New Cune is out

New Cune is out

Dora ga Koi ka ga wakaranai
Keiyaku Shimai
Anata ga Watashi wo Terasukara.
Haikei Koroshiyasan to Kekkon shimashita
Maou ga Inaka ni totsuidara
Hazukashigariya no Tsuma
Shimeji Simulation
Kunoichi Hazukashii
Watashi no Tame ni Nuginasai
Harebare Biyori
Sekaiichi Oppai ga Suki!
Ore no Tomodachi ga Kawaisugite Komaru!
Oneechan Biyori
Asa made Reinai chu!
Hajimete no Camp-san
Atsugari seito kaichou to hieshou gyaru
Isekai Joshi Kangoku
Kudamimi no Neko
Hitorigurashi, netsu wo dase. Koi wo shiru (Finale)

Lily Lily La La Land
Himegasaki Sakurako wa Kyoumo Fubin Kawaii!
Alice or Alice

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Is pic related a yuri harem with adult women? Interesting.

If you consider university students adults.

I'll take what I can get.

One of them is a teacher.

does she fuck her students. . .

In her fantasies yes

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New series coming up next month.

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>male character

What's ending in return?

Cune is half GL and half NL and one odd TSF harem.

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So, is someone translating Hijiki's newest manga? Last time I checked there was only Indonesian translation of that. Also, looks like his Twitter manga get serialised as web manga now

Hijiki is a girl. And both of them can be found on dynasty.

They have a few non-romantic, all-girl slice-of-life ones leftover. But man, the art for their Yuru Camp knock-off is just terrible.

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The heck. That is ugly.

>Tasogareboshi no Sui to Neri was axed and this exists

Oh, it's already up on Dynasty? Nice, I will check that later.
Yeah, but that was the Twitter version, right? Looks like this version has some new stuffs.
>Hijiki is a girl
I'm just too used thinking of her as male. So, it just sorta slipped my mind.

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The new one is also on dynasty.

Both of hijiki's new manga are translated on mangadex
Contract Sisters got the JP->Chinese->English treatment though.

That's why I told him to go to dynasty. The version on there was translated properly by a different group. No wrong names and such.

My mistake, I didn't realize someone else worked on it.

It's kind of disappointing they just faded to black but at least they had a nice kiss.

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>Himegasaki Sakurako wa Kyoumo Fubin Kawaii!

Noooooo, that was the only manga I still follow in the magazine.

He will do just like Kurou does and put the porn on the volume


What's more yuri, Kirara or Cune?

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As of today Cune, mind you Kirara has like 4 or 5 magazines, the closest to CUNE is Kirara forward, which also used to be almost straight romances but it's starting to become mostly a yuri magazine.

Compared to Forward there's far more yuri series and far more explicit.

Though Forward already has a new yuri series to start next issue.

>Imagine being Kira Kira Study author and being told you can't do explicit yuri even though the whole point of the magazine is that two of protagonists already are a couple and make a promise to be together after they enter university
>You look at the other Kirara magazines and they can do whatever they want
>You get so mad you make an ending where one of the girls suddenly becomes an astronaut with just a few years of training and goes off earth forgetting her original promise (but it's okay, she made another one lol).

KiraKira study ended back in 2018, a.k.a. pre-covid. It was a different time back then.

I'm still upset user and I don't think this helped the author's career lol

How do you pronounce this?




>bootleg kirara
>male authors
>male characters

Kirara doesn't have male author or characters?

That ended in the November issue while Camp-san start in March 2021. Hinako Note, Neeko or Cheerful Amnesia are more accurate.

Kirara Forward isn't that different to be honest, other Kirara magazines also have male authors and even male protagonists or male characters in straight series.

>Hinako Note author went to do very low effort hentai with the characters pissing or with cum on their faces
>Neeko author abandoned the manga to try to make a Vtuber Neeko and failed
Only Cheerful Amnesia author seems to have a brain lol

By neeko author did you mean aldehyde? Isn't he back to doing porn fanart now?

There is semi official hinako note porn?, to be fair being a mangaka seems pretty stressful.

At least Media Factory realized they can also whore Hinako out.

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>muh male authors
>when there are famous yuri series written by male authors

I mean, to be fair to Aldehyde he already was a hentai artist before and never really stopped doing it, unlike Hinako Note's artist who isn't good at it.

While Neeko wasn't a popular manga, It was retarded to kill his serialization because he thought the character had potential when clearly it wasn't the case, at least we got some nice illustrations.

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Neeko probably hit too close to home (her being super hot notwithstanding).

It's on his fanbox.
At least this one has effort on it lol

May just be it, though I don't really know vtuber culture to argue any way.

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I was talking about the manga. I didn't even know he tried out vtuber thing since I don't care about those either.
Maybe I misunderstood you but were you saying that he killed his own serialization?

Both Cune and I think the online publisher for Neeko were promoting it too, so of course this was talked with them before, maybe they originally planned to resume the serialization with Neeko as a Vtuber if things worked out, but it just didn't.

New Kirara Forward harem series which seems will feature a lot of kissing

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Too bad for him.

Could this be the age of yuri harem and yuri sluts...

>It's Sakura Trick again!
>But here's the twist
>She kiss more than one girl
>(Kirara's executives sweep the sweat from their bald foreheads after hearing such absurd concept)

>but it's starting to become mostly a yuri magazine.
They only recently started a straight series about a cake trying to marry an idol.
Large parts of the mag are shipping-free SOL.
Even the WataNugi clone might not be yuri.

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how's la la land?
moriki's other series was pretty dumb and fun
this seems a lot more drama filled though

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They are not going to stop publishing straight series, it would make no sense for them to do it, but if you take a look at five years ago and compare with today you see a lot more yuri series and all girls series.

I would be very surprised if that one isn't yuri with the type of content it has on the first issue lol

>Yuru Camp
The "art" in that one is literally photos

sure you're not thinking of futari solo camp?

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Hitorigurashi, netsu wo dase. Koi wo shiru and Atsugari seito kaichou to hieshou gyaru.


Retarded memester.


Kurou is a porn artist, Wakame not so much.