One Piece

Who could they be?

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Love yourselves, drink water, take the sunlight , tomodachis

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The two fuckhead bounty hunters from East Blue have returned!!!!!

Either some BB crew members or Germa. Probably the former but the latter would be infinetely more hype.

Has Caribou committed too many heinous deeds for Oda to let him in the grand fleet?

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>best ass in the series belongs to a man
What did Oda mean by this?

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Also reminder.

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Maybe some cover-story exclusive villains like the Germ Pirates and the Candy Pirates.

>both 28
>based on a legend of Momotaro marrying an Oni princess from Onigashima
>ever since they've met, they've been grouped together
>Momo 382cm Yamato 263cm
>Yamato thirsts for Oden
>their love will bring the bad blood between Oden and Kaido together
>Yamato will bear at least 8 children


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Whats he done thats worse than Mr. 2 or Jinbe back when he was super racist?

here's something for your "cope folder"

Yamato has never interacted with a Strawhat for more than 3 seconds except Luffy.
Luffy has spoken 24 lines to Yamato with a lot of them being simple "ok"s.
Yamato has never interacted at all with 80% of the Strawhats.
Luffy has ignored every request she made so far.
Yamato has spent the last 50 chapters with Momo.
Yamato formed a friendship with Momo and literally told him "we will die together".
Yamato has turned into a Momo cheerleader the last 10 chapters.
Yamato has the mythical "guardian deity of Wano" DF.
Oda loves his Nipponwank and jerking off Japanese mythology.
If you can't understand such simple socialbonding context clues then I doubt you ever had any friends.
If you can't follow such simple story telling that foreshadows her becoming the bodyguard of the future Shogun then you might not be fit for society.
If you actually fell for a red herring planted in the first sentence she spoke you might also not be fit for society.
If you think Oda would allow Toei to spoil shit in the anime you should immediately vacate the premises.
Tama had a sadder backstory.
Tama has no relatives left after Yamato's father burned down her village this arc.
Ace actually told Tama he will take her with him the next time.
Ace didn't say that to Yamato.
Yamato will never join the Strawhats.
Yamato will never set foot on the Sunny.
Yamato will never be Oden.
Caribou will hoard all the meat for Luffy.
Tama will 100% join.
Crocodile will 100% join.
Caribou will 100% join.
You WILL tie your Yamato towel into a noose and 41 with it after this happens and you realize you spent 3 years wanking over a tumblr self insert and wanting her to join ONLY because you fap to her every day.

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Germa would be fucking boring. Bring some BB kino

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Momo has also been aged up from 8 to 28... Yamato's age.

>Germa would be fucking boring

germa is the most kino thing about postTS

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when will luffy finally beat smoker?

Yeah most likely. Seeing them again feels long overdue at this point

This, please, or, Blackbeards.

Characters better than Yamato
Luffy,Zoro,Nami,Usopp,Sanji,Chopper,Robin,Franky,Brook,Jinbe,Roger,Rayleigh,Crocus,Shanks,Buggy,Bepo,Jean Bart,Shachi,Penguin, Kidd,Killer,Apoo,Hawkins,Capone , Vito,X-Drake,Bonney,Urouge,Whitebeard,Marco, Ace,Jozu,Thatch,Vista,Izo,Shanks,Beckman,LuckyRoo,Yasopp,Linlin,Cracker,Smoothie,Compote,Daifuku,Oven,Amande, Brulee, Moscato, Mont d'Or, Galette, Snack,Pudding,Flampe,Pekoms,Bobbin,Streusen,Linlin,Zeus,Prometheus,Napoleon,Randolph,,King Baum,Kaido,King,Queen,Jack,Page One,Sheep's head,Holdem,Speed,Solitaire,Batman,Gazelleman,Alpacaman,Blackbeard,Burgess,Shiliew,Augur,Pizarro,Laffitte,Devon,Sanjuan Wolf,Vasco Shot,Doc Q,Imu,Kong,Charloss, Sengoku,Kuzan,Sakazuki,Borsalino,Issho,Ryokugyu,Garp,Tsuru,Saul,Momonga,Smoker,Hina,Tashigi,Koby,Helmeppo,,Jango,Bellmere,Sentomaru,Vegapunk,Spandam,Lucci,Stussy,Kaku,Jabra,Kumadori,Blueno,Fukuro,Kalifa,Mozu,Kiwi,Dragon,Sabo,Betty,Morley,Lindbergh,Ivankov,Inazuma,Koala,Hack,Cavendish,Suleiman,Bartolomeo,Sai,Chinjao,Ideo,Blue Gilly,Abdullah,,Leo,Mansherry,Wicka,Hajrudin,Gerd,Orlumbus,Judge,Reiju,Ichiji,Niji,Yonji,Mihawk,Kuma,Boa,Weevil,Crocodile,Doflamingo, Moria,Daz Bones,Bon Clay,Galdino, Vivi, Carue,Makino,Alvida,Chouchou,Gaimon,Kaya,Zeff,Krieg,Gin,Arlong,Nojiko,Laboon,Wapol,Dalton,Kureha,Hiluluk,Pell,Chaka,Cobra,Bellamy, Cricket,Enel,Gedatsu,Gan Fall,Conis,Wyper,Calgara,Noland,Foxy,Iceburg,Paulie,Kokoro,Tom,Sogeking,Olvia,Hogback,Absalom,Perona,Oars,Ryuma,Yorki,Margaret,Gloriosa,Sandersonia,Marigold,Hannyabal,,Magellan,Rouge,Sabo,Stelly,Dadan,Caribou,Neptune,Otohime,Shirahoshi,Megalo,Shirley,Fisher Tiger,Aladdin,,Wadatsumi,Hody Jones,Caesar,Trebol,Diamante,Pica,Vergo,Sugar,Senor Pink,Dellinger,Baby 5,Gladius,Monet,Rosinante,Riku,Rebecca,Kyros,Viola,Wanda,Carrot,Pedro,Pound,Morgans,Orochi ,Urashima,Kyoshiro,Yasuie,Toko,Oden,Toki,Momonosuke,Hiyori,Shutenmaru,Kawamatsu,Denjiro,Kinemon,Kanjuro,Raizo,Shinobu,Hitetsu,Tama,Tsuru,Kiku,Law


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Smoker will be an ally

Some of you are alright. Keep holding on.

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Looks like SOMEONE didn’t watch episode 1015

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Holy Kizaru... They're meant to be contrasted with each other because they both inherited Odens will, just different versions of it


Oh so NOW they care about anime filler?

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Yeah, and they are going to become one through sex

amazingly wholesome

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I don't watch the anime, it's not canon, 99% of episodes are low quality, shit pace. It ruins the manga for me.
It's a medium that runs at like 9am Japan time on a Sunday because it's made for children so they buy the plushies and towels.

So are you a child or a man-child?

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I’m 90% sure that nobody believes that and it’s pushed purely because it gets a reaction out of people

Too good to be true...literally.

Aside from his history as a murderer, he tried to sell mermaids into slavery.

I wish Robin was my mom

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Boy you sure do sound defensive here
Just don’t kill yourself when she joins

Stop acting like retards or else the Carrotfags will think they're among good company.

It would be kino if it were those 2 bounty hunters. But it's probably Smoker and that girl, Germa would be too obvious.

Vivi, Tama and Bonney are joining

You didn't answer the question, phoneposter.

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You don’t sound any less defensive friend

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And Carrot
And Rebecca
And Monet
And Marguerite
And Perona
And Paulie
And Crocus
And Gaimon
And Kinemon's legs

i notice the generals start good and slow and then the yamatoshitposting starts and everything derails

So you can't answer it? Expected as much. Don't ask me how I knew.

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>Yams, you've got some WEIRD fetishes, tss

That's not really worse than helping destabilize a friend's country to Luffy.

>You didn’t answer my derisive question guess I win hurr
Man you sound so fucking salty

They need a containment thread, honestly fuck these people.

honestly the more the better

>I want an echo chamber because I dislike a character
What a bitch

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At this point I'm 100% it's a group of or one single super butthurt guy that hates One Piece and just wants to see these threads burn.
>nobody would spend 24/7 and spam tumblr images and fanboy-posting in a thread he hates just to ruin it

I've seen worse. And autists like that usually are NEETs who can do it all day while they tab in to their gacha or MMO once in a while or argue on discord all day.
I know several people like that from a guild discord I'm in.

>crocodile joining the Strawhats
The most based thing Oda could do.

Strawhats ranked from most useful to least useful:
Luffy is the captain, so he is the most useful
Zoro is the Right Hand, the Vice Captain, and the second strongest in combat (maybe even the strongest). However, he can't do much outside of fighting, BUT he is the crew’s muscle and he is the one who does the most heavy lifting. He is the one supporting Luffy where it matters most. He is the crewmate who is advising Luffy to make the important decisions. He also serves as the crew’s tactician as evidenced by how he came up with the disguise idea in Alabasta.
Nami is the weakest Strawhat in a fight but is one of the most important crewmates outside of combat. She's also the one usually calling the shots on deck. Because of her poor fighting ability, she's not as useful as Zoro or Yamato, but she's a good support member and is very useful in her own right.
Robin's a good fighter overall and she's also essential to getting to Laugh tale
Jimbei is a great fighter and a very talented helmsman
Chopper is a decent-ish fighter, but you REALLY need a doctor on a ship
Franky is a good fighter and has an essential role
Brook is an ok fighter, but he has his big moments now and then
Usopp is a bad fighter, but again he has his moments from time to time

Sanji is a liability to the crew. He almost got Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Brook killed because of his daddy issues. He almost got robin killed in wano. He nearly got himself killed for his simping in fmi. He failed to save Nami in Thriller Bark lmao. He got his ass kicked by Vergo in Punk Hazard LOL. He needed to be saved by daddy judge to beat queen. He saved Big Mom cause of his simping. He couldn't even beat Wadatsumi on his own. He hurts the crew far more than he helps
Sanji is the only truly useless teammate. Calling him a wing is a joke

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Yeah this is just good bait.

Don't tell me that's Yamato's mother

>Shitker and Weakshigi
Too weak to make it onshore.

Is the break this week or the next?

I had a friend who falseflagged in WoW threads for like 3years because anons reported him and got him banned. So it happens for sure

Remember this is not the first time a character became so popular in just their debut

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Sanji is more useful than Usopp

>Smoker and Tashigi invade Tottoland
>Are attacked by Katakuri and Cracker
>Katakuri and Cracker lose offscreen in the next cover
I think this might actually happen

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Ichiji and Reiju

This week is break week, but we are supposedly still getting spoilers, so in a way next week is going to be break week for us

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>Does nothing across 1000 chapters
>Somehow one of the most popular characters
I will never understand

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> Crocodile will 100% join
Unfortunately you btfo’d yourself since this would be too Kino for someone like hackda to do.

>Ichiji and Reiju

different shoes and Reiju doesn't have a cape

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>"Tashigi, it's alright, just because the WCI operation went south because we got no diff'd by fucking Cracker, doesn't mean we're weak."

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Reminder that Luffy gave Yamato her first orgasm.

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Being handsome and mysterious carries you a long way

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He's hot.


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Begone, Hiyori and Kiku have false asses

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On the bright side this might be their chance to escape from jobber status

firetank pirates they need to rescue pekoms remember ?

And actually Pudding will join.

but robin joined and she has bigger breasts than nami

I literally never saw anyone seriously pushing the Shirahoshi agenda

Ishitani calls the shots and not Oda?

sneed and feed

I doubt they will appear again so soon after the last cover story was about them

They must’ve been saying something like “Oda put the big fish tank in the thousand sunny for a reason.”

>large winter coat

sorry, tashigifag, only big glutes are allowed here

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Who the FUCK thought a mermaid would join

ignore him, he's a schizo