Aikatsu and Pretty Series

Dreams are meant to be dreamed (and eaten with rice).

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I'm ruined.
And it's all because of Aifure.

Part of this image – the part that isn't Yumekawa Yui – is yuck.

>rainbow eye cancer
I love this trope

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Why? Did it rape your mother?

How do you eat a dream?

Dead general.

Dead general


>Aikatsu and
But it's dead.

I want a hug.

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>leaves out DreAca
Lmao. Mizuki doesn't even count as a representative for them because she only ever was a consultant there, and adding insult to injury, they're not even shown in the ensuing montage.

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>AiPla movie



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Eww Rola there's some gross creature on you

why are you bullying my yume, always

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little boys always bully girls that they like

I should bully Ako instead of Yucke?

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The levels of samefagging in that Onipan thread are off the charts, it simply doesn't feel like a popular moe show thread would feel in Yea Forums, it's very artificial and you can see Ohafag's fingerprints all over it.

Cats are made for bullying (sexually).

I read some of the first thread someone linked here. It was bizarre and embarrassing. I wonder what ordinary anons think of it, if they even understood what was going on.

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Thankfully he’s not our problem anymore because he has his own thread to blatantly samefag in now

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Every day is Doroth posting day

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Fuck off. Quit using the threads to spam this shit.

The Rainbow Fish

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These new shorts suck.

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Darker Rainbow Fish

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Hate merfolk.

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I don't think your posts could have less substance if you tried. It's as if you're getting paid to watch shows and make one post per episode, or you otherwise feel obligated to do it for some reason.

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She actually looks extra fucked up here, like a deep sea-dwelling creature with Down's syndrome.

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go back to your onipan thread

Tsubaki hime is just leaving all her teammates to die. I love her

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Vapid simping after children (who can't act for shit) with even less interest in engaging with the actual content of anime is not the sort of substance I'm referring to.

The thread is faster than /ai/ and has more posters than /ai/
So maybe look at yourself and how your "fuck off" attitude created this result

And there's the reason these threads are bleeding out

Kill yourself.

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>conveniently ignores the *mon shit
gee I WONDER why.

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It's the second time Keita gets in the taxi.

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Because she's emotional, it's still a well-animated scene to a degree that you don't see in most modern little girl anime.

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Now that's a cat I would FUCK.

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I want to fuck Doroth.