Trigger Yea Forums in one image

>trigger Yea Forums in one image

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A good dicking would have saved her

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nah she has father complex

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Lol imagine losing to Alain

girl and father are hunters
she think as a woman she can't live up to his expectation as a hunter or sth
father actually just wants daughter to be happy
cut off her tits anyway to transit

How is transitioning gonna help overcome that?
Do women who transition to men as adults ever become as strong as equally fit men?

It is just a tranny dellusion manga. I read that oneshot once and instead of rage, i just laugh and strug it off because the author had no proper understanding of the reason why transgender usually commit suicide

What the fuck was the author thinking?

yes, they can take legal steroids

it's more about mental rather than physical at that point
>sth sth I can't connect with my only living parent
>sth sth he may want a son instead

one day, sandrovich woke up and decided he hated his audience

Nope, estrogen maybe not as strong at testosterone but it's still developing the body
Female need more testosterone, not cut off estrogen

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They can just take steroid while still being a woman user

> What the fuck was the author thinking?
That new main character was too interesting and not autistic enough.

I'm so glad Elon Musk bought Twitter. Seeing theese faggots raging and seething is so entertaining.

>legal steroids
And why is this not possible for women?

Yeah that's how I've regarded transitioning in general. More of a mental relief for those who genuinely suffer from mental anguish of being born "different". Transitioning to be "more of a man" seems to be an exercise in futility which will lead to depression.

This was a cute one-shot

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It hasnt even been posted yet.....


>men who sexualize kids turn out to be the real life pedo
funny because i have seen more of the opposites (at least on twitter/internet). There're even collection of shits like pic related but no one bother to update them anymore

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That oneshot was basically a schizo woman got jealous of masculinity and went to become a tranny. There was a dialogue literally about tranny suicide and she was like " reee reee reee i don't care i don't care".

What is laughable is the author was Fujimoto's former assissant and worked on Firepunch and Chainsawman, which contained the similar turds. I won't be surprised if Chainsawman 2 some introduce Power and Bomb as trannies with fake dicks, because there is a whole deranged hivemind working behind these stuff.

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It is what happening daily on twitter. I saw one myself.

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It doesn't fix anything, they're still mentally ill with a crooked body image, but now with additional health problems.

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god no

>I won't be surprised if Chainsawman 2 some introduce Power and Bomb as trannies with fake dicks, because there is a whole deranged hivemind working behind these stuff.
It's over...

I mean, it is very possible. Unless the sudden popularity made Fujimoto held himself back from crapping on his manga.

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bitch please, both trannies in their works are clearly mentally ill, one even killed herself
I think that is based

>ten years, at least!!

Well this is reality.
Honestly why you would destroy your life as sexy lesbian token of Hollywood to be an ugly FtM straight manlet is beyond my way of thinking.

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They are mentally ill, that's your answer. These lesbo won't get any pussies.

lol (lmao)

That's actually very sad to see.
Also, what the fuck are those shoes lol

Why the shoulders so weird?
Tell me it's edited, it's edited right? Right?? RIGHT???

Damn Elliot Page is looking fine.

Of course, so it the monobrow.

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implying, i was fucking diamond

"Eliot" looks like shit. She probably took shitload of meth and they got into her head.

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Many femoids I know who wished they were men unironically believe men had it easier in life. My sister said she wished she was a man because she would be "even more of a man" than I would(tl;dr I don't go to parties or spend most of my time in my room while parents won't allow her to leave home after 7 PM because of high crime levels after that).

Retards needs to understand that AoC laws exists not to discourage pedophilia but to discourage power abuse. In fact no clinical body considers attraction to teenagers, especially late teenagers as pedophilia or mental illness.

It does come with less bullshit, though mostly thats down to men having a easier time saying, "fuck that, fuck you I'm doing my shit my way" and then meaning it, women seem stuck caring about the opinions of useless people.

They are literall drawings and cartoon. It is like watching violent stuff won't make a bloodlust murderer aswell, because they are fiction, they are fake. Who gives a shit about literall fake people?

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God I fucking hate Americans.

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that’s triggering something, but I don’t think it’s what OP meant