Why is it controversial to say that 1980s and early 2000s anime was much better with atmosphere, background art...

Why is it controversial to say that 1980s and early 2000s anime was much better with atmosphere, background art, and character shading? "Soul" is an accurate word that encapsulates all those qualities.

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Is this really a controversial opinion in Mauritania? Do they even have modern anime there?

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Don't ever stop making these threads, I enjoy the seethe you create.

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early 2000s anime is the antithesis of soul. ugly digital crap.

The seething is all by zoomers who consoom moe.

it's just one guy replying to himself.

>12 posts
>12 IPs

It's way more soulful than 2010s anime.

>this turd is better than that turd
low bar

2000s had very high highs

Because you have to like the new shit coming out no matter what. Heaven forbid that older anime have qualities that you like and prefer over stuff out now

compared to stuff back then no.

2000s had Mind Game, Kaiba, Kafka Doctor, Redline, Sword of the Stranger, Vampire Hunter D and much more.

I too enjoy comparing classics to the average seasonal anime. I haven't watched any of the terrible 90's anime, so by doing this I can pretend life was better when I was younger and more impressionable, and keep my nostalgia goggle safely glued to my face.

which doesn't touch the best of the 80s and 90s
you're a coping pleb

>best of the 80s and 90s
Such as?

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The contrast and lighting in modern anime is fucking horrid.

>Why is it controversial to say that 1980s and early 2000s anime was much better with atmosphere, background art, and character shading? "Soul" is an accurate word that encapsulates all those qualities.

The actual reasoning is:

1. There were fewer shows, so the average pre-2000's show had an actual budget. The amount of shows has vastly gone up, and budgets have gone down significantly.

2. There was a genuine period of "dark ages" where they made the switch to digital but the tools were quite primitive leading to a decrease in visual quality and detail. These ages are long past us however. Now it's just entirely about the budget of a show (see 1).

3. A lot of the most popular pre-2000 anime were high budget short run shows like Cowboy Bebop, Original Animated Videos, and film. This gave a distorted image, where most "anime fans"are watching the best of the best on Toonanime in the late 90's and early 00's and thinking it's average rather than the exception.

4. A lot of long running shows were quite stiff in their animation, and this is especially true of series from the late 70's to mid 80's. To compensate they often had gorgeous backgrounds and still imagry. This anime is often ignored and an acquired taste.

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What does this tell us about old and new anime?

Good points, the oversaturation and Westernisation of anime is pretty much why most anime is shit now. Not that all anime from the 2010s onwards is bad or that there wasn't shit anime before, but companies are pumping out anime as fast as they can for the audience to consoom so the result is lower quality content-- bar is lowered.

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are you guys enjoying spy x family?

Man, I love Teekyuu

It's less that saying these things are controversial and moreso that the people who generally say these things generally know absolutely nothing about the older anime they praise while shitting on an era of anime they don't even watch.

And when confronted with modern things or older things that don't fit their narrative, they'll accuse it of being cherrypicked, or claiming that it doesn't count. Or use nebulous buzzwords like "soul" versus "soulless".

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Somebody will find a reason to complain about this background on the virtue of it being a modern background rather than the quality of the background itself.

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Did this thread get moved from /int/ / /pol/ / wherever?

Why not just delete it?

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Old anime had better art direction.

>digital lighting

>hmmm that looks interesting let's check it out
>oh looks like every other dull 2010s anime.

Mid to late 00s stuff shit on most early 00s anime it's not even funny. Pick any season from 2006/2007 and you'll find numerous classics.
If you want to be elitist, do it right: great traditional Japanese animation ended with Turn A Gundam.

Because it makes people feel like they missed out. Telling a bunch of kids that anime was better during the time that their parents were dating is too much for them to accept at their age.

>Turn A Gundam
Turn A looks like dogshit though

Yeah, if you got dogshit for eyes. But that's not really the point, Turn A was the last big budget tv anime entirely made on cels. It also started in 1999 and ended in 2000 which fits the time frame perfectly.

Misquoted, I was obviously answering this dumbass :

>last tv anime entirely made on cels
Why do toy commercial retards always post obvious lies?

Post-2015 anime is practically dead, so shows with soul did manage to last a little after the 2000s. Nowadays they’re extremely rare in between shitty waifu-bait shows.

Last big budget, not last ever, you fucking retard. Nobody give a shit about Sazae-san.

People give a shit about Parasite Dolls though

No, this thread isn't from /int/.
The guy who creates these spam threads 4-5 times on a daily basis and spams his (cherrypicked) charts had his MAL discovered and it turns out he's a Mauritanian retard who was born in 1999 and has only completed like 130 anime and rates garbage like Attack on Titan as 10/10

He's been making these godawful threads for two years now.

No, they didn't. And I actually like Parasite Dolls.
It's also not a fucking big budget TV anime so you should try to learn reading instead of trying to nitpick like a midwit.

>Turn A was the last big budget tv anime entirely made on cels.
>entirely made on cels
Turn A mixed cels with digital animation and had CGI.

Also, Inuyasha was entirely cel for the first 100 or so episodes.
Pokemon was entirely cel up until episode 261, which was mid-2002.

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Parasite dolls is not big budget? It definitley looks way better than Turn A

It didn't have as big an advertising budget to target teenage boys and manchildren.
More popular stuff Inuyasha and Pokemon and Sazae-san also don't count because there aren't giant robots punching each other in those shows.

>things that don't fit my narrative don't count


2011 HxH never achieved this amount of atmosphere and soul.

It's funny reading old reviews from the early 2000s for long-running anime that began in the late 90s, they're always like
>"the animation and art gets better at around episode 100, 150, or 200, when they switched to digital"
and always emphasize the switch to digital as a good thing.

>He's been making these godawful threads for two years now.
This pandemic has been devastating

>my favorite Toy Commercial was the last important full-cel anime
>it wasn't the last
>it wasn't important
>it wasn't even full-cel in the first place
Where did Gunda/m/toddlers get such a misplaced sense of importance over their series?
Easily one of the worst fanboy groups on Yea Forums.

Yeah, I'll give you Inuyasha. It sucks but still looks good. Don't know if it should be considered a prestige show, but the license was certainly prestigious. I put Pokemon with Doraemon and Sazae-san, sorry.
Parasite Dolls was OVA.

He's full-on lost his ability to give a shit. Doesn't even bother masking it anymore.


The funniest part about the charts he spams is that he didn't even make that template, he just hijacked it from somebody else who made legitimate charts to shut down his shitty "new bad" spam.

Just go to any youtube 60 fps interpolated anime video and people think it looks fantastic, if people had the say all anime will be interpolated at 60 fps uaing A.I
Almost as if most people are retarded and don't know what looks good.

And? What about it?

Yeah him and the other guy used to post charts at each other but the other guy doesn't post anymore for some reason