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Yeah, I agree.

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post chests


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You have my attention

liking lolis does not automatically make you pedo


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>f you want to jack off to lolis go to /h/
That's like telling someone to go to the library to find porn. They don't allow that shit there.

I've been saying for years that lolicons are similar to furries in that regard.


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Furries are more respectable than lolicons simply because most of them are actually into that sick shit and aren't in it just for the memes. They also keep to themselves and don't push their choice of porn in everyone faces.

>They also keep to themselves and don't push their choice of porn in everyone faces.
Yes they do.

are you lost?

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Take your meds, "ironic lolicons" don't exist, shut up about your imaginary friends/enemies.

>"ironic lolicons" don't exist
You are the one who needs meds

>They also keep to themselves and don't push their choice of porn in everyone faces.
What the fuck are you on about? There's a reason why they're banned around here now.

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Most retarded post I've read so far this year.

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Please tell me there's already decent subtitles

Ironic lolicon detected.

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>some pedophile got so assblasted about twitter users joinig his porn subculture he compiles this whole pathetic image
How do you pedos not look in the mirror and just immediately want to kill yourselves out of shame? Were you all abused as children? Grow up fatherless?

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Keep projecting. My dad loves me and I've never been abused.
Kids are simply erotic.

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Not shame, but proudness instead, like I realize I'm being honest and right with myself and my deep instincts


t. not abused, and grew up with three different fathers throughout the years

>entering my room without knocking

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And what would you're dad think of you, knowing you're spanking it to art underage children?

>"I'm not a redditor you are!!"
>reddit spacing

Is it necessary for him to know what type of porn I masturbate to?

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Calm down by eating some cunny.

True, I like some older anime girls too but that doesn’t mean I’m not a pedo

This is pretty good bait

>don't push their choice of porn in everyone faces.

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I 'member when we called them da creature

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lack of sexual experiences when i was a teenager
>immediately want to kill yourselves out of shame
no not particularly

I've seen way more lolispam than furry spam on this website. Furry spam is like gore spam it's only used to nuke threads while "lolicons" think it's all some big meme and they treat it like a meme UOOOOH Child belly erotic!! playing a cat and mouse game with the janitors, they're not in it for the lolis, they are in it for the memes.
Some people do spame Furry porn eveey now and then to get a rise out of people but it happens way less than loli posting.

why do you think /mlp/ was made


/mlp/ is a blue board

Furry shit has thankfully long been banned here and relegated to containment boards. Outside of the site furries are fucking obnoxious and even parade their garbage irl

I remember when we called them cake.

is that sana-chan?


Fuck yeah fucking!

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People are obnoxious about lolis because we have been at war with the mods for at least 8 years now.

Kodomo no Jiken.

you mean Kodomo no Omocha?

you mean Lotte no Omocha?

I tire of this forced UUOOOHHH ToT child belly so erotic!!1!! meme, it's past its expiration date and getting moldy.

based unironic lolicon

Good OP post before twitter users raided the thread.

Yeah, ironic lolicons from Twitter are the worst.

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