Why did she do it?

Why did she do it?

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She just likes cleaning you up after a nice anal session. That's all there is to it.

The most beautiful







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to measure her abilities

Could she even close it properly?

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Iori's impact on the world.



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Thanks, Lori.

cause she's a good catholic girl, who's saving her [vaginal] virginity for marriage

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Does killing an idol really make you immortal?


Yup, but don't tell anyone else it's supposed to be a secret

And then Iori and Yayoi had sex

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It's like Highlander, but with singing instead of swordfighting.

She was jealous of Makoto's girly perfection.

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Okay, where.

The track meet at the stadium

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we did it reddit!

should've been a snub nose revolver

What is this iori and anal meme? I haven't watch im@s yet but I keep seeing the meme whenever I see these threads.

No idea, but I've noticed the vast majority of her porn is anal focused.

Incidentally, my only knowledge about im@s comes from h-manga.

It's a mystery

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Rich girls have to keep their hymens intact until a loveless arranged marriage.

You guys are lucky marijuana is legal in my state.

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One loli artist (Mamezou) made about a dozen or so anal doujins about Iori.

Why are western-created doujins so cringe?

You're cringe!

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How many times would one be able to ram her ass before it became unusable? Asking for a friend

Produsaa made her shit in a bag within six months of joining 765pro.

Do what?

Can you say no to Yayoi? Just look how happy she is that her bff bought her some ice-cream

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>bff with benefits

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Not all are. Some can be pretty kino.


Not possible.

Holy KINO! Who is the artist?

Where's the first page?

[HUQU] Negev x Kar98k

I don't know user, she just likes doing it in her butt

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Was it always so big?

What did she do?

What's stuffed with what?

What did she do?

Because she can.

Allah wills it