Fire Punch is obviously better than Chainsaw Man in every conceivable way...

Fire Punch is obviously better than Chainsaw Man in every conceivable way. But why does Chainsaw Man generate so much more interest/acclaim?

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>Dark brown shit is obviously better than light brown shit in every conceivable way

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Makima + Shonen Jump

why the fuck are you trying to argue over two works made by the same person when theres 30 loli and moeshit threads a day. theyre both fine


Tits, fast pace
Are you a kid?

Chainsaw Man has Power though

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Because the average csm fan can self insert into density (A retarded incel murderer who hated his dad) .

It panders more to normies. That's all.

I cant, denji is a badly written character, just like most characters on chainsaw man, except maybe makima, the setting and action is good though

CSM is not as heavy to digest by the casual reader. Fire Punch is also not as attractive at first glance

>badly written character
Words that have lost their meaning

This, thirsty nerds

This but unironically. The meme face is the only good thing about it.

>But why does Chainsaw Man generate so much more interest/acclaim?
Pretty much nobody outside of a few weirdos on anime forums understands Fire Punch or took the time to read it
A few months back I was talking about it with my local comic seller and he didn't get any of it , too busy reading 20 shonenshitshows and pseudo experimental political western comics to give a shit
Also CSM is really fucking fun

Things CSM does better than Fire Punch
This is assuming you're not reading Fire Punch as a black comedy, since things like pic related are as funny as they are tragic.

>Supporting Cast
Fire Punch has Agni and Togata, that's pretty much it. Everyone else is either boring, horribly annoying, or has 3 lines of dialogue.

CSM has pacing problems as well, but there are some grueling sections of Fire Punch. Fuji made a great effort in CSM for every chapter to stand on its on and you definitely feel it reading the manga.

>Character design
Goes along with the support cast thing kinda. Fuji was throwing great design out left in right in CSM, and there a lot of throwaway characters that people only remember for their sick designs *cough* Tendo *cough*.

This one is a bit unfair because Fire Punch isn't really about a villain as much it is about Agni antagonizing himself, but it should be noted the Ice Witch and Electro-boy were rather shit and that Makima is better than them.

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Fire Punch is aggressively unconventional

>grueling sections of Fire Punch
No? What are you even referring to Fire Punch is super brisk and short

Chainsaw Man appeals to zoomers. I don't really know why. Maybe it's just pure bandwagoning. After Kimetsu no Yaiba blew up, JJK and CSM shortly followed suit and also became huge overnight.

Chainsaw man is for the generation after zoomer user because most zoomers are now adult.

The oldest zoomer around is like 25 and I'm pretty sure 13 year olds still count as part of the generation

yeah, the alphaoomer are the 12 years old in my country though, 12 years old read chainsaw man. manga are very popular with the youth in France, it's not like in my times...

Fire Punch is just a meme. One single meme page that got spammed all over this board. Nothing more.

I'm sure 12 year olds read CSM but I think the drivers of its "popularity among teens" skew older. 15-17 year olds.

Why'd it get spammed?


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I didn't say it appeals to kids. Gen Z is 1995-2010, and the new Big Three (KnY, JJK, CSM) is very popular with kids age 14-20, which is gen z.

Wait, there are people who unironically think that Fire Punch is more than a pile of garbage?


Wait, there are people who unironically think that Fire Punch is a pile of garbage?

Waifubait and getting less unconventional. CSM is great but theres a reason it resonates more with the lowest common denominator.

Chainsaw Man is a more grounded story. Denji is also very relatable for the average reader while Agni being a broken gradually going more and more insane person potentially puts people off

Wait, there are people who unironically think about Fire Punch at all?


i still want this to be made into a movie desu, it'd be perfect as a blockbuster action movie

>shit crusted blood demon
no thank you

Its not supposed to be funny.
>supporting cast
San is good but I agree that CSM has FP beat.
CSM speedreads itself, Fire punch pacing merges and melds together to make a melting pot as opposed to arcs.
>character design
Cool MC, bland ass clothing for pretty much everyone else (this applies for both)
FP isn’t black and white in a metaphorical sense. CSM definitely has a black and white, but to chalk it down to a protagonist/antagonist view is a disservice.

Its harder to comprehend on a first read as being anything other than a shitpost.
But you are right that it is far better than CSM.

Plain and simple, shit is better than shit.

CSM is geared towards a more general WSJ audience, FP was very experimental in comparison

?????? HOW!?!?

I've reread Fire Punch 3 times since finishing it years ago. I adore it. Makes me sad that you cunts can't appreciate it.

It's mostly shitposters who haven't read it, kind of sad really

Fire Punch was pretty good in the first half and went bonkers in the second. This but in reverse for CSM.

Fire Punch's second half was way better than its first

probably those panels of Sun pissing

>Fire Punch is obviously better than Chainsaw Man in every conceivable way.

How exactly is Fire Punch "better" than Chainsaw Man?

These basically. CSM has a memorable cast, aesthetic, and villain, all surface level things conducive to being a wide spread success.

this is why Demon Slayer is so popular even though it's mediocre as fuck. It's so lucky it got ufotable.

Chainsaw Man is the first new gen shonen franchise that has actual style AND substance. This is why I believe that the new generation of zoomers/TikTok anime fans who have only consumed bottom of the barrel nu-shonen so far will go crazy over it.

yeah people compare everything to Naruto. HxH, and Bleach nowadays. Frustrating.

Doesnt have near as much fanservice but really its cause normies dont like rape user. Especially when its justified and casually portrayed. Casual murder is fine though.

no rape ever actually occurs in Fire Punch though.

Fire Punch is a terrible manga.

Its established that its occuring constantly in their society though and accepted

Judah is the hottest woman Fujimoto has ever drawn Makima comes close

>popular thing... LE BAD

Unironically style is what CSM is worst in. The fact that everyone is in suit and ties is a fucking shame given how cool it could be with the 90s aesthetic, but it's clear that Fuji can't into fashion at all. If we brought Kubo in to dress these characters it would be too based.

Based. This is my litmus test to see if someone can recognize kino.