Kurumizawa Satanikia Makudoueru

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I like you but Gabu is better.

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What's going on here?

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An execution

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iToddlers haven't even been mentioned...Until now.

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If you want to make stupid comments like that, don't bump the thread with it

The devil always wins

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Um what?

what's with Satania and /g/?

What is your question?

I guess she was posted a lot over there, and it became a meme.

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I wonder if the author is aware of this

>New content for Gabrial Dropout contains Satania making computer and apple jokes
I might die laughing.

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While I'm sure he would want to, the publisher probably would ask him to drop it unless it's really subtle.

ITODDLERS BTFO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Even though I've never watched a chapter of this show, I'm aware that Vigne is best girl.

>over 3 weeks since last chapter translation

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Morning snek.

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Gabriel Dropout thread!

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Going to pretend I didn't see this

Tsukinose Vinetto Eipuriru

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Except for Raphi they're all good girls

S2 never ever

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Vampire Gabu > Angel Gabu

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The devil always wins

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That can't be real


It's 100% real
How could anyone not love Satania?

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Literally who?

She can't help herself

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Truly a failed angel

the fuck, what episode is this?

She must be under a spell or something else that went wrong

It's one of the last translated manga chapters.

Satania trolls Gabu by forcing her to always say the opposite of what she means.

We also got pic related.

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Is this the new snek thread?

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Is the translator waiting for the next volume to come out before continuing? It seems like they always use the tanks rather than magazine releases.

oh my

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mai neemu is mcdougle

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Probably, it's always up to the translator, but some would rather just the volumes because they usually are better for several reasons, quality aside.

Satania is NOT for bully and you should all be nicer to her.

Satania is dyke now, she deserves all the bullying. She's not queen of Yea Forums anymore.

Only her wife is allowed to bully Satania

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tapchads report in

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Hallo I am Kurumizawa Satanikia Makudougle

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I am not going to bully her because of her preferences, that is particularly mean.

>Imagine telling your father you are not only gay, but you are also fucking the queen of hell itself.

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I HATE Gabu.

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>Imagine your lesbian butler finding out you're a lesbian but not for her and instead some autistic demon retard.

I'm sure the butler already knows, she once commented how Ralphi won't shut up about Satania when she goes back home

Some lesbians are born to be yayas

You know, no one likes a smartass

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Satania is lucky to also have a retard angel as a gf

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How? I'm saying in the show she only bullies Satanichia. It just seems out of character.