Edens Zero Chapter 189: Rebecca vs Clown


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I guess they didn't replace Jaguar

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I still don't understand how Labilia's hair works. Did she cut it off and attach it to a floating pin?

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Stop that, Rebecca. Stop being badass. You're making me hope you'll win.

It's the future, user.

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It could that, hair extension or even a small warp device,hell could just be some sort of invisible thing attached

...and that's the final page

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Thanks OP

Why does Mashima like putting Erza/Elsie in humiliating situations?

>hottest girl in the 4 cosmos is in front of you half naked and tied up
>big criminal, nobody would care if you killed her
>slightly autistic and probably a virgin
>doesn't take her virginity then and there
Justice is a fag

I figured Feather would probably join at some point but I didn't expect Eraser and Cure as well. I guess we can expect Holy and Justice to job against Crow and Acnoella then

Did she just spontaneously get thicker?

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I do not care for labilia or couchpo honestly I'm praying they die

James is a better Jellal than Jellal himself.

Crow, Acnoella and Ziggy, and it seems they are aiming for Elsie and Shiki afterward.

She's getting captured isn't she?

I doubt the OSI have any priorities. They might see Shiki and Elsie as the lesser evil but if they come face to face they'll likely fight. As for Acnoella, she's chasing both Elsie and Justice so they'll probably fight before the rest even show up

Damn, Becky's looking especially tasty here

Mashima please nobody literally NOBODY gives a fuck about these characters

you could say she's looking pretty hot

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Man I love her body type



and it burns burns burns

Quality panel mashima

While they technically don't have any priorities, it'd probably be to their benefit to have a defacto temporary truce with Shiki and Elsie's forces. As opposed to making it a three way battle. Especially as Holy's already cooperating with them. If the result is that Shiki and Elsie get away, but Ziggy, Crow, or Acnoella is taken down, then it's a positive for the OSI.

I wonder if increased balance from her Overdrive also means she gets ether cat claws too. Would be neat.

Thanks, OP. Becky hasn't messed up yet.

his justice autism is too powerful, someone would have to rape him for him to ever have sex

Justice is such a bitch, can Ziggy kill this mfer already?

Great landing.

very important panel.

>Second, we'll go out together and slowly fall even more in love.
>Third, I will propose to you and we'll get married.
>Fourth, together we will have at least 3 children together.
>Fifth, after growing old together we will kill each other and die in each others arms.

If the Chronopage comes, the planet may go back to just before her crime and be deep shit for the rest of the universe.

This was one of the biggest DIAMONDS a manga chapter has given me


>There are people you care about... that aren't me?
Jesus Christ, Mashima. You didn't have to put me in your manga, but I appreciate it.

Heat makes things expand.

So did Ziggy erase his own memories and then they fell back to him somehow? Maybe from another universe, possibly even from the future? We've already had plenty of time fuckery already. Also do memories that fall from another universe get removed from their original universe?

I don't think we'll know unless Rebecca visits a previous universe at some point.

Checked and truthpilled

Its part of the job description of being a Mashima girl, you're gonna get tied up regularly.

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We call it a warptail for a reason.


"Ziggy isn't really Ziggy" confirmed, it would seem.

Boy, this chapter hasn't made much of a splash so far, huh.


Not really a whole lot happened in it. We learned that Cat Leaper's Overdrive gives Rebecca the balance of a cat, but that's about it. I'd like to see if it gives her other cat aspects too, like enhanced hearing and night vision and ether claws.

That is what i thought it was implying to be honest.

We also got more indication that Ziggy is possessed and not actually evil. Plus Justice just confirmed that 3 of the OSI are coming, meaning that this arc alone could potentially feature 5 OSI and 4 OSG (including Shiki)

At least Couchpo doesn't eat too much screentime and isn't taken seriously. Labi though, she will get more screentime for sure. I hope her character got better later cause I'm not feelin' it now.