immortal before he was 25 and he instantly knew he was immortal when he was born but maybe it was just the potential of immortality not sure. Like calling a boy a man even though he didn't develop into one yet.
I wonder if shota Ouken could have died as easily as everybody else. In that case Satun should have cared about him to some degree. Those endless experiments didn't look like something he could easily repeat in case that his son died.
>he should have been thinking about Ouken, rather than Satun
True that makes sense and you are right. I can only assume that Zaki and Satun have a history together. Whatever that might be. Probably old enemies.

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Someone joked that the clown is a bastard Meifu kid kinda like Adamas from record of ragnarok

Kek never heard about this
I mean the hair is pretty similar indeed. But maybe the manga just likes curly dark hair.
Though we never saw his face either so far.

if the opposite happens, they will consider Bojji a new enemy to Geslan kingdom, you know, the adults in this series don't forgive an opponent even if it's a child

I think Satun saw the potential for immortality within Ouken (similar to how Despa can see potential in people using his power) or could see the immature form of immortalty whatever that may be. At that point, he may have already understood that he had to wait for the power to develop.
Before turning 25, Ouken was capable of being wounded (and after 25 Ouken doesn't even bleed), so I do believe he would have died just as easily as a normal person before then.

The clown has brown hair and lots of characters have curls (Satun doesn't), but I suppose its not impossible for him to be a bastard of Satun.

If Oyab stays at Bojji side for that long, he would have affection? Knowing Toka likes to make dramas about affection and trust, at the same time in his recent interview he mentioned that he would be putting limits on bad guys, maybe Oyab have a bad ending

>he would have affection?
I'm not expecting that. Oyab kills people with a smile on his face so it's hard to imagine him turning good out of fondness for one cute-yet-stupid deaf child. Unless Oyab was raped by Gyakuzans in the past, of course.

>in his recent interview he mentioned that he would be putting limits on bad guys
In what sense did he mean this? A limit to forgiveness or a limit to how evil they can get?

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limit to forgiveness I think, he mentioned that he would like to make a happy ending for everyone but he couldn't give that to the bad guys (like Geslan)

God I hope he better doesn't make the characters I like suffer even more.
Bet Toka will turn into a psychopath by the end of the manga, part 2 is already less forgiving than part 1.

the clown has no fear

>lots of characters have curls
Wish more series did this. I miss curly hair.

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I think Apeas is appease.

"to make concessions to (someone, such as an aggressor or a critic) often at the sacrifice of principles"

I'm all but completely certain it's "Spear". He's the Spear of the King, and his naming convention is consistent with Dorshe's.
Appease doesn't even apply to Apeas that well, because he can't sacrifice his principles even for Miranjo.

Next chapter gods will win for real

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I like this guy.

He literally calls the god a baka, fucking kek
>Nandattenda ano baka kami-!

Next chapter, Zaki is going to find out that he can't snuff Bojji's candle either and have a complete meltdown.

The knight does, yes. The knight (and Geslan, by proxy) have got to just be using Zaki, aware that he's a retarded beast. I love it.

Why are the gods so dumb bros

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>when you are a deluded LARPer trying to kill your classmate with your imagined chuuni power

He is sacrificing his principles by doing what Miranjo wants even though he knows it's wrong. He wouldn't bring Bosse kingdom to ruin or try to kill Hiling. He's only going along with it because that's what Miranjo wants.

He defies Miranjo to stop her from killing Hilling and Dorshe (she even tells him that he betrayed her by doing so), and a while later he stands on Bojji's side instead of Bosse and Miranjo's side. He never actively does or says anything that supports Miranjo's evil acts; he wants her to be happy, but he can't bring himself to fight the battle she's picked.

He breaks away from her for a moment to save Hiling and call out to Dorshe but then turns his back on them and walks away shortly after. Him leaving the fight to just Dorshe obviously goes against his principles. You can see how painful it is to him. He wants to help them but can't completely pull away from her at that point. He concedes to her will instead and leaves. He does choose to side with Bojji at the end but that doesn't mean he didn't go against his own wishes at points throughout the story.

Despite only making up 1% of the population gods are responsible for 50% of all crimes

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thanks anons

What's his problem?

He's a g*d

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It's biological.

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This art has improved incredibly since the first chapter.

Agree I thought it was a fanart from the thumbnail

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It amazes me how good he is now.