Four Knights of the Apocalypse

Chapter 60 is out.

No spoilers during the dump, please (or use spoiler tags).

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Nakaba will make her job...

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Is that motherfucking Golgius in the back?

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>tall lesbian
Honestly tall lesbian was the right choice

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Now that was some cool as fuck henshin.
Pelle just gets better and better with each page

She's escanor 2.0. She'll be arrogant as shit until she gets her shit checked. Then maybe a tall tsundere waifu

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Gawain dykesisters...

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Wait till she jobs to Merlin and finds her true dyke love.
Escanor 2.0: Lesbian Boogaloo

There'll be a love triangle between Gawain Isolde -> Tristan? Gawain seems to be a genuine dyke and fallen in love with isolde. Tristan is an obliviousfag so he might lose Isolde

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Escanor was prideful to the end and wrecked the shit of the DK in melee.


Golgius is still kicking? Shouldn´t he be pretty old by now?

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Gawain looks like Phos in that last panel.
Nice to see Holy Knights doing something.
Not-Galdand seems to be some invisibility magic user?
Or just stealth character.

She must have a pretty manly voice too.

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/u/ can't keeping away with this!!!!

>Not-Galdand seems to be some invisibility magic user?
That's Golgius. He was part of the weird fangs, if you forgot.

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Is it just me or why does Gawain's arms in here looks skinny or have that "darkness or bloody" design? Is it to emit obscureness until the last reveal? I'm still expecting for her to be an assassin of chaos and being loyal to arthur
Maybe kill chion or something. Maybe this "Gawain" is sort of anti-thesis of the original 4KoTA Gawain and got an artificial sunlight to her?


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What if Gawain is only a girl during day? And during night a boy?

>Sunshine is back
>but is used by a fucking dyke
Escanorbros how could this happen to us?

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I forgot that he existed.
Truly TRANSPARENT character, kek.

Am I crazy in thinking that Pellegarde might get to befriend Percy? If he survives long enough, that is.

Big brain thinking

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I am still surprised that so many holy knights that abused their authority before the holy war got to keep their jobs, then again even Griamor used to be a prick when he first appeared even though he had no reason to.

Happy to see Golgius though.

I mean Arthur could've bestowed upon her an artificial grace that's replica of sunshine. With being a king of chaos... Gawain being a dyke is based so we can have yuri for a change


It's technically gender bender if it really is Escanor reincarnated...We may still be in the clear straightbros...

Now I wish I was born a woman so gawain would fuck me.

Stop posting images during a dump you fucking faggot

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I guess his magic is the result of looking up to Gowther, but the name doesn´t match with that it does.

We already cleared this last thread that it is not the case.

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Just look at those big fat fingers, they surely do the job.

Messing with the mind? You can see he learned from Gowther.


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Hmmm checked and hermaphrodite troon eh?

Nice tits

She looks like she is wearing a wig, but nice chest.

I would call this predictable, but then again I didn´t notice her in the background until someone pointed it out, good job Nakaba.

Does she go from loli at night to tall amazon during the noon?
That's very important question!

>sunchad gawain is a femoid dyke
I thought I was safe from fate faggotry here

Goodbye Golgius, you will be missed.

>Escanor was keked by Meliodas for Merlin's love
>First thing the next Sunshine holder does is try to kek Meliodas's son

Holy shit is that fucking Golgius

Damn, that's Gawain?? Wull she have the One form like Escanor? Or judging by how she used sunshine she use it like how Mael uses it. She was probably a weak frail gal and Mael groomed her to becoming a sun god deity dyke

You remember Merlin, do you?

With this annoying Escanor fans will shut up at least.