Weekly Shōnen Sunday

#22-23 TOC

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Is this the Nekoguchi T&A Manga Heroine Launch Party???

So who's gonna dump it?

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she promises well.

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already a self quote?

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woah, cool beauty!

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this is pure art.

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>Sexy woman to draw
>But the artist is gag-comic tier
>Two chapters

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That's it. Next chapter comes out in two weeks.

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>Panties peaking
>Bra seethrough
>Submissive servant role to spark the imagination
>End up with the thing on the left
Nekoguchi is so bold he's trying to create new fetish trends! The Mad Max Underboob Sweater style!

nice Mao this week

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>People complain that Manabu is a fag for not moving in on Amano
>Nekoguchi makes his new hero without a pulse
Appologize to Study McStudyson

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So it's just Rough-Sketch Senpai but with an Amano-look-alike instead of a delinquent.

I'm pretty sure Rough Sketch Senpai covered more traditional art than the junk food known as weekly manga.

Oh I didn't realize that he's a mangaka, I just glanced at a few pages and assumed differently.

I think the premise is he wants to be and his childhood friend is going through ridiculous lengths to help him up his romcom game with pitiful results. I can't read the motive but I think it has something to do with a promise to the boy's mom to help when she can.

I think she's deliberately doing weird stuff so he doesn't become a serious mangaka and kill himself from overworking or something like that.

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Why don't they play fortnite instead? That'd fit Komi's 100 friend goal better.

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