Parallel paradise

>Be edgy long haired dude
>Cheat in a sparing match with some newbie
>Act like it's in your right to do whatever it takes even with rules applied to Kendo
>He fucks off
>Face off against him, win effortlessly
>He comes back in another competition
>Actually scored a point against you, had to play dirty to win again
>Go confront him about what is more important, Kendo or his life
>He says his life
>Heh, nothin personnel, this is why you're weak
>Actually seething
>Go try to get the childhood friend from the dude
>She refuses, rape time but I'm spotted
>Do it again right in front of her house, get kicked in the back of the head by him since he was expecting it
>Apparently kill his mother after all this shit happened (I dunno, the flashback isn't over yet)

What the fuck is his goddamn problem?

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Turbo autism

So somehow the whole world drastically changed because of some kendo psycho? Or did they actually get isekai'd? Is it VR? Previous chapters mentioned that the isekai world was more technologically advanced than Youta's world before civilization collapsed. But then Kanejo et. al would appear older for technology to have advanced that far. Will be interesting to see how Lynn explains this all.

What IS Youta's problem?

Now I will read your manga
ps: sauce nao is not working

The way you describe him does make him sound pretty sexy

Trauma probably. Dude scares the shit out of him, and he probably internalized that he is inherently weaker than the psycho, probably forgetting he did manage to score a point, and he had to cheat to beat him after training some more.

It is indeed trauma and it's still fucking bullshit. Lynn is a hack.

I placed the name of the series in the threat title you blind fuck.

oh I see

fyi it has tons of porn.

>Okamoto Lynn
nah dropped

Maybe VR, or it could be multiple versions of the same people across different worlds.

>ecchi lead increasingly just seems like kind of an asshole
>invent even worse non Kall guy so ecchi lead's nice by comparison

She's so cute, bros.

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Youta didn't deserve her.

To be fair, we knew the previous guy who was running around was a legit psychopath.

There are better ones. He still manages to pick one of the worst to take with him everywhere.

He is just applying his power fantasies to real life.

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It isn't a Lynn story without a hilariously evil rapeist villain

It wouldn't be a Okamoto Lynn manga if the worst girl wasn't the main girl.

She's not that bad, she can be quite endearing when she wants to.

Basically this.

I don't understand why they wont report him to police after his second rape attempt.

This whole manga has been ultra stupid since the first page, but this latest chapter is so fucking retarded it makes me seethe.
Who the fuck just lets someone this fucking deranged do whatever they want and how did he not get locked in a cell away from everyone or even killed yet? Does everyone in this damn story have brains made of cum or what?

Did he not face any repercussions for what he did here or something? Otherwise, he is acting unhinged now, before that he was just a fucking asshole and cheater.Spoiler it if so.

underaged unhinged parasites are often allowed to do w/e they please in society, even in our own, I'd say it's pretty realistic, seen stuff like this myself irl

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because he's the bad guy?

>stoic knight isn't stoic after getting touched


Don´t see how Yuya is an asshole
>B-But he humilliates women!
He just teases them a bit, and they love it, also many girls have done worse to him.

But Lucy/Nyu/Kaede, Nono and Neko are the best girls of their series.

Like OP said, the flashback isn´t over yet, we don´t yet know what happened to him.

Yuka is the main girl of Elfen Lied.

Is she though? if she was I would agree, but while she does "win" at the end, the focus is never on her.

I will not allow this kind of slander againts Kaede.

Actually we're several chapters behind the latest chapter available, the flashback is over there.

>I dunno, the flashback isn't over yet
It is, the spanish scans are up to the moment he fucks the knight, so the flashback is over

Until he killed MC's mom he was an underage kid so those aggressions are not jail worthy unless he does a lot of them. And once the kidnapping and murder happen the police does not find him because he was already isekaied

Does she get a neck mark?


This manga needs more post coitus cuddling.

What tragic tweest do you guys think Okamoto is planning?


MC loses his dick

But but Brynhildr

Never unless it´s some low budget shit like Interspecies Reviewers or Redo of Healer.

Remember how they butchered the end of Gokukoku no Brynhildr? Never again


The anime finale is better than whatever the fuck the manga finale was about.

They already have signed Sora Amamiya to play Lumi:

Would they adapt all the sex scenes? I feel it would be excessive. It's either go all in on the sex scenes or skimp on them for PLOT.

Bad taste detected
Anime was rushed as shit and skipped over so much
It didn't even explain how the other 2 girls came back to life, they just... did.

Studio ARMS is gone today. So potential Parallel Paradise anime would be done by different studio, and likely also by different producer as well, since this manga is under Kondansha, unlike Elfen Lied and Gokukoku that were under Shueisha.

First few arcs are literally all about sex. It's can't be skipped. At most they can rush over it.

That´s just a promo for the manga user, and it´s three years old, even if they had any plans of making an anime, the pandemic probably killed it.
Also, the manga is clearly going into it´s final stage now, would not make sense to make an adaptation now.

I'm still waiting for the tankoubons

Considering it's implied Nishina was the one who sealed him why doesn't she just hold him down again while Yuuta decapitates him?

>imagine the oceanside orgy animated

Are you daft or something?

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i almost feel bad for the VA being whored out this transparently
isn't this the same girl that looked disguisted when her Punch Line character was revealed too?

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crack plot twist theory: Nishina is Empress's love rival for Kanejo and this an elaborate ploy to kill Empress, revive Kanejo and keep him to herself and dispose of Youta.

>isn't this the same girl that looked disguisted when her Punch Line character was revealed too?

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>That´s just a promo for the manga user, and it´s three years old,
Amamiya was later also involved in some autograph session with Okamoto, so she is pretty much on board.
>the manga is clearly going into it´s final stage now
I don't think so, there is still several unvisited places that Okamoto made on hip world map that you can see in tankoubons. I expect at least 2-3 more arcs before manga ends.
>would not make sense to make an adaptation now
Come again?
>World End Harem - Anime happened after "1st part" of story ended.
>Platinum End - Anime announced literally after manga ended.
And there is more cases in past. The opposite is true. Manga's ending is even greater reason for making anime. It push some extra money on licence.

The MC is straight up unable to kill him because muh PTSD.

So when he says "put his hands on my mom" does he mean mom rape NTR or just beating her or something?
I might or might not drop this shit depending on the answer.

>mom rape NTR
What makes you think Youta wanted to fuck his own mother?

Someone fucking your mom is the literal definition of NTR.
Yes even your dad counts as NTR

This could all be some kind of mental treatment for him and he was always living in the future of a real world, with maybe only a few other people being real.

Rape and Murder. No NTR as far we know