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Poor girl just happened to be in the same anime as the two greatest 10/10s in the medium. She got overshadowed


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The cunny

can i have both

Darkness = Wiz > Aqua > Megumeme

Megumin best
Darkness worst

End of debate.

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>no Yunyun
Fuck you, at least she's a GOOD crimson demon!

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Make babies with all the girls

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Excellent taste

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Anyone but Megumin. The Megumin wank is unbearable.

The hebe

It's actually amazing how Aqua's personality managed to negate her bombastic body. Swap her mind with Hestia, and she'll be an instant 10/10

Megumin ├╝ber alles

imagine being this wrong, and gay.

The only things Yunyun is good for is sloppy one night stands and pregnancy without taking responsibility.

Imagine liking a retard who's responsible for 80% of your problems.

Needs correcting.
Minor corrections needed.
No correction needed.

Raccoon is the best.


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>22 post before the correct answer is posted
Better late than never.

tough choice

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Not even a contest lol

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her and kazuma was gonna be the perfect scumbag pair till the author succumbed to character popularity

Of course the average megumeme fan is a p*do

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My goddess, Aqua-sama!

Megumincels in shambles

The answer is obvious to me.

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Obviously Aqua. No contest.

You guys like CunnyLynguists?

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haha what if i brought in some degenerate western drugs into the soviet yunyun and the soviet yunyun would have to give me a thorough patdown and it would escalate into a funny situation where i fuck her with my dick and hahah get this guys i cum deep into her throat and i orgasm for the next 5 minutes xd that would be hilarious


Aqua is the hottest anime character ever

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Who said harem were not permitted

Kinda dumb tho? If she wanted to get back to Heaven or whatever that place she sits on a chair was, couldn't she just kill herself?


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>Kinda dumb tho?
megumeme is dumber. who would put all their points into explosions?

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She literally just needed to be bossed and slapped around a bit once or twice from the get go for her to know she can't play with K and he knows best. But he is a soft retard that can't handle brats.
Otherwise she would be (debatable) the best teammate despite her stupidity, because she would follow orders, making great use for her incredible talent and nature.

she's still the best teammate even with a shitty leader (Kazuma)

she purifies and heals the most

As if there was ever a competition in the first place.

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This image makes me feel emotions.


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Hebes are damn popular for a reason and it is different thing from pedophilia

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>80% of your problems.
I am currently rewatching Konosuba and this is an absolute meme. The ONLY time Aqua truly fucked up was with the flood in the fight against Verdia, and Kazuma is at fault too for being a cunt and provoking her.
Every other instance of "le useless goddess" meme is literally just Kazuma being a twat.

wow what a fucking faggot he is

>13 year olds are the most attractive age
>11 year olds are more attractive than 30 year olds
Yeah I'm going to have doubts on that. A woman's boobs and ass aren't even fully developed until like 16-18.

If you don't aim for a pretty, beautiful, sexy, hot, cute, legal age, tall, strong, blonde, rich and powerful woman that can take a beating for you...I would have bad news about your mental health or intelligence.

>that can take a beating for you
Literally why would I ever want this?

I pledge my allegiance to the soviet Yunyun

>extremely cute girl
>non-violent or otherwise abrasive personality
Literally impossible.

so 14 is PEAK not prime

I love Aqua-sama!

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We know, Kazuma.