Boy’s Abyss

What makes sensei so likable?

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>Soiy's Abyss

she's not. she's a garbage character.

Her barren desert vagina.


Sensei is not a garbage character.

>be bat shit insane
Yea Forumsutists love her.

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Lost her virginity.
Lost her job.
Lost her savings.
Lost her sanity.
Lost her love.


she need a hime cut

I want to see sensei with different hair styles!

Sniffing sensei’s hair

>around christmas
>got to the part where she narc'd on fatty
fucking kek

She'll win when I save her

Would everyone be better off if the MC just necked himself?


Sensei can better your life.

Why did Sensei lose her mind? Just because she fucked the MC?

>on break until May

>sperging out over a one week break

Calm your tits, nigga.

>one week

It's April 26. It's literally 5 days until May 1. Quit throwing a bitchfit.

Every day is sensei day.

Sensei is a sexually unsatisfied, pent-up hag with a hero complex!

Wait, it's coming back May 1? I thought it was on break till may 15.

i already dropped this.
FUCK cuck shit even if it's in a flashback.

so is esemori really reijis dad?
doesnt seem like it

What cuck shit occurred?

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Sensei wants commitment she can't have. Her character isn't actually too far off from a modern woman.


You should pick it back up for sensei.

Do it for sensei!


Do the sensei.

I love sensei!


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Gently pushing my tongue in sensei's anus

Anal. With sensei.

who the fuck is posting this in every board I visit it's so weird. you see aqua literally everywhere, but that makes sense this is some obscure manga that I now know the name to just because it is everywhere - it's clearly not that popular

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You should read it!

Sensei’s manga is a must-read.

I won't read it, but i will watch her anime.

She wants to be seen as a woman by Reiji, not just a savior

She's psychotic and moves the plot.
Villains are always likeable because they do more than the "heroes"

are you for fucking real

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But is sensei a villain?

Sensei is a hero.

tell me my sensei

Sensei has a soft ass.

Disgusting sensei thread

*Fat ass

Soft and fat, just the way I like it

Im fucking invincible

Caressing sensei’s butt!


Different user here but May I have a description as to what this is about?
What the fuck is up with this lady?

No their unhappiness stems from being trapped in their respective roles, literally all they need to do is leave town

Proactiveness in her household hygiene!

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Absolutely not. In fact some might neck themselves over it
self yeets net positive for everyone desu
will carry that weight for the rest of her life
probably break, go live under a bridge and die a year later of hypothermia because he passed out outside during winter
>cancer dad
would just die extra miserable

The recurring theme is everyone doing fucked up shit and using Reiji as an excuse for it all. He never asked for any of it and because of it he develops an unbelievably deep guilt complex the more he learned about it all. What I think they mean by calling him an Abyss is that he's just someone so much better than them that he becomes the perfect excuse to do whatever the fuck they want, so long as it's "for him".

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Boy's abyss suffers HARDCORE from Show don't tell. The doublespread wordvomit pages where the characters spill their internal monologue are textbook examples. Ryo doesn't do a good job in this respect.

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