"I think I'm pregnant and Yami is the father."

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I dont understand what yamin

How can other girls even compete?

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Yugi deserves better

I want Anzu's penguin pussy.

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such a bad censorship

Yea Forums is gay, deal with it.

my waifu

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Why is Anzu so rapeable?

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By being better

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9 months later a black kid is born but doesn't look like yugi.

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american men are so lucky

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It gives me bad flashbacks from mango

Sounds like a main yugioh girl to me.

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By being flat.

Why is she the poster child for BLACKED anime girls? Is it the “going to America for (((dance)))” and “almost NTRed by a black man on her date with Yugi”?

the way she's holding that card is very suggestive

Duel her, faggot


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this man speaks the truth

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Why is she so perfect bros?

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anzu was such a HORRIBLE CHARACTER holy shit

her only contribution to each episode basically just her screaming YUGI or acting scared or clueless. even that useless fuck-up honda occasionally carried a body or threatened to punch someone. the fuck does anzu contribute to the group?

She can't compete with this wild beast

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She hate British people.

She makes yugi feel like a man

Fanservice. Don't you watch anime?

Yami is a ghost though, if anything Yugi is the father

I liked Tea. Her character and interactions were really nice. She was like this motherly figure to the group.

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Yami doesn't like her that way.

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it's more like atem is yugi's father in a spiritual sense.

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nahh is mostly her obsession with black culture mostly.
>likes black music.
>likes black people dancing.
>wants to go to america to be a dancer (probably those black people music videos that have the girls almost naked)

Will yugioh ever go back to this style or are we stuck with sevens shit?

Does anyone even draw in that style anymore?

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>yugioh will never have this much SOVL again
It's over

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Is getting worse and worse. The future of the YGO Anime is looking bleak

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Every female in Yugioh is useless. And if one is competent in the beginning, she will be rendered useless later on.

But my transwife Yubel was always useful, s(he)’s not a jobber like anzu or aki

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Very easily.

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Kek wtf

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>she sends her unborn child to the graveyard

>even that useless fuck-up honda occasionally carried a body or threatened to punch someone.
Hey he died multiple times for his friends. Maybe a few too many times in fact.

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Oh the anime is intentionally going for some kind of alien look.

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She deserved better

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Why did the fusion dimension have all the best girls in Arc-V?

Everyone deserved better in that show

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It was a flawed premise.

best girl coming through

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for me its Kotori

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post her nudes

can't stop fapping to this chick ever since 2011.

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what these characters have in common ?

Actual best girl here

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they are ALL GAY

so are they "good friends"

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sequel to Zexal now that Yuma and the gang are in high-school fucking when?!