>Yuzuha the Singaporean already had an episode
>Mei the Frenchie still hasn't gotten a focus episode

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Not all seiyuus are equal

Some are more equal than others

Chuuni couple best couple

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This week. Anyone watching?

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What's so special about that price?

4chun is a better subunit.

I worship the rich

Saving the best girl for last.

But the best girl is Rio.

These 4 are so much better than the rest it's not even funny.

I prefer Yuzuha

The autist is a fujo right

Will they announce the game's revival in this live?

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>best girl
>no focus episode
They should make an episode focusing only on Rio and her daily life as a seiyuu manager.

Why not?

So those Blu Ray specials last week, turns out they were in game content apparently:

The one from the final BD volume is not on YouTube as far as I seen.


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>vtuber episode

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Hot damn. Motion capture!

Reminds me of 22/7

levan polkka

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Poor Goblin

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Ooh, Reunion to dig up a time capsule.

Don't open.

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When was the last time anime featured NAGOYA?

>that foot fetish show
I wish it was real lol

What are those? Bunch of fake trailers?

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I swear I didn't think that I need a cute girls playing Sepak Takraw anime.

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So they were a bunch of in game anime trailer previously, but now they are including the full 3 min OVA as BD Bonuses,

Madoka parody for Flower (Haruna, Maika, Shiho and Honoka)

Some magical comedy for Bird (Yuuki, Chisa, Airi, Yuzuha)

Some post apocalyptic stuff for Wind (Miharu, Aya, Mahoro, Riko)

Some fantasy show for Moon (Rie, Satori, Rinne, Mei)

Soon we will had a bunch of vtuber animes and they replace idols

As if that's already not happening

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Well we didn't get too many Vocaloid anime so who knows.

Same, 22/7 was also the first thing that comes to my mind when I saw them in a mocap suit. Very good show.

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They were actually crazy enough to do the reverse too where the hosts do motion capture, while the girls are themselves.! 3rd party

Oshi merch is expensive.

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I know it's weird, but I love Cue!.

It's Honoka e[isode next!

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Damn she just wanted to continue holding hand with you.....

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I really like this pairing

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Please someone screenshot this scene

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Looks like you got me

No subs version

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What does RDM stand for?

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