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black rock shooter? more like fat rock shooter!

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A little something for Deadmaster to grab on to

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Fansubbing is ded.

there was an user working on subs the previous thread but he never say how much left


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What's with all the drama on Nyaa again?

God I wish someone would say this to me once

Sorry bro I've been having headaches and there are still no Jap subs so I couldn't sub as quickly this time

Fansubbers have always been crabs in a bucket.

I will kill you, and kill you, and kill you!

>the only series you didn't drop about are D+ locked
This season in general is just really fucking shit.

Some fun reactions this episode

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Empress might end up having sex by the end of the season

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Delicious brown has signed her death warrant as well

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This was a funny misunderstanding

Tfw have to learn Japanese just to watch a disney+ show

Don't worry about it. I would just ignore all the retards here and on nyaa.

This and the porn doujinshi of my husbando. I should stop being so fucking lazy really I am doing this since 2003 now. I understand most of it when I watch an anime but I am too autistic to watch it if there might be one word in the episode I do not know the meaning of.

Where the fuck is Strength?
Just watching herself getting NTRed again from afar?

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Just pirate and wait for fansubbers

Girls can't defile other girls.

Wanna bet?

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It's fact. They have no cocks, so they can't defile anyone.

'Defile' isn't cock-specific, user

STD will become Monica's consolation prize.

Yes it is.

She's so flat

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What if BRS was smart enough to fix herself symmetric twintails

How do you know they have no cocks? Maybe they're like rapeKen and can just put it away when they need to.

so hot

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That eye shape on BRS looks so weird. Like she's slow in the head or something.

She's definitely further on the spectrum in this adaptation than before

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Is the MC of this anime a lesbian?


What is this anime?

This BRS, she sounds like she needs help, by which I mean, the writer...

She could use some help keeping a harem that doesn't die off every episode

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I can't wait to see Charlotte begging Smily for that robo dick.

I'd rather her father try to steal her away from Smiley by fucking her

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Also, where the fuck was she hiding these

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Kinda disappointed BRS didn't melt this bitch's ass to oblivion.

Wait a minute, didn't anons vehemently deny that Black Rock Shooter was yuri a few weeks ago? Looks like I need to pick this up.

BRS has always had subtext at the least

Sorry guys I forgot to wear a hard hat at the worksite and some shit fell on my head then on my way to the hospital a car crashed into us so the subs are gonna take a while

how do you rip off subs from disney+ i have a friend who has an account and maybe i can access with a vpn and rip that stuff?

No one says BRS isn't yuri unironically except for trolls

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Colonel needs to suffer more first.

the viridescent vagina vorer

there aren't any subs for D+ user, if there were we'd have them instantly every week.

>Like she's slow in the head or something
Thought that too kek. I've never been a fan of this new BRS design.

They were just friends.

I've seen a lot of extremely heterosexual warranty-voiding male-to-female robot connections in the show thus far and exactly none of pic related. Show needs to get it together.

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Stop bullying BRS, she have autism.
>Le house of broken girl

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Yuributas panicked cause for like two episodes they only got rape ken but now it's probably the most blatant iteration in terms of raw lesbianosity.

>More autistic than the Okada heroine
That's a tall ask.

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Nothing ruins an anime harder than constantly switching between 2d and 3d literally every second

In 2023 there are NO excuses.

nyaa fags made the guy that tn this quit and commit double lesbian suicide

it is 2022

Oh, in that case, it's fine.

Crazy girls are hot, I don't care if she's a lesbo, I can fix her!

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