How is this Seinen? It's not explicit at all. Should just be classified as a Shonen

How is this Seinen? It's not explicit at all. Should just be classified as a Shonen.

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The magazine is targeted at the Seinen audience, doesn't mean anything at all

Same reason Yugioh Duel Monsters is a Shonen and not a Kodomo: because of the magazine it's in.

HxH is kodomo

Yugioh Duel Monsters, HxH, and One Piece all could be Kodomo IMO.

>and One Piece

One Piece is kodomo? In what universe? If DBZ is Shonen, the so is One Piece.

They had segs

The magazine is seinen, sure. But Kaguya itself feels more like shonen. Compare it to Sono Bisque Doll, Blend S, or Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Those are all super explicit and filled to the brim with fanservice, basically softcore hentai. Kaguya has none of that.

By that logic, DBZ is seinen because Bulma and Vegeta.

So? Explicitness has nothing to do with demographics. Just because nudity and gore is allowed doesn't mean it's mandatory.

But what is it, aside from the magazine it's published in, that makes Kaguya seinen? Adult themes? Shonen typically has adult themes mixed in. Is One Piece seinen because of the heavy political themes? No.

>feels more like shonen
That doesn't mean anything

It's not published in Shonen Jump, that's all. It probably could be in SJ, and it was, it would be considered shonen. But it's not, so it isn't. That's all there is to it.

>But what is it, aside from the magazine it's published in, that makes Kaguya seinen?
Nothing. Whether the manga uses a lot of furigana or not, I guess. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of what the word means.
They were different when magazines began appearing in the 50s and 60s, but now they're basically the same thing. There are virtually no differences between seinen and shonen other than nudity being allowed nowadays.

Yugioh Duel Monsters has a morally grey main protagonist who psychologically tortures his enemies.

One Piece has heavy political themes. It also has characters like Nami, Vivi, Robin, Hancock, and Yamato who...for...obvious reasons, wouldn't make the cut in kodomo.

The only thing even remotely "kodomo" about HxH is the chibi artsyle. But My Hero Academia also has a chibi artstyle. Is that kodomo as well?

BNHA is for even younger kodomo. 3 years old or younger, I'd say.

Sounds like you discovered a new word and is trying to use it as much as possible, try actually watching a kodomo anime and tell me how any of those 3 could be it.

>Those are all super explicit and filled to the brim with fanservice
Kaguya talked about sex far more freely than any of those though. Isn't there an episode in the first season where they talked about virginity and all? Fanservice is something normal in shounen but talking about sex itself is closer to seinen if you ask me.

>Compare it to Sono Bisque Doll, Blend S, or Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Those are all super explicit and filled to the brim with fanservice
I hate moralfags like you so much.

>chika didn't get into the collab
This is some bullshit.

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I kinda get Hayasaka...but how the hell did KEI get in over Chika????

>comparing the "they got married and had a child" timeskip vs both characters waking up next to each other after having sex
I mean, it's not a huge step up but still.

She had sex and the guy even touched her vagina.

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Yep, a series featuring a dystopian society run by a corrupt totalitarian government with complete control of the world, and also has tons of fan service. Totally kodomo. Sure, buddy.

Kaguya talks about romance and high school hijinx from a perspective that is most relatable to actual adults. That's why it fits best in a seinen mag

Look at actual shonen romcoms and compare it to kaguya which wants to have chapters all about what love means to people and how experiences in high school shape our fundamental views on life. Little Boku-chan isn't going to relate to a story about a failing crush resulting in personal growth that fuels a future relationship cause he hasn't even lived through those kinds of things. This isn't to say there aren't shonen that talk about this stuff but generally speaking it's content that older audiences are more interested in having explored compared to younger audiences

Kaguya is a series that is set in high school so old people can reminisce about their glory days. A person in their glory days won't be as interested.

There's a difference between off screen sex that's never mentioned and an entire arc about how the two MCs wanting to bone and finding an excuse to do so. And also they got so horny they couldn't stop themselves.

Kaguyafags are some of the most pretentious romcomshitters

He's right
You're malding, which is why you have no retort

>I agree with myself
mald more

Nah, Kobayashifags are worse. But Kaguyafags are a close second.

They're different. Kobayashifags are pedos. Kaguyafags constantly insist that their romcom for teenagers is actually for adults.

So Kobayashifags want to fuck teenagers, and Kaguyafans want to be teenagers again? Isn't that pretty much the same thing?

I have a really hard time believing most kaguya fans are adults

Guess how I know you are retaded

At least try on making a counter argument.

You can spot hunter hunter fans because they don't know how the classification of shonen and seinen works

Is Oregairu a seinen then?

B-B-But muuuhh soft seinen!

It runs in the same magazine as The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really love you, which is way less explicit most of the time.

I'm not arguing kaguya is a shounen or not because I don't care. Just saying it reads like a larping schizo

Chinese company that doesn't want to hire Chika's seiyuu.

>Kaguya talks about romance and high school hijinx from a perspective that is most relatable to actual adults
holy shit, romcomfags simply exist in another reality. kaguya is one of the most obnoxious series so in your face with everything that it puts kaguya in the hospital for lovesickness. this series is just a blender full of all the dogshit permeating every basic romcom with the allusion of being self aware by its narration and dialed up to 11 hijinks but it doesn't have the balls to actually call itself out on how ridiculous it is. enjoy the helicopter ride, you dorks

Except it constantly pokes fun at itself.

agreed, this arranged marriage arc with the "I AM SILLY" tier writing has really gotten me all nostalgic. (I'm 52 btw)

Not nearly enough to make up for it's current state. How it went from a kind of parody to unironically being the thing it made fun of is really depressing.

You retards should really attempt to learn some japanese.

you should shovenen a cock up your anus little faggot

Just a technicality For example, even Gintama explores the topic of relationships and sex more deeply, yet it's still a shonen.

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The arranged marriage thing was foreshadowed a long time ago, with the moon scene. It's a subversion of the endgame conflict in the story that Kaguya-sama is a parody of; The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.

BASED gintamachad

exactly. it does the whole 'pretending to be a retard' thing and plays it straight. it can't ever be truly serious even though the drama is treated seriously like running away from hired goons because it has the cushion of being a romcom so everything, no matter how absurd, is excusable. it's 200+ chapters and they're still in high school, not because it's for "adults" but from the author himself not having any perspective or real world experience, it's up its own ass and proud of it. no self awareness can bring it out of its ouroboros of self-indulgence.

Well, at least I learned more about love from Gintama than from Kaguya.

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>kaguya is a parody of; the the tale of the bamboo cutter
What? I think you're reading too much into what was supposed to be a simple, heartfelt moment. The current arc is definitely a reference to that moment but I would bet money Aka thought that far ahead with how poorly it's being handled

>didn't think that far ahead*
my bad

man no wonder shinpachi is still a virgin gin taught him all wrong

>larping schizo
So according to you he's larping as a schizo? Or he is larping as a kaguyafag and schizo is just a bonus adjective? That is of course assuming you just didn't use the first two buzzwords that came to your mind.

Nah, it's because he didn't listen to Gin.

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What's the deal with final arcs in manga/anime constantly being terrible? Arranged Marriage Arc Kaguya. Madara Arc Shippuden. Buu Saga DBZ. And of course, Near Arc Death Note, which is probably one of the worst anime/manga arcs of all time.

Makes me nervous that Oda is going to fuck up the Final War Arc of One Piece.

Jesus, this is the most DBS post in a thread were DBS wasn't even mentioned.

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damn you right. megane got what he desrved

It's soft-seinen.

>user is being retarded about demographics... again

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>One of the worst arcs ever

One of the worst canon arc, sure. Nothing is worse than filler garbage like Endless Eight and Great Saiyaman.

>Those are all super explicit and filled to the brim with fanservice, basically softcore hentai.
this means shit, series like toloveru and ayatri were published in shonen jump and had far more hardcore fanservice than those two, because only kids and preteens care about fanservice
meanwhile, kaguya is the only one of the series you mentioned that doesn't shy away from talking about sex and actually shows characters kissing, having sex and holding hands

Yeah, those are filler, they don't count. Near Arc had the audacity to be fucking canon.